Casino Negligence Accidents: How to Fight for a Fair Compensation

How to Fight for a Fair Compensation

Legal information doesn’t really fall under the general knowledge umbrella, especially when it comes to things such as compensation from casinos.

There are two types of damages that one can get affected by: specific and general. These two types are categorized separately.

We’ve assembled a guide that will walk you through both of these types and their subcategories so that you can be fully aware of your rights, so let’s get right to it

Specific Damages

Special damages are easier to prove and deal with. That’s because you have solid proof like receipts and other factors that can’t be questioned.

There are a lot of accidents that fall under this category. For instance, you can file a charge against the casino for injuries that were caused by broken equipment, escalator accidents, slippery floors, and so on.

The list doesn’t end here and every case is unique in its own way, which is why you must deal with your particular case accordingly.

Personal Property

If you were involved in a car accident in the parking lot or in traffic around the place, then you’re entitled to some reimbursement, especially if the reason behind the incident is poor construction on their end.

You can combine your case with another if the incident was caused by the casino’s bus, valet, or one of the employees there. You also have the right to demand insurance for your own loss and your property’s damage.

Medical Costs

There is certain evidence that you need to gather in order to prove your case. Your medical bill is one of the most essential documents that you need to have in order to support your claim.

As the Las Vegas-based attorneys from https://the702firm.com/casino-injury-liability/ explain, the casino is entirely responsible for medical reimbursements like hospital and physical therapy fees, as well as hospital tests and ambulance costs. Be sure to keep a copy of all those bills to get your due compensation.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Similar to the medical costs, the casino is responsible for paying extra expenses that have to do with the injury. This entails any kind of medical aid, travel expenses, medical appointments, and medicines.

In order to get reimbursement for your money, it’s absolutely vital that you keep every receipt and document that you received based on your expenses.

You wouldn’t have had to spend this amount of money if it wasn’t for the casino injury, so make sure that you get your full compensation.

General Damages

These kinds of damages are ones that are not affiliated with economic losses; they’re more related to emotional suffering. This is why they’re tricky to handle because the victim won’t have any bills or receipts that support their case.

You’re also not eligible for certain kinds of insurances such as no-fault auto and workers’ compensation. However, there are other types of insurances that may help you in your case.

Psychological Distress

If you have been a victim of any kind of emotional distress or shock because of the place that you were in, you can easily file a charge against them.

Serious illnesses like post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, insomnia, or any other kind of psychological damage will hold up in court, especially when it’s backed up by a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

The report that your doctor will write for you based on your case will be all the evidence that you need.

Loss of Consortium

Legally, this term relates to the loss of a sexual relationship due to an injury that occurred in the casino. If you’re suffering from this kind of damage, then you need to get a medical statement that clearly diagnoses the injured person’s state.

However, you need to know that some states give this insurance for legally married couples only, so make sure to check your state’s laws regarding this before going to court.

Pain and Suffering and Loss of Enjoyment

Unfortunately, insurance companies tend to be careful when dealing with general damages, especially with terms such as “pain and suffering”.

This is why the best course of action is to combine your cases together and present them as one giant case. This doesn’t only include emotional damages, it also contains physical limitations that were caused on the night of the incident.

You’ll need a few medical reports from a hospital or a psychologist to back-up your claims. You can also provide your own evidence; however, it’s best that you check with your attorney first.

All in all, whether you’re suffering from specific or general damages, know that the responsibility doesn’t fall on you alone.

Whatever happened to you was likely caused by the casino’s negligence, and you don’t have to pay for things that you can’t afford when you can get fully compensated.

The most important thing that you need to remember is to keep track of all the bills and medical records to support your claim and win fair compensation.

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