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Good Morning Paragraphs For Your Love to Wake Up To

good morning paragraphs

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Good Morning Paragraphs for your girlfriend

1.  Tears stream down your eyes easily when you are in pain and your lips spread against their own will when you are happy but, it is possible to cry in Joy and Laugh in pain. This is neither insanity nor madness; it only shows the true power that is inside of us. May God give you that much strength. Good Morning!

2. The sun lightens the day and brightens everyone’s mood but you are the light that takes away the sadness in my life. Good Morning Sweetheart!

3. When the phone screen comes up and you scrub your eyes to read this message as clearly as you can, I want you to remember you have occupied a large chunk of my thoughts all night long. I wonder if I was there in your thoughts too. When you read this, smile and send me a good morning kiss too. Good Morning.

4. Every new day and every new morning that I get up from my bed makes me fall in love with you all over again my love. Good morning and have a nice day ahead of you.

5. Each day is a form of miracle and blessing from God, the blessing is more special each day when I get to wake up with the thoughts that you are mine alone.

6. Every morning is a sacred gift that we should be excited to open just like the Christmas presents we get while growing up. Start your day with a broad smile and every other good thing will fall in place. Good morning.

7. Loving you is like a brand new day, it is fresh and true just like the spring water. Good morning, sweetheart!

8. May the sun specially shine more brightly for you today, may the flowers bring out the best of their fragrance for you, may you own up this day like it was specially created for you dear. Good morning.

9. My morning doesn’t start up properly without sending you a message about how much I love you and of my wishes for you in the new day. So, I wish you a very pleasant morning.

10. Sending this message is an indication the thoughts of you are the first thing that crawls up my mind every other morning and I never wish for this feeling to depart me. With all the love hold up inside of me for you, I am saying, welcome to a brand new day where all you lay your hands on will turn in your favour. Good morning darling.

11. May luck start smiling on you today as soon as the sun comes up today, good morning and march forward into the day prepared for your outstanding luck.

12. No matter what you have passed through in the previous days, today is the day to remap your plans and start again afresh, welcome to your day for a new start.

13. Every morning is a brand new opportunity to work towards doing good to all of God’s creations. Welcome to another morning meant for exploits in a good way.

14. A tight hug helps straighten your back and kick out all the accumulated stress, a broad bright smile completes and help make an awful day better. These are the reasons why this message is loads of my smile and hugs to help make your day better and completed in a grand way. Good morning!

15. God has been so good to me, he has been there providing me with my daily needs, doses of good health and on top of it all, he gave me an irreplaceable gift in your stead and that is another brand new opportunity to wake up every morning and prove to my dear ones though my action that I love them with every essence in me. You are number one on the long list of people that are close to my heart sweetheart. Good morning and do have a productive day.

16. Sharing genuine smiles with that special person goes a long way in igniting the will to do better in the course of the day, here is me sending my smile through this text even though you can’t see it. Have an awesome morning boo.

17. Wakey wakey sleepy head its time to get out of bed, put some paste on your toothbrush in order to scrub off the dirt stuck on your teeth from eating too much yesterday, settle down to sip some coffee and gingerbread so I can come to give you my morning kiss. Morning love.

18. No matter what I try to get my hands on when you are not here with me, my attention is always divided, even though I can’t do all these things with you because of your absence you are always close to me in my heart and you are always on my mind. Good morning, baby.

19. How do you even get comfortable sleeping till the sun is almost coming out knowing fully well your princess has gotten up as early as possible so you can be the first person she hears from as the day breaks. Get up your sleepy self and give me a call. Good morning love.

20. A light sadness always creeps up on my heart when it is night time and that is because we have to part ways to go have a night rest in our different cribs and the happiness inside my heart when it is morning knows no bound because we get a fair deal of time to be together before night comes along to put an abrupt end to our lovey-dovey session. Good morning hon.

Good morning paragraphs for your boyfriend

21. Morning love, even though you have not gotten to see me today, I have seen you walk across the street and it is so great to see you again today. I hope you really have a good day that is way better than what you had yesterday. I love you!

