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Freaky Paragraphs for Him or Her

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Freaky Paragraphs for Him or Her – You can send your purest of feelings in the best possible way to the one you love. Sharing freaky love paragraphs for the man or woman you adore has been since time immemorial. You therefore should not be caught out of the feelings of sharing.

Why not share those freaky paragraphs of love today!

Check out my list below and let me know your thoughts, okay?

When people ask me why I feel so much affection for you
I search within myself for the one true answer
I look for the words to say exactly how I feel
But I just could not find enough words to tell you

When people as me why I am so crazy about
I get into the depths of my soul to find the perfect words
I search everywhere on earth to find out why
But I never knew the answer was just staring in front of me all along

Check out freaky paragraphs to say to your boyfriend.

I love you because you are the smile in my life
The calm that comes for my storm
You are the answers to my prayers
The one who makes me see life beyond the way I see it
I love you so much darling
And it is because you are the difference in me
You make my heart go on a race
That will forever have not end
You take me on a place in the cloud where I know
I would not want to come back from
You create an amazing feeling of affection in me
And you make me whole again
That’s why I love you darling
You are the most important person in the world to me
You are so irreplaceable and special
Thanks for loving me in such a crazy way
You are simply the best.




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