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50 Tuesday Morning Prayers And Message

Tuesday morning prayers

Tuesday Morning Prayers And Message – Need some Tuesday morning prayers for yourself, family and friends? Check out the morning prayers I have put together in here for you.

20 great Tuesday morning prayers to share

1. My father and my God, I thank you for helping me through this period. I give you everything of my life in praises and thanksgiving because you are God. You have made it possible for me to come to you in praises and thanksgiving, you are a great God. Please help me this week to stand steadfast in you. Give me the chance to continue to live according to your will in my life. Single me out for your glory and wonders, and help me reach the peak of my productivity. To you be all the glory honour and adoration. Thank you for answered prayers oh God. Amen.

2. Teach us everyday dear God to remain steadfast in you. Give us the grace not to doubt having you as our God. Create in us a pure heart, and fill our lives with the peace to believe in the future. Guard our life oh Lord and protect us from the evil that comes on Tuesdays. Bless our families and let us be a living testimony of your goodness in our lives. Let us be filled with the power of the holy spirit, so we can do more and achieve more. Thank you God for everything. May your name be praised forever. Amen.

3. Thank you great God for another amazing Tuesday morning. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see a great Tuesday yet again. I appreciate you my Lord. I give honour to your name. May your name be praised and worshiped forever. You have always been with us, never forgotten us and never neglected us. We believe in your for more blessings because you have never failed us. Thank you for making things right and setting things in plan for us. Thank you for making lines fall in beautiful places on all we do. Let your name be exalted king of glory. We stand in the power of your name today, and we pray that you continue to bless us. Amen

4. Father Lord, Tuesday is here again. We put all the work activities of the day in your hands. From the smallest of all projects to the biggest, we pray that you take perfect control. We crave for the help of the Holy Spirit to help us through the day and night, and we also pray that you give us the discerning spirit to acknowledge when you are talking to us. Make us worthy of reaching out to you in worship and prayers and dear God please smile from us from heaven and make us witness success in all ramifications. Amen.

5. Dear God, I put you first before stepping out today because I know you’ve got everything under control. At the centre of everything oh God, it’s you I see. You have enriched our lives with goodness. You have made us seen that with you everything is possible. You are a great God and your name lives forever. Yours is the kingdom and glory. Your name rises above all names on earth. May your name be exalted Dear God, May your name be praised today and forever. Thank you for making us see a great day. Thank you for everything.


6. I pray that this day brings gentle breeze of comfort and grace, shown to all colleagues and families near and far. I pray that you create within us a love that grows and the affection that is satisfying. Create a timely prompt in our hearts so that we have jolted whenever we want to sin, and let your will be done in our lives oh God. Set us afresh and create a life anew in us. Thank you for supporting us through life’s journey. Thank you for everything. Amen.

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7. Our loving father, I come before you this morning to offer you what I think in my mind. Help me to live within the parameters of your spirit. Bless me dear God and give me the grace to see spiritually and to witness your glory and grace in my life. Heal me from all sickness oh Lord and protect me from all the afflictions that may come with Tuesday. Help me to share your words between family and friends and give me a helping hand whenever things and situations seem petty and tough. Give me the strong faith to continue to hope and believe in you for redemption. Amen.

8. Pour into my life the spirit of discernment oh Lord. Give me that grace of wisdom, knowledge and understanding to grow spiritually and to be able to pray for others as well. Grant me the ability to see beyond the normal and let me live in godly ways. Give me the grace to be consistent in fearing you so that I can continue to enjoy your blessings over my life. I pray for family and friends today, I pray for those that are needy and abandoned today, I pray for those that are lost and helpless today that you support them and lay your hands on them. I pray that they find grace in you just as I have found, and that your hands touch everyone of them. Amen.

9. I pray for strength oh God, please strengthen me. I pray for spiritual shelter, please protect me. Direct all my footsteps everywhere I go. Create the spirit that will pull me away from sin and let me be a living witness of your grace at this time. I pray oh God that you will bring back all that I have lost and you will make me a better all round person.

10. Give us the grace to follow in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us remain humble in your name oh God, and support us as we help everyone understand what it is to be children of your kingdom. Let our lives be a reflection of you oh God. Thank you for everything.






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