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May Allah Bless your Marriage Messages

may allah bless your marriage messages

May Allah bless your marriage messages. Just as you have started this journey. God will bless your marriage and this wedding will open more doors for your family. Keep trusting and believing in him and greater things will come to you. Happy married life!

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Marriage in Islam is a sacred covenant between a man and a woman. I call it a covenant in the sense that both the male and female involved will have to fulfill some certain obligations in order to please Allah. Failure to do so out of no genuine reason is disobedience to Allah. Obligations such as providing food for your wife and children, observing the right of your wife and respecting her person cannot be ruled out of an Islamic marriage. The woman too has her responsibilities to take. She must obey the husband in as much as the command is based on the ruling of the religion of Islam as instructed by the prophet. A woman does not have a choice rather than to respect and take care of her husband according to the teaching of the prophet (S.A.W). If the husband transgresses the limit set in Islam, she has the right to disobey him. It should also be understood that your wife has an equal right with you, the only thing you have above her is your responsibility. You are the head of the family, so God has given you that role whether you like it or not to play. This is a trial and you have to pass it.

One very important aspect of your family and friends getting married is to ensure that you send your wedding messages of prayer to them. They will not only appreciate the fact that you want to be a part of their married life but you also wish them well.

If I were you, I would jump on this post ASAP, and check the marriage message out.

What do you say?

May Allah bless your marriage messages

1. This is the day God has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. I am indeed excited to be a part of your wedding today and I pray that may Allah bless your marriage. You will never lack any good thing in this life. The grace of God will follow you everywhere you go. You will remain a living testimony for everyone that sees you. May you increase in all capacity. The glory of God will never leave you. Amin!

2. It is always a good feeling when two people come together in holy matrimony. The feeling of happiness is second to none. I am very glad to be a part of your holy matrimony today. God will bless you with beautiful kids and an amazing home from now henceforth. You will never have any reason to regret coming together as one. The grace of God will never leave you. Happy married life.

3. All glory is to God Almighty for making this day come to pass. We set up the date and planned it, and now the day is here. It is not by our power or might but it is just through the grace of the almighty God. May God bless your marriage. Better things will begin to be your portion from now till forever. Have an amazing married life. God is with you!

4. Allah is the owner of prosperity. He is the owner of the sea that comes in abundance. Allah is the originator of everything that comes in great numbers, may He bless your marriage with a copious blessing and make available whatever you need for your marriage to last forever.

5. May the blessing and mercy of Allah that is infinite cover your marriage; may He be pleased with you and your spouse so that endless joy and happiness will continue to flow in your home. Whatever you desire shall be given to you by His grace.

6. I beseech Allah for more happiness in your relationship. The fruit of marriage will not find it difficult to visit your home. Boys and girls shall be your children, you will not suffer before you enjoy in your new home.

7. O Allah, I am begging you to bless my sister’s marriage with lots of her heart desires, make her new home becomes the home of religion and morality. Give her children with wide knowledge. Give her rest of mind with your remembrance.

8. Protect this newly wedded young couple with your power. Bless their union with your Might. Prevent their marriage from the devil and his soldiers. Encourage them to be more devoted to you for you are the Master encourager.

9. You are the one that blessed Sulaiman with abundant wealth and dominion; bless my brother’s marriage with love, peace, and harmony. Let his wife be a cool-headed one. Cause them to understand each other. Chase away the influence of Satan from them.

10. Ya Allah, you alone we worship with all our heart. Accept our prayers. We stand here before you today, as you are the witness of this marriage. Let your servant enjoy this, marriage to the end. Provide for them what they will eat and grant them the gift of children as they wish.

11. No one knows the secret except you. Everywhere the blessing of this union is, ya Allah please dig it out for them to enjoy. Quench any burning fire between the husbands and their wives. Protect their progenies against all evils.

