Gifts that Every Gym Junkie Will Love

Gifts that Every Gym Junkie Will Love

Millions of people enjoy going to the gym on a regular basis. Home gyms are sprouting up everywhere too, partly in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

When an enthusiast’s birthday is coming or Christmas is drawing near, it can be hard to know what to get them. They may have already bought the major stuff, or you may not be planning on spending huge amounts on them.

Fortunately, there are lots of things that can be bought at a modest price which can still delight any gym fanatic. We will now take a brief look at some of them.

Dietary Supplements

If people eat a healthy and balanced diet, they may get everything they need from there. Having said that, there are products people can buy that are suitable for those who take regular exercise.

For muscle gain, people take protein supplements, and for increased energy they take Creatine.

Weight-gainers are inexpensive, but they pack a punch with over 1,000 calories per portion. One website says doctors recommend adults take 500mg of Omega-3 every day for their general health.

People can also buy tablets for bone support or packs of Vitamin D tablets.

Foam Rollers and Backpacks

Foam rollers are small, light, portable, and easy to store. They are like a mini physio session, helping people treat their aches, pains, or muscle tightness. Technology has also stepped in to create vibrating ones that really get to grips with alleviating pain.

If someone is going to the gym from home or during their lunch break, they will be delighted to receive a backpack. They can use it to hold their drinks, food, towel, and spare clothes. To complete the gift, why not purchase a combination lock as well?

Resistance Bands and Skipping Ropes

Now for two home gym suggestions. Resistance bands can help a gym enthusiast with their overall muscle tone. They are particularly useful for people during their warm-up, or who have sports injuries.

They can be bought in packs, and each one will differ in terms of resistance.

Jump ropes are small but effective. They make great gifts when they are made of good quality. The user will harness the adjustment feature to suit their build. Once again technology has enhanced the experience, with the advent of smart ropes.

This advise how many calories have been burned, and time the sessions as required.

Something Musical

This gift is slightly off at a tangent, but every gym blasts out energetic music to set the mood. Why not buy a music system if your friend has a home gym?

Make sure it can play loud enough to be fun, but not loud enough to upset the neighbours!

Once again there is an add-on gift to consider: how about getting some sweat-proof headphones. These will keep things quiet in the evenings!

A Gym Mirror or Hand Grip Strengthener

If someone has a home gym, a mirror will do more than make the room look bigger. It can be a valuable guide for anyone performing exercises and lifting weights, to ensure they are maintaining a correct posture. Hand Grip strengtheners are small and can be used anywhere. Their role is to increase hand and finger strength.

Shoes, Towels, and Bottles

Some people pay crazy prices for sports shoes and trainers, simply for the brand name. Having said that, it is essential any gym fanatic has supportive shoes and ones with maximum grip.

Anyone who has been to the gym will know how essential a towel is, either to address sweating or for the after-shower.

Why not buy a personalized one for that special person? Drinking is essential both during and after any workout, so a bottle will make a cheap but useful gift. Try and get an environmentally friendly one that uses recycled plastic.

Gifts that Every Gym Junkie Will Love

Buy a Fitbit or Compression Tights

Fitbit trackers are designed to record peoples’ heart rates and say how many calories have been burned. Not everyone wants something on their wrist, however. The alternative is a fitbook for manual recording purposes.

Compression tights are very fashionable right now, with multitudes wearing them during cross-training. They provide an element of support and protection. They can also help reduce fatigue levels.

These are just some of the exciting options a person can consider. There are other things to muse on too, such as buying a medicine ball, or a book or DVD on exercise workouts.

A final piece of equipment could be an upper body workout bar, which can hang from a doorway or be used on the floor.

People build up their home gyms over time, so gifts are always a viable option. For subscribers to the local gym, there are still great options too.

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