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Gay and Lesbian discrimination – Do They Deserve Your Condemnation?

Gay and Lesbian discrimination

Gay and Lesbian discrimination – It is a known fact that I have been a skeptic of religion mostly Christianity, maybe because I was born to it and have seen the evils of it, but I cannot really speak for another religion of which I know nothing of.

Some days ago I saw a movie about a Christian, although there were no outrightly disturbing scenes but then in the movie, the so called head or leader molested the young boys who were kept in his care as wards.

In truth and in real life, this occurrence is quite rampant in a lot of these places, that it is shocking to see realize that a lot of atrocities going on in ‘these places’ are kept under the wraps. Without mincing words, a lot of these atrocities in these places of worship tend to affect the s*xuality of the child later in life.

Have you asked what could be the causative factors of a lot of Nigerians having same s*x s*xuality or you think they just grow up to acknowledge?

What goes on in most of our churches? My question

Should children be allowed to explore their s*xuality with the guidance of parents or should they just lock them up somewhere in the name of keeping them chaste pure and divine in a place where their psyche is being messed up or they are being molested.

I would like to point out one of the factors that lead to parents sending their wards off to ‘these places’ as lack of adequate orientation and to an extent –  “fanaticism”.

Fanaticism simply put is over zealousness or extreme behavior. Now there is the psychology about fanaticism but I’m still trying to understand what brought about this extreme behavior.

Fanaticism is everything when it comes to sects and mental/ physical/ s*xual abuse. I found out quite shockingly recently there are many our Christian heads and even their followers believe copulating with the opposite s*x is bad but with the same s*x a more forgivable sin.

I am sure you know a lot goes on in our so-called churches than meets the eye.

Now, while I’m not saying that all Christian heads do not practice true Christianity, where is all these perverseness coming from?

Why has a religion bent on teaching Christ and the true gospel broken into a lot of these evils and why are a lot of people still blinded by the fact that when a man says he is “spiritually ordained” he is without flaws and untouchable? un-prosecutable? When we have loads of unforgivable acts going on in our churches?

Over 80% of Nigerian parents are religious fanatics whether you agree or not. They have been programmed to believe everything is supernatural that they forget the natural world and all the evils a man is capable of doing on his own.

They forget that most times the devil doesn’t need to be involved to make a man evil and heartless without apology.

Now to child abuse. My question is why?

Why are some people so entrenched in spirituality that they give their offspring away to be used and tampered with? Why do they trust their children, siblings, whatever with pastors than the family next door?

Why is s*x education not discussed with children that have the sense to understand it?

Speaking of Same S*x Schools

Why do our parents feel it is safer to lock up their girls in an all-girl school or their boys in an all-boy school or in a seminary than to have them mixed up? Who gave them that warped kind of mentality?

Are you honestly also aware of the degree of same s*x atrocities going on in a same s*x school? It will SHOCK YOU to YOUR BONES!

S*x Education is NEEDED, TRULY!

Do parents honestly think there is less danger in shunning the conversation of s*x and locking them up in some place than to have an open honest heart discussion and let them find their boundaries themselves?

The Same S*x Conversation on Social Media

Deedee started off a conversation sometime ago, about if we had ever encountered homos*xual people and people shared their experiences and so I decided to do an opposite research on why we have a whooping number of homos*xual people hiding in the closets and getting into straight marriages and pretending they were alright mean while they actually had same s*x partners tucked somewhere and the most common reason I found after Post traumatic stress is same s*x schools/seminaries.

I have always had my reservations about those kinds of schools and all but to hear a heart touching story about a guy whose father thought it wise for him to go to an all-boys school because when he was a baby growing he liked female body parts “too much” and then he ended up doing six years in a school here in Lagos where ever since he had had a partner although he is married now but he has another life with a man.

My question here again is wouldn’t it have been better if his father kept a close eye on him while watching him explore than throw him in the middle of all that confusion?

Another story that really broke my heart was a boy sent to live with a pastor to help him get an education and relieve his parents of a troublesome son that ended up in a BDSM relationship with this very man that preached every day and his parents trusted him more than their son and now he’s psyche is forever twisted, he had tried heteros*xual relationships unsuccessfully, the pastor is dead now and yet again the world holds another homos*xual man.

How did the pastor get that way? Is it the religion or his own twisting of the religion or just his own wickedness or perversions? Was the pastor abused too? Was he born that way? Who are we to judge now? The pastor? The boy? His parents? Who exactly? Or perhaps the religion? Or our understanding of it? Why is spirituality causing a problem here rather than fixing it?

Finally, why the condemnation. Because of our religion? Christianity, Islam or what exactly? I’d love to hear from you. 

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    Ayoola Gem Fash
    April 14, 2018 at 12:37 am

    ……She lives in the pages of books and travels through them too that way she meets everybody worth her while. …. Well done Jewel

    Nice one.

    I am not personally a fan of same-sex schools.

    Children need to learn to deal with the opposite sex from their teens.
    It helps to shape confidence.

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