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Happy Married Life SMS Messages

happy married life sms

Looking for the best collection of happy married life SMS to send to your friend, family or even the couple intending to get married? Here you will find the best collection you need. From happily married life wishes for a friend, happily married life messages, happy marriage life wishes, wedding messages to a couple, good wishes for marriage life, marriage wishes messages, marriage wishes for a friend, to wishes for marriage blessing, you are covered.

Happy Married Life SMS to your friend

1. This occasion comes once in a lifetime and not everybody who wished to witness a day like this actually did, because you had long planned and finally actualized this very moment, cherish it by spending more time than ever before by each other’s side. Congratulations and good luck on your new adventure called marriage.

2. Today you begin another life, another voyage brimming with good and bad times, experiences and joy, I trust you’re prepared in light of the fact that now it begins! Good luck and congrats!

3. Now that you are joined together to function as a unit, may your love bloom like newly matured flowers and be brighter than the morning sun. To further keep the love you both share from declining, respect, devotion, care, and compassion must come into play as well as putting your partner first in every critical decision you have to make. Congratulation on your wedding!

4. Always give each other your all without holding back, because when that happens, it strengthens your bond to act as one entity and that’s when you begin the savour the real sweetness that comes with being happily married. Happy married life.

5. May your love for and faith in each other never wither and stand the test of time. May your love ever shine like a bright torch even in the darkest of hours, may it help you overcome all the obstacles life will throw at you.

6. Have a marriage journey that is filled with bliss because you are my ever-reliable friends who have been there for me at all times. I am using this opportunity to wish you a lovely celebration and endless sweet memories to share. Happy married life.

7. Our joy knows no bound because we are opportune to be a part of your special day. I am, on behalf of my family wishing you a happy married life, with the hopes this new journey will bring you loads of timeless love, happiness, and joy.

8. This is to wish a lovely couple the warmest of wishes may your love that is currently waxing strong and sprouting its root never die. May the foundation you have built on love today last forever and beyond.

9. May you two be blessed with the love that waxes stronger as the day goes by, and, after many anniversaries, when you look back at this day which is your wedding day, may it turn out to be a day to laugh over how weak your love was when you got married.

10. Marriage life brings fresh memories of the lesson I learned in the three-legged race when you do your part to ensure a smooth race, you also have to put your partner into consideration so that you both do not work against each other. I wish you a long-lasting married life that promises a smooth ride.

11. To us, your close circle of friends, your love seems to be so sunny and it radiates all over you every time you come around. A big congratulation on your wedding day. Have a fun-filled ceremony.

12. On this special day, you start a new journey with passports to a new life as you take on new identities as from the moment you said your vows, so tighten your fist with trust, strength, and determination to make this work and overcoming obstacles and challenges on your way wouldn’t be so tasking, you will always come out top as a team. Happy married life.

13. Wishing you all the best on the occasion of your conjugal bliss, you guys are an adorable couple. Always extend the understanding and support that has been sustaining you since all these while into this new relationship and hold on to the love you have and never let it slip.

14. Congrats to a very wonderful couple, wishing you tones of happiness and love that you can never exhaust in a lifetime. Never resort to fight in your worst time, instead, keep holding hands as you would have done if things were rosy.

15. May joy radiates over every breath you take as you make the decision to become one with your partner today, may happiness reside in every corner of your heart. Have a married life with remarkable achievements.

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Happy Married life SMS to Couple

16. Taking the right decision like you did today takes the courage of a lion, as you have decided to get wedded with your partner today, my wish for you is to have the ability to always make the right decisions only just like you did today. Have a rewarding marriage life filled with cute children and endless laughter.

17. Be happy and contented with everything that you have managed to gain and save. All of that will be sufficient once there are trust, love, and understanding in every ramification of your life. Wishing you a blissful marriage.
May the invisible force that stands for what is right always guide you and help you in making the right decisions in whatever you do. May God bless your marriage and safeguard it under his arms.

18. As a newlywed, being a good wife is not about how early you wake to make your husband breakfast in the morning, it is way beyond that, it is more about acceptance. Accepting your husband’s flaws without complaining and never allowing him to ruin what you have with the flaws is your sole purpose. I am using this endnote to wish you a balanced life in marriage. Happy married life.

