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Good Evening SMS To Share With Family & Friends

Good Evening SMS

Good Evening SMS: Find the best collection of good evening SMS to share with those around you – Family, friends or even mere acquaintances. You will need a good evening SMS sooner or later. Check them out and give your thanks later.

These good evening SMS can also act as good evening SMS of love, Good Evening SMS of Peace, Good Evening SMS of Joy, Good Evening SMS of Happiness, Good Evening SMS of Success, Good Evening SMS of gracefulness.

Good Evening SMS of Prayers

1. May your coming back home from your working place be as safe as a child in its mother’s womb. Good evening.

2. May you find success on your way home; may your heart desires come with ease for you. Good evening.

3. Have a wonderful evening my dear, may your thought of good fortune be fulfilled for you by His grace.

4. Take care of yourself this evening, your Lord shall not forsake you in any way and your success will remain with you forever.

5. I want to say good evening to the most beautiful sister in the world. I pray that every single day of your life shall be well with you.

6. You will not fall and miss everything you have acquired in your life; the Lord shall count you among His people.

7. Have a wonderful time this evening; may the Lord make your relaxation a great blessing to your health.

8. Wishing you the best on this special day, and the blissful evening will not pass you by, you are precious.

9. Happy to send you this wonderful message sealed with love, comfort, relaxation, good health, success, and prosperity.

10. Your smile is very important to me; I hope this message will make you smile as I send it to you this evening.

11. Let the love that exists between us grow better this evening because it is filled with passion and sympathy.

12. I love you so much and wish you understand how much I used to miss you any time you are not around. May the Lord be pleased with you.

13. I have come to realize that someone as special as you are deserves all the best in this world. May your home be filled with endless joy.

14. Lord, protect me and give me the privilege to understand the depth of the value of friendship. May your life favor you and your entire family.

15. I wish you the best in this world and ask the Lord to remove any pain from your heart. What it is that disturbs your heart shall be uprooted this evening.

16. May you find peace in your heart and give thanks to God in all areas of your life passion. You are wonderful.

17. I just want to say good evening to the world’s most beautiful lady; may your happiness never be cut off from you.

18. Lord, protect my siblings this evening and give them a peaceful night that will cause them to lead blissful morning the next day.

19. Good evening sweetheart, I wish you one of the most interesting times in this world, I love you with all my heart.

20. Wishing you a precious evening and the Lord shall not forsake you for any reason. Good evening my dearest.

Good Evening SMS Messages for lovers

21. I have seen you as my love and the most beloved woman I love to see every day of my life. I love this evening because it means a lot to me.

22. 31 my life cannot be complete without you, you are the song of passion I sing every day, you are the pearl of joy I wish to carry all my life. I love you.

23. 32. Whenever I feel lonely, I remember you so much. I hope to spend every single moment with you. I love the way you are and will be your wife God’s willing.

24. Your love is wonderful, nice sweet and a lasting joy I cannot in any way forget, you are like a pure bliss dwell in my heart.

25. For the rest of my life, I want to be with you. I want this evening to mark the kind of special love I have for you. Good evening.

26. Good evening to my beautiful queen, whenever I look into your eyes, I see a burning desire to want to spend every moment with you.

27. So much so good, I will never forget the fact that you are a great impact on my life; I love every single moment I share with you.

28. I love you more and more and want to be the one to share my joy with you. I want to be yours now and forever.

29. I know I can’t live in the next one second without you, it is because I am thinking about you that’s why I am alive the moment I was composing this message.

30. You are the only true love I have ever seen in my life, the most handsome, cute and kind heart man. Good evening sweetie.

31. Let your love be the reason why I cherish you with all my heart. I am so much in love with you like never before.

32. If loving you will save me, I will rather love you for the rest of my life. You are the reason why I smile every day.

33. Just want to say good evening to the man I love the most. Relax your head and find peace in your heart.

34. Hello sweetheart, how have you been since morning? I just want to say good evening to the love of my life.

35. I hope the work is not stressful? What about your colleagues? Hope all is well? Good evening.

36. If I can see your face just for once, I will be glad for the rest of the day. I miss you, my love, I wish you a relaxed evening.

37. Nothing much about this life, as far as we have that special person that can sacrifice everything just to prove love for us. Good evening.

38. I want this world to understand that a special person is in deep love for you. I miss you my beloved.

39. Meeting you in this world is a great privilege that is rare; it is a blessing everyone should embrace.

40. Happy to meet a man of love and sincerity in my life you are the best for me and sweetest companion I can lean upon when things are not well.

41. With the most beautiful moment in this evening, I am happy to be with you for the rest of my life. Good evening my beloved.

42. I love you more than you can imagine. You are such an unbelievable love, the most beautiful gift a person can ever get in her lifetime. Good evening.