12. As you bless the marriage of our beloved prophet, please bless this marriage too. Make this nikkah a reason for these two young servants of your enter your Jannah. Make ease for them, any obligation upon them.

13. It is not by our might or power that you both finally unite, for this reason, we pray that Allah keeps eyes on your relationship. We pray that He bless it with an understanding of each other, make it home full of children and, religion, health and wealth.

14. Truly, you are the best couple of the year. So compatible, nice, lovely and wonderful. As you both agree to spend the rest of your life together, I pray that the mercy of Allah should come into play to help you realize your dream.

15. O Allah, you are the most beneficent and the most merciful. Put love in their heart so that they will be merciful to each other. Bless them with your rahmah and accelerate their marriage to the height you kept that of the noble ones.

16. Congratulations on your wedding day, we appreciate the fact that you invited us to share this wonderful day with you. May Allah bless your union, accept your prayer, here your call when things are getting difficult for you.

17. Keep loving each other, for love is the foundation of a happy home. I beseech Allah to continue to support your marriage with His angels so that you will be shielded from the evil whisperings of Satan and his children.

18. Always follow the instruction of the Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet (p). Be patient with each other and make lots of sacrifices for each other. May the Nur of Allah shine in your home. Happy married life.

19. I am pleased to say Alhamdulillah. May Allah make your nikkah a great blessing for you? Congratulations on your wedding day. I am really impressed that you are now a man. Thank God for this beautiful day.

20. O Allah, bless my friend’s marriage and write his name among your beloved servants. Make him a good example for every other husband so that every woman will enjoy the beauty of marriage. I wish you a year of abundant joy accompanied with success and prosperity.

21. Congratulations to my beloved children, I wish you all the best in your union. Make sure you show true love to each other. When a fight comes between you, try and settle amicably. May Allah bless your marriage.

22. Subhanallah! You have started a new life together. I hope you will enjoy your stay together in the mercy and blessing of Allah. Show love to each other, smile and call each other beautiful names. Happy married life.

23. I am so happy that my beloved sister is now married. May Allah always be with you. Your expectations in this new home shall be made easy for you as you desire. Congratulations on your wedding.

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May Allah bless your marriage messages for a friend

24. Marriage is a Sunnah that comes with great responsibility and sacrifice, patience and tolerance. It is not all about fun. Make sure you show unconditional love for each other. Smile at each other, give good advice to each other. May Allah protect your union against Iblis.

25. Oh, Allah, you are the kindest and there is no one as unique as you are. Give this young couple the power to manage their marriage in peace and harmony, joy and happiness, smile and tolerance.

26. As you are looking beautiful and happy together this special day of your life, may it continue to be so in your marriage. You will not get tired of each other even for once. Allah is loving and merciful, He shall light up your union with great tolerance for each other.

27. Thank God, you are both meant for each other. Congratulations. Keep trusting each other and don’t fight but advise each other for a better relationship. Keep in mind that your marriage is an opportunity for the fulfillment of the first half of your religion.

28. Nikkah Mubarak to my friend. We have been together for many years. You are just the best husband for this lady. How lucky she is if she knows. May Allah put His barakah in your marriage and make it last longer.

29. Never allow the devil to rule over your marriage. Always be patient with each other. Wake up together to worship Allah. Thank Him for every single blessing He brings for you. Congratulations. May your living together be peaceful.

30. Oh Allah, show my friend the right path to fulfill his obligations as a husband. Let him live together with His wife in peace and wisdom. Make your blessing spread like the earth in their home. Bless them with beautiful children.

31. I am wishing you a fantastic start. You are a young couple, may your home be filled with love and great understanding for each other. May Allah bless you with complete happiness and joy that has no limit.

32. May you remain together until the last day of your life. I ask Allah to make you a great wife and best legacy for the women of your time. Oh, Allah, I ask for your favor upon their union. I pray that your union night with the blessing of Allah every single day.