22. The best gift I get at the start of every day is having you soundly enjoying your sleep right beside me. Wake up and let’s start up our day like we regularly do with kisses and hugs. Good morning sweetie.

23. Finding that one person that connects, complete and be with you every morning is a tedious exercise, finding that person that will be there in the morning when you wake up is the hardest part of having a relationship, instead of jumping ships, gently wait on God to bring you across your match. I am lucky I found mine and he’s right here close to my heart and right by my side every time. Good morning.

24. Every day is a new chance to be generous enough to share our love life together. Let us celebrate each and every morning God has given us like it’s our last because God in his infinite mercy has given us that chance to express the love we nurture in our hearts and make it worthwhile. Good morning.

25. Knowing that there is someone somewhere waking up at the same time as you and having the thoughts of someone else thinking about you just like you are thinking about them ensure you start your day on a good and positive way. Good morning.

26. I hurriedly got out of bed this morning, rushed my breakfast and got into the office as soon as I can, mid-work today, I realized there is this feeling of emptiness crawling up inside of me, it was then it dawned on me that I haven’t reached out to greet you here, so, here is me righting my wrong by sending you this text, have a great morning and enjoy your day.

27. It is time to get out of bed sweetheart, you need to get up and open your arms wide to embrace the success and happiness laden day. Welcome happiness and success the best way you can. Good morning.

28. The funny thing is, when I open my eyes in the morning, I don’t get to see anything else around me, all I can see is a picture of you being generated by my brain because you are the first person that comes to mind every morning because you are the most handsome, adorable and greatest boyfriend in the world, and that boo of mine is blushing right now as he’s reading this. Good morning!

29. Mornings are a reminder of how blessed and lucky we are to have the chance of another day to be with our loved ones and make them realize through our actions how much we love them. So, as the day breaks today, I want to express my innermost feelings and that is to tell you, I love you. Good morning, enjoy your day!

30. Get up, rise and shy for this is the beginning of a new day, never be afraid of change because it is constant, instead embrace what the future brings your way and savour what a morning in its goodness is all about.

31. Put a halt to the thoughts of yesterday, what happened can not be altered, this is a brand new day to renew your strength and do better than yesterday. Share with me this cup of coffee so you can feel re-energized to carry out the day’s work effortlessly.

32. The pains of the past should be disregarded and given time to heal as tough times never last, only tough people do. Open your eyes to see the shiny sun as it’s trying to reach out to you, it comes with a new message every day and that is the fun in getting up every morning.

33. Behind the beauty in your eyes is the radiance of the sun that keeps your eyes amazingly lit and attractive for those who care to look into it. So, let us wait for the shiny light to come on as there is no better place to witness the future than your eyes. Good morning darling.

34. I may not come bearing neither flowers nor sweets to wake you up from bed but my wishes alone are enough to brighten up your day.

35. The cool breeze touching you at the earliest hours of today is a wish from me and the birds are twittering to tell you it’s time to wake up. Wake up dear, here is my good morning wish for you to start up your day.

36. I am the luckiest person on the face of the earth because I am fortunate enough to have you in my life. I may not be right there with you to physically wish you a good morning in the best possible way but, you are always in my thoughts till the very end of time. Good morning my sweetheart!

37. Wake up alongside the sunrise and start your day the proper way. This message can only complete its mission when you give me feedback in the form of a reply, so, do not forget to wish me back hon. Good morning.

38.The silence of the night is always broken by the chirping of various species of birds and the darkness of the night is always made to go away when the rays of the moon hit the surface of the earth. I am here to make you get help from bed so you can get to do your brushing on time and get ready for work. Good morning.

39. Hey babe, it’s time to get back from the dream world, here is your most prized possession beckoning on you to wake up back into reality so you can face another fresh morning in your life. Have a great and wonderful morning.

40. God’s greatest gift to every individual is the opportunity to see a brand new day in good health because it is a great chance to make amendments to our lives. One other great gift that compliments getting to see each and every morning is the gift of having you in my life.

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