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Tips in Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring To Your Partner

Perfect Engagement Ring To Your Partner

Tips in Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring To Your Partner: Getting engaged can be such an exciting moment; one that most people look forward to in their entire lives. Planning for a good engagement ceremony requires tremendous effort.

Some of the common elements of the engagement that you cannot afford to forget about include shopping for an appropriate engagement ring for your partner.

When seeking to buy a good engagement ring for the love of your life, you should endeavor to take your time to plan in advance and save as much as possible.

The engagement ceremony is just as important as a good engagement ring. The ring is a symbol of love and your value for your partner. You should, therefore, ensure you secure a good high-value and classic engagement ring that your partner will enjoy wearing.

Here are some important tips you should consider when choosing the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

1. Set your budget

Engagement rings come in different qualities, sizes, and prices. When choosing the right engagement ring for your partner, the only limiting factor is your budget.

Like any other type of expenditure, it is important to first set a budget that defined and limits the amount of money you intend to spend in acquiring the ring. Jewelry stores today are packed with differently priced engagement rings that have different attributes of quality.

A lot of people think that the more money you spend on an engagement ring, the more your partner will appreciate it. However, this is not always the case.

There are many different types of engagement rings that can be just as special without costing a fortune. For example, you could opt for an engagement ring with gemstones that have meanings, like Serpentine stone meaning or Rose quartz.

These stones are said to promote love and can be a very thoughtful way to show your partner how much you care. Plus, they are also more affordable than diamonds or other precious gems. So, if you’re on a budget, don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune on an engagement ring.

Failure to set your budget right would have you either too limited on the kind of ring you can acquire or spoilt for choice leading to over expenditure.

Setting your budget on how much you intend to spend to buy the engagement ring also gives you an opportunity to maintain personal financial discipline even as you look up to your nuptials and honeymoon.

2. Research far and wide

When looking for the right engagement ring, experts advise that you should research far and wide. With there being thousands of jewelry stores globally, taking your time to research from as many stores as possible gives you an opportunity to try out different ideas of an engagement ring.

Your research should begin with local jewelry stores around your area and expand further into prominent and prestigious jewelry stores internationally.

In this digital age, you will have a major advantage of using search engines to find reputable jewelry stores from where you can sample different engagement rings.

Using Google, for example, to search keywords such as engagement rings Toronto gives you a list of reputable and top-listed jewelry stores dealing with engagement rings around the Toronto area. You may refine and customize the search by inserting the name of your neighborhood city.

3. Narrow down your search

There exist hundreds of thousands of different engagement ring types in the market today. Choosing one for your partner can be such a mind-boggling activity, especially in cases where you have not yet decided well on what you want.

You may want to make your work easier by narrowing down your search. To do this, you have to ask yourself some important questions relating to the kind of engagement ring you would want to settle for. Some of the important parameters to consider in this case include the following:-

  • Would you want to have a plain band ring or a ring with decorations and embellishments?
  • What type of engagement ring brand, if any, would you like to buy?
  • Would you like to later buy a wedding ring of similar value and characteristics as your engagement ring?
  • Would you like to buy the same engagement ring for yourself and your partner or for your partner alone?

Working out your search for an appropriate engagement ring based on these questions would help you to narrow down your quest to ensure you settle down for the right ring within the shortest time possible.

4. Determine the metal and shape of your ring

Engagement rings are primarily made of four main material types including platinum, yellow gold, white gold, and silver.

Each of these materials has different cost implications, with the yellow gold being the most expensive. Some material, especially platinum, can be affected by subjection to slight forces and pressure. This makes such a ring highly prone to scratching.

You may also want to narrow down your ring selection to the shape. Different cuts of the decorative diamond on the ring imply different ring qualities and therefore prices.

There exist numerous popular ring cuts in the market today, the most popular of which is the round cut characterized by a round diamond. Another notable cut in the market is the princess cut; a popular ring cut defined by square or rectangular diamonds. Others include the heart cut, the oval cut, the radiant cut, and the marquise cut.

5. Consider your lifestyle

An engagement ring is something that your partner is probably going to put on 24 hours a day. This implies that he or she will have to undertake daily duties of workplace responsibilities with it on the finger.

With the ring being part and parcel of your partner’s lifestyle, you should choose an engagement ring that does not impair his or her work.

Some professions, especially manual jobs such as working on a quarry site or even a manufacturing yard, can be quite demanding and require an individual to get their hands dirty by carrying heavy equipment or material. In such a case, you may want to choose a plain band ring without any embellishments or diamond decorations.

You should also go for a ring composed of a tough metal that is not easily scratched or damaged as a result of coming in contact with common workplace tools and items.