Good Evening SMS wishes for him

43. Sweetest man in my life, I am wishing you the best in this evening, may you find endless peace in this world.

44. With you, my life is complete, without you my life is miserable. I want to be where you are all the time. Good evening baby.

45. You are my heartfelt, my dearest and an awesome guy I can never forget in this world. Your love will be appreciated forever.

46. You found my happiness because you are my divine love; anytime I see you, my heart beats faster than the second’s hand.

47. When you are loved by a sincere man, he shows you everything you need to stay happy all your life.

48. Good evening my love, your presence in my life will always remain the best reason why I am glad every day of my life. I love you.

49. The sunset reminds of the sunshine that you are. I am sure you will be happy to relax your body this evening.

50. Just like the gas disappears, I wish that your worries, stress, and fatigues disappear with ease. Good evening.

51. I am wishing you a sweet dream ahead as you forget about the worries of the day, may your heart find the peace it has been searching for. Good evening.

52. Your evening coffee awaits you in sweetness. You are special so enjoy the bliss of an evening coffee.

53. May the Lord of the evening bless your hustles and make all your stress relax. You are such an amiable man. Good evening.

54. Morning and afternoon are stressful but the evening is a glad tiding of a blissful night coming ahead. I wish you stress less evening.

55. The evening is a gateway to your sweet dream, when you witness it you have witnessed a glad tiding of a beautiful moment in the night.

56. The evening is a lovely moment that reminds o=us of the stress of the day and then breaks it off our bodies. Good evening.

57. I hope that we find our relationship as cool as the fragrance of an evening shower. Have a wonderful time.

58. Most romantic dates begin in the evening, sincere heart finds themselves in the hour in which the weather is harsh less. Good evening sweet love.

59. The very day I set my eyes on you, I know that your love will be sweeter than the sweetest chocolate, browner than the most beautiful evening sunset.

60. If there is no evening the night will suffer the sunshine. Thank God for an evening love that reminds us of a bigger enjoyment called night.

61. Morning is for work, the evening is for the preparation to enjoy a comfort from the bliss of the night.

62. Everyone loves the evening because it is the bridge between morning and evening. Good evening my love.

63. I wish that sunshine shines in your life forever; may your sorrow set this evening and never rise again till eternity.

64. Close the day with the most beautiful evening ever, I wish you all the best it has. May you find peace in your heart.

65. As cute as you are, I pray that everything you need to make it happen will be present for you. Happy evening time.

66. The evening sky is smiling at you with its beautiful garment wrap all over. Have a splendid evening my dear.

67. I am wishing you a fantastic evening and an awesome life ahead. May your success never have a setback.

68. Evening shower to my love, make sure you enjoy this moment to the fullest. I love you to the core my heartbeat
69. A new down begins after twilight; your success begins from this evening and henceforth, good evening.

70. Evening signifies the preparation for a new down, it put a smile on our cheeks for a better tomorrow. Good evening.

71. Your morning was beautiful, your afternoon was blessed and your evening will be the most fantastic good evening.

72. Wishing you a nice evening with lots of goodies that bring sweet melody to the heart. Have a fantastic moment.

73. The evening is the perfect time to get rid of your worries, take a cup of coffee to prepare you for the pleasure of the night.

74. My life is beautiful today because you are part of my life, this evening is nice because you belong to me.

75. I am so much in love with anything about you, it reminds me of the coolness of the evening time. I love your smile so much.

76. Have lots of fun this evening, you are the most interesting person in this world for me. I love it whenever I see you been stress less in the evening.

77. The morning hustle is over and the sun is set. Enjoy your little time this evening to mark the beginning of another night.

78. You can resist the enjoyment of this evening no matter how stressful your day is. Good people are met in the evening.

79. The evening is like a dove, so peaceful to the body, it removes fear out of our heart and inform us of a wonderful night.

80. I am so happy to have you in my life; this is the reason why I am sending this evening hug to relax your body a better tomorrow.

81. Have a wonderful time with your siblings; I really appreciate your effort in my life. Ensure you relax well this evening.

82. Evening removes stress, night massage the body, energizes it for a productive tomorrow under the sunshine. Good evening.

83. The evening is like an orange, so sweet to taste, juicy and nice to live. I wish you an awesome evening.

84. Loving you is the most beautiful thing ever, I wish you the best in this world. This evening is part of my wishes for you.

85. Have a unique moment to say hello to your loved ones, my evening is dedicated to sending you the most beautiful kisses in the world.

86. I am so much interested in your smile; it is as cool as this evening chocolate. The colorful sky is my favorite in the evening. Enjoy.

87. I wish you an evening full of inspiration and satisfaction that never end. Have a precious time.

88. Good evening to my uncommon gem, your smile alone is my joy this moment in time.

89. The evening is the time to look back at all the good deed you have done in the day. It is also the remedy for a stressful body.

90. The sun sets in the evening to give us the glad tidings of another brighter day ahead. Good evening.

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