19. On this special day, you guys have come together as co-authors to write a new book and open a new chapter in your life. So, I am wishing you lots of memorable bookmarks and may you never have the urge to tear off a page of the new book you have just started today. Wishing you a beautiful life ahead, best of luck to the newest couple in town.

20. I really do pray that you guys will live your life out by giving out unconditional support as at when needed and may the good Lord bless you with the spirit of contentment, joy, and peace from above. Congratulations on your wedding day and I look forward to seeing your family expand in size.

21. My wish for you on your wedding day is for all days of your married life be as glamorous, amazing and happy as this day that you got legally joined as man and wife. May there be lots of reasons to call for celebration and your lifetime be filled with joy, laughter, and love.

22. Even though I was unable to make myself present at your wedding ceremony, my heart goes to you on this special day of yours. May your married life be as bright and sunny as the Sahara desert sun and may your lives be filled with all the goodness, joys, and blessings of life.

23. May the strong trust and deep love that runs deep into your heart and has been keeping you going through thick and thin be ever-reliable for the few hard times in front of you. Challenges are inbound, be prepared to fight your battles together. Congratulations.

24. Marriage comes along with its own goodies; I am wishing you the best of what marriage has to offer. Congrats on your wedding.

25. Today, after your vows, you seize to be just a couple, you are way beyond that now, you have taken your love to what most consider as the peak of friendship, you are man and wife as from this moment, may you cherish each other with no force strong enough to come in between you. Happy wedding to you.

26. I am using the unending circle of your wedding ring as a point of contact to wish you everlasting joy, happiness, and love from this day onward. Congratulations.

27. As proven over time, always remember the love in its earliest form is like a bat that is blind for all its days but since you have decided to get married, here comes the most interesting part where the reality of life you have not fully prepared for hits you. In this phase, you must together with your spouse stand your ground and guard what you have through the various stormy weathers by acts of understanding and patience. May you be happy together, forever. Congratulations.

28. Being in the world all alone can be fun because of all the freedom that comes with it, but, life is very much better and your days brighter when you have that one person you can share your moments with, both the good and the bad ones, sharing them with that special person takes a huge load off your chest. Hold on to your special person and never let go. Happy married life.

29. My wish for you today is for the love you share today, your wedding day always b on your mind to help you through hard times as it has led you to this special moment. Go into the world, be fruitful and multiply. Be happy.

30. May the love you both share be enough to last you for a lifetime, may success, joy and happiness never depart from your household. You guys are a wonderful couple and you sure deserve to be happy in life. Happy married life.

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Happy married life messages

31. As you tie the knot with the love of your life this day, I wish you all the best part for this wonderful journey you are about to embark on.

32. As you have held each other’s hand while taking your vows today, may you be there for each other to hold hands through the difficult times of life? Allow the faith and trust to always flourish in your family.

33. Having a happily married life should be a piece of cake for you guys as your love for each other is so radiant and obvious and it is a true inspiration for every one of us around you. Happy married life.

34. Love is like a multiplayer game in the form of a lucid dream shared by two. May all your plans and wishes come into play, may you have countless magical moments and may you be happy forever, till the end of your days.

35. Dear newlywed, here comes the beginning of the most spectacular and important phase in your life. You have decided to come together as companions, confidants and an institution to raise younger generations. May all the right reasons that triggered you to take this decision come to pass. Congratulations on your wedding.

36. There are lots of discoveries going on daily, one of the undisputed discovery is the power of love, the force, and energy surrounding it, without moving an inch, it can make people feel like they are levitating right on top of the world but, that same force is able to break them and drag them into the ground. My sincere wish, from the depth of my heart, is for you to never face challenges in the course of your marriage. Congratulations on your wedding, my beloved newlyweds!

37. It has always been said that a good beginning equals a good ending and today is an exciting day because you have decided to restart your life all over again, this time, with a partner that you care for more than your own eyes. May the products of this union give it a happy end, or no end at all. Congratulations.

38. Saying the world’s most popular three words “I love you” is never enough to keep a relationship talk more of marriage, striving every day to show your love to each other is where the magic lies. Never stop loving each other. Congrats on getting officially recognized as a couple.

39. May your hearts forever be like two old devices trying to transfer a multimedia file via the infrared, may the force that brought about this crucial decision at this stage of your life always be there to keep your hearts close in good and in bad. May you always find the strength to hold on to each other with faith and trust. Wishing you a married life that is full of bliss.