Going for an embellished ring would perfectly suit an individual who works in an office setting whereby his or her duties do not necessarily cause the ring to undergo repetitive damage such as getting scratched.

6. Consider the ring’s demand for maintenance

You may also want to consider the ring’s maintenance requirements. Some engagement rings are made of materials that are delicate and thus require much maintenance work in the course of their lifetime.

To keep the engagement rings sparkling, such rings require cleaning with sudsy water and brushing with a special soft toothbrush. They may also need to be further polished with a special kind of oil.

Other ring types, however, do not require such regular maintenance as they can be cleaned with readily available solutions including water and soap.

Diamond-embellished rings that require progressive and regular cleaning can sometimes depreciate as the diamonds tend to get loosened from their fixations. This can imply a quick depreciation of the ring, resulting in an expensive repair job.

7. Choose the right ring size

When choosing the right engagement ring for your partner, you should particularly emphasize on going for the appropriate ring size.

When choosing the engagement ring size, you should consider the fact that the engagement ring would be worn on the same finger for quite some time.

The ring should, therefore, survive regular body changes that come with the absence or presence of physical exercises, variations in diet, pregnancies, and general finger growth that may render the ring undersized.

To be on the safe side, you may need to take your partner for a fitting session in your preferred jewelry store.

At the jewelry store, you may have the option of customizing a perfect ring size for your partner in cases where the available options do not fit his or her finger size.

Custom-making an engagement ring is highly advantageous as it ensures that the ring can survive general bodily changes that come with time.

You may also want to engage your jeweler on whether you stand a chance to benefit from returning your ring in case your fiancé outgrows the ring and requires a bigger one.

Some jewelers offer customers such a warranty where they can return a ring and get a bigger one after outgrowing the original ring.

8. Go for the right carat size

Diamond engagement rings are the most common in our time. In case you prefer going for a diamond engagement ring, you may want to pay attention to the ring’s carat size.

The carat is normally a factor of the rings diamond size and weight. An average engagement ring diamond size ranges from between a half carat to one carat.

When buying the carat size of your choice, you may want to pay attention to the various price variations. Experts advise that buying 0.8 carats would offer better value for money as compared to buying 1 carat of an engagement ring diamond size.

9. Consult from experts

Sometimes, when looking for the perfect engagement ring for your partner, you may want to consult from experts on various critical issues of technical importance.

Among the most important issues that you may want to consult on include the ring’s quality and whether it will be a perfect fit for your partner. Consultations should also be made on the rings lifetime and maintenance requirements.

In case you are completely clueless on what to consider when looking for your partner’s engagement ring, you may just need to consult an expert who would then provide you with the necessary, important parameters to check when buying the ring.

Making such consultations ensures that you go for the right kind of engagement ring that will serve your partner for a suitably long duration of time.

10. Buy from certified gem stores

Engagement rings are expensive and incur a once-in-a-lifetime cost. When choosing the right ring for your partner, it is, therefore, crucial to ensure you go for the top quality engagement ring that is worth your money and your love for your partner.

It is crucial, when buying the ring, to only work with certified gemstones and jewelers who are known to provide top quality rings with genuine diamonds or other gems.

When you walk into a jewelry store, you may have to demand to see the license or certification number in order to be sure that you will be buying the real quality gem.

After selecting your engagement ring, you should demand to see an appropriate gemological society certification and a lab certificate defining the carat quality of the rings diamond.

Further checks may be ensured by confirming from relevant online portals whether the certificate number is valid or not. Such checks ensure that you settle for the high-quality diamond-cut ring and that you are not fleeced by unscrupulous dealers and jewelers.

11. Negotiate the price

Whereas engagement rings can be quite expensive, it doesn’t mean that you should buy the ring at the price mentioned on the jeweler’s counter.

Doing a little due diligence of negotiating for a discount ensures that you save some money that may come in handy for your engagement or wedding ceremony.

To ensure you negotiate appropriately, you should consult from different shops to be aware of the average market price. Jewelers would be willing to work with your budget and offer you the best discount they can.

12. Get the deal in writing

After exercising every due caution and considering every possible factor necessary in ensuring you secure a perfect engagement ring, you should ensure that you seal the deal, buy the ring, and get a written agreement with the jeweler.

The written agreement should contain basic information such as the ring size, the ring quality and shape, the diamond carat size, and the certification number.

This written agreement may come in handy in cases where the jeweler offers a warranty for the purchase. The agreement or receipt may also help in cases where you may be needed to produce it as proof of ownership.

Finding a perfect engagement ring for your partner requires much effort and knowledge regarding the entire process. The gem industry is quite demanding when it comes to knowledge on how to differentiate the different kinds of engagement rings, their prices, and where to find them.

Working with seasoned experts and jewelry stores gives you an opportunity to obtain the best engagement ring for your partner.


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