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Real Freaky Letters to your Boyfriend

freaky letters to your boyfriend

How really freaky can you get? What can you do to make your boyfriend want you more? Have you checked out the freaky letters to your boyfriend that I have for you here?

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Why are freaky letters to your boyfriend so important?

Sometimes you might want to get fetish and try some crazy stuff with the man you love, and he may not readily be available. Sending him a couple of freaky letters of freaky SMS may get him in the mood and make him have an idea of your intentions.

A lot of times, mood presets go a long way in tilting the direction of your relationship and upping your relationship romantic game. Who does not love a romantic relationship? Not me obviously!

Let’s check out the freaky letters to your boyfriend that you can share with him to get going crazy over you!

Hey Baby

I am finding it difficult to get you out of my mind. What do I need to do? Trying to concentrate on this job but the picture of you keeps disturbing me. I am finding it so hard to think about every other thing, except that I just want that feeling of you close to me, around and touching me all over. The touch of your fingers on my body drives me crazy and sends shocks and shivers up and down my body.

I don’t know what to. I am finding it difficult to explain how you make me feel real. My craziest desires are up and it is only you I want to share them with. You are my craving! As I sit here today thinking about you, I wish you were here so I could do crazy stuff to you. I love your husky smell and the smell of your body fills my room. You know I need you to be here so we can continue from where we stopped.

I miss you so much already and can’t wait for you to be home.

Freaky letter to my boyfriend

Tonight, I promise to make all that you desire come true. The moment you get into my room, I am going to seduce you slowly and. I will make you feel so hot and hard, set your muscular body on heat and fire. My lips will be all over you, caressing you from top to down, my tongue will ravish your body and my hands will go over you in deep penetration and exploration.

What I desire is to leave you craving for more from me, and just when you feel you are going crazy with desire, I will leave you helpless and hapless till I hear your cry that you desire me more, then I would give you all my all!

Best Real Freaky Letter to Your Boyfriend

Dear boyfriend,

I know you are not expecting this letter from me, but I have to show you some tips of an iceberg from the kind of love I have for you. I realized how sweet it is to be with a handsome guy like you, especially whenever I set my eyes on you, my heart is aroused and then I behave somehow weird. You have been so lovely, and I wish to be with you morning and night so we can enjoy this world together.

Always understand one thing, and it is the fact that I will always love you no matter what. I will do anything for you to smile. You are always the best I have ever met.  Lest you forget, I enjoyed our outing yesterday, I cannot even forget all those freaky things we did together. Yesterday was really weird that I cannot stop thinking about it.

You see, I will love to be touched by only you for the rest of my life, but just as we agreed, we will have to get married first so my body will be yours forever. I will give it to you in every way I want it as far as it doesn’t hurt my health. Please, don’t wet yourself right away because it will only end up an illusion for now.  I also don’t want you to doubt that I don’t love you, you see, love is not shown by s*x love is really shown by sincerity. I will always be there to keep you warm.

Have you been to the beach this weekend? If not, I want both of us to meet there for lunch and how to discuss how to be more romantic with each other. Sometimes, I think of nothing but how to satisfy you emotionally and s*xually. I want to be your love flower, the heart that drives you crazy. Soon, I will be paying you a visit, a visit of love, passion, compassion, peace, and harmony. I will kiss and hug you for the rest of my life when the time comes.

Lastly, I miss you. I miss every moment spent with you, I miss your beautiful songs, I miss your smile and almost everything about you. You are my happiness, the only man standing before me. This is the reason for my effort to meet you at any time, so I will not have to miss you again. Thanks for being there all the time.

Dear love,

I am writing this letter to show you how much I love you and I care about you without measure. How is your mom, what about your dad? I hope the entire family is fine?

Last time I met you, I was so excited that I couldn’t control myself due to the awe of your love for me. I realized how precious you have become. Although this is not the reason why I have been available for you, I love you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

Sometimes, I do think of how we can become a spouse. How we can raise a future together. I am thinking of the kind of love that will bring us near to each other so that our hearts will be one.  Remember, the first day we met, I realized how precious you could be, so I decided to give my heart to you. I will never deny the fact that I love you to the core. I cherish you beyond an extraordinary level for you have always been my dream.

As a sunshine angel, I want to give you my light when we get married; I want to be the mother of your kids so this world will become a better place to be. I am in love with you as though the world will come to an end and as such, I must have loved everything about you.

Before I drop my pen, I wish you a special night, please dream about me. Dream of how I keep you warm, a dream of the warmness of my body against yours.

Dear bae,

You see, this body will later belong to you officially and there will be no reason to stop you from getting the best out of it. I will cry for you out of pleasure, I will mourn and scream because of your blessed hand around my body. You will be so excited that aggression will overtake you as I get more pleasure from your holiness.

Love is something everyone needs, but it is so unfortunate that there are many a man who doesn’t find this opportunity. This is how lucky I am because I have you. I have a man that can love and also satisfy. I have a man that can keep me warm when I need him most, and he has always been there for me since the day we met.

What about us going for some trips? I think we can have more fun together. We can voice out our feelings for each other and enjoy this life to the fullest. Today, I want to do some weird things, but that will be with you alone. I want to see you around me, I want to feel your presence so I will be glad for the rest of the day.