33. Today, your dream comes true; you have been waiting for so long. I am so happy for you. I ask the most merciful to bless you and raise your status above your expectations. May He make your day a great one for you.

34. May your marriage be bright and colorful. May Allah teach you how to be romantic to each other. Leave your life with your wife as friend and couple. Smile at each other. Oh, Allah, I ask that you listen to their innermost needs.

35. My heartily blessing for you on your wedding day. Today, you have been united. May this decision profit you? May your union bring lots of joy to your home? Happy Nikkah to my beloved friend.

36. You have always been a very good friend to me and it is the reason why I will always be proud of you. As you are now a husband today, I am using this wonderful moment to thank Allah for achieving this great dream. May Allah bless your marriage with joy.

37. It is very rare to meet a friend like you. Your kindness does not have a measure. Your good manners attracted you to me. This is a great sign that your husband is the luckiest man on earth. Happy married life. May Allah endow your marriage with understanding.

38. Patience is a great virtue that every couple should subscribe to. Always be patient with your wife, it keeps the devil away from you. Whenever she is wrong, try and correct her in the best manner. I pray that Allah should help you with managing your home.

39. When there is love, understanding will come along. I ask Allah to bless you with the wisdom to live peacefully with your wife. I beseech Him to make you a good father and husband to your immediate family. Happy married life.

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40. All praises and adoration belong to Allah the owner of the heavens and the earth. I pray that He should cause your marriage to work as you plan. May your wishes be granted so as to make your union reach its goal.

41. This is a new phase of your life. It demands lots of love and passion for each other. May Allah make such virtues easy for you to imbibe; may His endless mercy circulate you as you’re coming together till eternity.

42. Blessed is the name of Allah, the most honored by all tongues, the most praised in all times. May Allah always be with you all your life. Happy married life to the most beautiful friend in the world. I am so happy for you.

43. It is a great pleasure to realize that my best friend is becoming a wife today. I will always be your loyal companion until the end of time. I pray that your marriage benefits you and your husband. Thank God for your life, may you always find peace in your home. Congratulations.

44. May the Face of Allah full of mercy shine in your home to bring peace between you and your husband. May His infinite joy reign in your home forever.

45. Thank God for this precious day of your life, as you resolve to stay with him, may your expectations about him turn out to be better.

46. I just want to say congratulations to my beloved friend on his wedding day. He has always been the most wonderful friend ever. Your home will be filled with abundant love and success.

47. Allah will bless you more than you think because you have always been kind to people. This is my prayer for you. Happy married life.

48. As you embrace a new chapter in life, I pray that every page you open be filled with lots of love and happiness. Happy married life my lovely friend.

49. We are pals to make each other happy. We are friends to wish each other all the best in this world. Happy married life.

50. I see that you have a bright future together as a husband and a wife. Face reality together and win in the team. Mubark fi nikahikum.

51. Always be of support to each other. Never forsake each other for any reason. Face your challenge and never give up your responsibility.

52. May your new home be filled with lots of love. May your marriage grow with lots of fruits of joy and happiness.

53. Have fun with your wife, she is meant for you. Always pray together in the night and make your home a home of morality and religion. Happy married life.

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May Allah Bless Your Marriage Abundantly

54. May the blessing of Allah descend on your home, everything that has been bothering you will become history?

55. Allah is the Cherisher of the great Throne; I pray He blesses your marriage with children that will follow His religion.

56. May Allah protect your marriage and grant you the fruit of a wonderful day ahead. Marriage with smile and happiness.

57. The grace of Allah will not end in your home, the blessing of Allah shall manifest in your kids. Happy married life.

58. The prophet is the role model of good leadership, may Allah help you lead your marriage as He helped the prophet.

59. The marriage of prophet Ibrahim was successful, may your marriage be successful too. May the Rahma of Allah be with you in this marriage.

60. Ya Allah, you are the most merciful, the most beneficent, we ask you to bless our sister with a good womb to conceive good children.