40. You must have received tones of messages filled with wishes and wise words to help you navigate through life on the day of your special occasion. Regardless of that, I am taking my time to wish you joy, happiness, and harmony through the years ahead of you. Congratulations.

41. As you have decided to become one with your spouse today, you have left behind the life where all that mattered was you, now you have to put someone else’s need before yours. I pray that this new path you have decided to tread will be full of joy and happiness that never ends.

42. May your life be filled with light and your love be strong and bright like a well-fed lion, may all your dreams come true from this day and beyond. Wishing you to the best life has to offer. Happy married life.

43. Today, after you exchanged rings, two hearts and been melted and merged together to become one. I am praying that this journey you just started will be fun-filled and there will always something to be joyful about every now and then. I am wishing you a happy married life from the bottom of my heart.

44. The future ahead of you two is as bright as the northern sun, make sure to tag along on the way and enjoy every bit of it because the journey promises to be adventurous, joyful and full of laughter, always put your down times into consideration when everything seems to be going on fine, just keep in mind that tough times never last, only tough people do, in order to have a smooth ride, the promise to never leave each other must come into play. Good luck with your newly started journey.

45. By the end of today when every other guest is gone and you are all alone at the comfort of your bedroom looking back at the moments that brought you to where you are today, I pray for the strength to keep the love waxing strong when the glamorous one-day event is all over. Wishing you the happiness and joy of being married. Congratulations.

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Happy married life wishes SMS

46. The abode and crib of a family are like a magical shrine where you can freely get tenderness, care love and understanding. A family is intended to help us heal when we get hurt by the outside world. This and many other reasons is why I am imploring you guys to surround yourself and the new family with positive emotions only. Congrats on your wedding.

47. This is to extend my warmest regards to the latest couple in town, my wish for you is to have an amazingly bubbly life up ahead. Happy married life.

48. Dear friends, as today happens to be your wedding day, it is the beginning of an entirely different phase in both of your lives, my wish for you is to come out victorious together, no matter what life throws at you.

49. Getting the best out of marriage is not about how big the world you build around you is, strive to build a world that is compact and small around yourselves, one where the seeds of support, care and love and put to rest in the soil so they can sprout at their own time to be of great benefit when you are in your old age. Congratulations on your big day.

50. Many scholars agree the true depth of love is revealed when it goes through series of test, and from the bottom of my heart, I am sincerely wishing you the courage to stand these many tests and keep the flames of love blazing till the very end. Congratulations on your wedding.

51. Dear groom, please take a moment to take an insightful look at your bride, see the joy that radiates all over her. To the sweet bride, take a good look at your handsome groom; he is so emotionally overwhelmed he can’t find the right words to express his feelings. Try as much as possible to not let the happiness that radiates over you both right now fade away. A big congratulation to you on your wedding.

52. Being part of a loving family brings about fulfillment but it is saddled with its own responsibilities. I strongly believe coping with your new duties would not be a problem and you will cope just fine. Enjoy family harmony in all its fullness of glory. Congratulations.

53. My best wishes go to you guys on your big day, asides being the latest couple in the whole of this state, you guys are my friends and from what is visible to me, you guys were perfectly crafted to complete and complement each other. Today is your day and what should matter is helping your spouse have the best of today, the rest of the world should matter less to you for now. Happy married life.

54. Beloved newlyweds, there are a few meaningful events in a person’s life and getting to say your vows with that one person that completes you in front of family and friends is one of them. So, my wish for you on this day is to have the memories of today safely stored in a place where you can always play it back for the rest of your lives. Congratulations and good luck navigating through family life.

55. Marriage is an incredible institution that takes you by surprise by giving you lessons you thought you would never take and exposing you to things you thought you would never know. Congratulations on your wedding day, lots of love from me to you.

56. Today, as your wedding day is the moment you abolish the boyfriend & girlfriend tag to take up the husband and wife title, with these new endowments come great opportunity, so, love support and cherish each other for all eternity. Happy married life.

57. The wish of a wonderful journey is all I have brought with me on your special day, you will learn a lot more through fights as you will have many things to fight for and several others to learn from, you just have to wait on them to happen, good luck with your expectations.

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