Right now, I cannot sleep because I am seriously thinking about you. It seems you have captured my heart and now I cannot even think straight. The power of your love is now in control, no wonder I behave weird these days. Loving you has always been my happiness, and for this reason, I will love you to the end of time.

I have found a heart that belongs to me alone. Yes, I mean what I said, because you breathe in me and therefore, we are one. You are my heart. I will not let you down for the rest of my life. I will be yours no matter the condition. The fact will always remain that my body belongs to you when the time comes, and through it, I will give birth to your kids. I love you.

Special Corny and Funny Pick up Lines Used by Nigerian Men

Hi, angel, you are cute, where are you going to? Can I give this beautiful angel a lift?

What’s babe, you look gorgeous. Can I give you some rides? I don’t mind if I’m late to work for an angel like you.

Wow, what a cute girl, you are gorgeous and I can’t even hide my feelings for this one truth. Can I see you off?

Hey sweet lady, where are you heading to? Wow, that’s exactly where I am going, commonly come in, give me the honor of driving an angel.

Mehn, this lady is the miss world we are talking about. Hi gorgeous! What’s happening, I have no other job than to give a beautiful lady a ride.

It seems you are from Jamaica, you know what? Your beauty is so shiny and I couldn’t wait to give you a lift.

Actually, I was heading for an important meeting, but I don’t think that’s important anymore, can you just come in, let’s have some party at the nearby restaurant?

Hey you lady, how you doing? What’s happening? I can see an angel is walking alone since I know they fly, so I am curious to know your kind of angel.

What the hell, how can a lady like you be walking in this hot sun? Can’t you see you have the best of skins ever? Common, come in let me give you a lift.

What’s up baby, hey baby, I’m talking to you. I am sorry; I don’t mean to hurt a beauty queen like you. Common, let’s have some talk.

As I was driving down the lane, I noticed your beautiful smile, so I decided to speed up to see who the real angel is.

I can spend the whole of the day chasing you around with my car, I don’t mind because to me, I have seen the right woman for me.

Wow, hey lady, why should I go to Dubai this weekend when I have just seen a paradise-like you? Where are you going? I don’t mind giving you a lift.

The way you catwalk alone has tumbled my brain offside. Don’t blame me as I follow you up to this place. Can I know you better, angel?

Hello sweetie, yes I mean you gorgeous one, I have all the time to discuss with you if you don’t mind. Can I walk you down?

Excuse me, babe, what’s up. Though I ‘m new here I don’t mind having you as my first friend. That’s my house over there. Can I give you a ride?

What the hell! How can a precious lady like you be left under this hot weather? I have got your space here, come and chill mhen.

What! My classmate! Do you remember me? No, no, no, you can’t. You have always been too gorgeous to notice someone like me.

Hello lady, how you doing now? Don’t you think this load is too heavy for a treasure like you to carry? Come on, I can help you.

Hi, I’m Lu Lu, I have been watching you since, and I couldn’t imagine how I will just lose the opportunity to meet an angel-like.

Hello lady, what’s up? I don’t know, I have never seen a beauty like yours in this area. Are you a new angel here?

What is the problem, can I help you out? No, no, no, how can a girl like you be seen like this? You know what, let me clean the mess out for you.

Hello Queen Elizabeth, yeah, I’m talking to you. Aren’t you more gorgeous than the queen I just called you?

Wow, what a nice smile flashing at me. Well, babe, I saw you some few minutes ago and then realized how I couldn’t help stop thinking about you.

Hello lady, I like your walking steps, but this sun is not fit for an angel. Can I just drop you to your destination?

O my God, what a beautiful girl, hey young girl, how are you? You look like miss world, if I’m not mistaken, you are, right?

Actually, I have always taken this lane but I have never seen a gorgeous lady like you before. Are you living around here?

I can just forget today’s job and spend the rest of the day with you if you never mind. But the choice is yours.

Have you heard of precious ladies before? Yeah, they look exactly as you are. I am sure you are one of them.  Do you mind me giving you a lift?

Hey gorgeous pearl, why are you walking alone in the street? I don’t mind driving you throughout the day.

Do you mind coming in so I can take you to your destination? You know what? I don’t have any other than helping beautiful ladies.

What’s up Gull, how you doing? Don’t you think you should be in a shade now? I couldn’t imagine an angel walking in the sun.

Sorry, babe, do you know me at all? Well, you may not know me. I am just a new admirer here, so, I saw how cute you are. Can I know you better?

Girl, what’s up na? Where to? Can I give you this one time lift as an honor for a gorgeous lady?

Wow, lady, you don’t mean it! I don’t think you live around this area. I have always seen only ugly girls around here. Look at you, just like gazelle.

How are you girl, please do you know this address? But you know what? You are not as bad as I see you like this. Can I know you better?

Babe, please slow down, I already like your walking steps; how do I walk like you? Why not join me here so we can discuss it better?

To be sincere, you see, ehnn, I almost lose the steering while looking at you from far, I was so curious to know who this angel must be.

How are you gorgeous babe? You must be new from the United Kingdom because your skin is quite different from other girls I see around here. Wai…wait…what’s what’s the name?

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