61. We beseech you to grant us a good home, religious environment, and successful marriage. Happy married life.

62. The most merciful will continue to bless you in every aspect of your life; I pray you find peace in this world.

63. Congratulations on your wedding day, the Lord shall bless your hustle and make you smile all the time.

64. Truly, you are one of the most beloved people on this earth, thanks for the love you show to me all the time.

65. Every moment of your life will be a reason for your happiness and you shall be promoted in such a way your marriage will be successful.

66. After the blessing of Allah comes comfort and financial buoyancy. I pray Allah blesses you with wealth and health.

67. Your marriage will be successful by the special grace of Allah, the angels of Allah shall beg for the success of your marriage from Allah.

68. You are the most gracious Lord, your power has kept this marriage so we beg for a continuous blessing from you.

69. Dear Lord, you are the one that joined us together, we ask you to promote our wellbeing and grant us happiness in anything we do.

70. You are the most merciful, please grant this marriage mercy and bless us with religious kids.

71. You are the wisest, please teach me how to be wiser in this marriage, make me a great leader among humans.

72. Our Lord, we seek your help in this marriage, we turn to you because we are weak, we submit our pain to you because we cannot take it away.

73. Your blessing is the reason why we live, your mercy is the reason why we breathe, we hope for your help in this marriage.

74. Our Lord, grant us beautiful kids that will be comforting for the eyes, blessing to the heart and honor to humanity.

75. Grant us the ability to remain firm in your religion, and grant us wealth to propagate Islam beyond this level.

76. We submit our souls to you and we beg you to bless our marriage with your kindness, let our name be remembered for good.

77. We are not asking for money, we are not asking for a post, we are asking for your mercy to be able to be steadfast in your religion.

78. May the blessing and mercy of our Lord shine in your home like sunshine and reflect goodness like moonlight.

79. May you find the peace that suits your wellbeing and the joy that makes you smile for the benefit of a good day.

80. Thank God for the blessing of a new day, happy married life, the Lord shall grant you kids that will benefit you.

81. Our Lord! We ask you for goodness that never ends, good fortune that brings peace to the heart and success that lasts forever.

82. We hope for a wonderful day in life and pray we find that blessing that doesn’t end. May the Lord continue to bless you forever.

83. Lord, we call upon you on this union, protect this marriage from all kinds of evil and bless the couple with wonderful kids.

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May the Blessing of Allah Be in your Marriage

84. The most merciful shall continue to bless your marriage with barakah and your wife with sabrun. I wish you all the best.

85. The ikma of Allah will not lack in your home and every trick of shaitan will not work on you. Happy marriage.

86. We hope for the mercy of Allah on our marriage, we can’t do anything to benefit you but you can do something to benefit us.

87. O Lord, raise the height of your blessing on this marriage, bless this marriage and protect us against all evil.

88. We are pleading with the Lord to remove every distress we go through, bless us against all evils. I wish you all the best.

89. May the mercy and blessing of Allah remain in your home forever. I am wishing you all the best on this earth.

90. Thank God you have been so nice to me, you are simply the most handsome brother on earth, I beseech Allah to bless this marriage.

91. The Lord in His infinite mercy shall continue to protect you in every aspect of this life, you shall find endless success and happiness.

92. Your marriage shall be a good example for others to learn, you and your wife shall find peace and harmony in your home.

93. The Lord that brought you up to this moment together shall continue to protect your marriage. I wish you all the best.

94. Lord, you gave us the chance to marry please provide the chances to survive in our marriage. I wish you all the best.

95. Happy married life to a friend with lots of values, may the most beloved God grant you ease in this marriage.

96. Wishing you all the best on this special occasion, may the most merciful continue to bless you in every aspect of your life.

97. Thank God for your life, may Allah bless you so you can take good care of your family. Happy married life.

98. I wish you more success today and beyond. I pray you find the kind of success that will promote your marriage.

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