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Good Night My Queen: Best Good Night Texts To My Queen

good night my queen

The best collection of good night my queen texts is here for your taking. All you need to is read and pick as much as you want. Then thank me for leading you here!

When two people are in love, everything happens so swiftly and easily. From your mornings to your night, falling in love seems like a roller-coaster ride for you! There is no amazing feeling that is like loving one another and having the most definite belief that the feeling is so pure and true. When you are so sure about the way you feel about your lover, then he/ she will remain on your mind and you would want to stay connected with him/ her.

For the guys, I know you will want to check up on the woman you love, this is usually the case for people who understand what love and what loving feelings bring to them. Loving a woman goes more than just saying you love her. Loving a woman is more into showing rather than telling.

In most cases, guys will be concerned about what is happening around their women, to check on how well they are faring and to make them realize that they are loved and missed. For those that are in love, the feeling comes with joy, happiness and concern for the woman you love. It comes with a lot of sensitivity and show of care, because that is what women live for!

I am sure a lot of guys call their women queens. I applaud you for making the right choice in giving your woman the best name possible. how about showing that you really mean what you call them? How about making them realize that you care for them in the morning, noon and even in the night! how about you show them how much they are in your heart by sending them a couple of good night my queen text messages.

Sending your good night my queen love messages at night is never (and will never be old fashioned). ask all ladies, they love the sensitivity and the show of care, that’s why you need to show your love by sending as much good night my queen messages as you like.

In here, you will find the best collection of good night my queen messages that you will need to show that truly, the love you have gotten is a gift from God. Not only do you love your woman verbally, but you are ready to show her that indeed your love has come to stay!

Best good night my queen messages to make your woman feel queenly

1 My heart is the big garden that you have always prayed for. In there I planted the flower of our love. Not only will the flower grow, but it will spread and bring forth good fruits of love and emotions. I love you my queen. good night my queen!

2 Your kind is just rare, you are so royal, majestic and unbelievable. You are special in an angelic way. I appreciate the day you walked into my life and showed me all the bliss that life could offer. You are the best gift of God my love. Good night my queen!

3 I will never trade you for anything in this world. You are the queen I have ever wanted and ever craved for. You are the God on earth, because you have displayed tremendous love and concern for all things that belongs to me. You are the queen in my life and I love you for being you and being real. Good night my queen. You are God’s gift of love to me!

4 Sweetheart, days we spend together is heavenly. I truly had an amazing time with you today. You have never ceased to amaze me with your joviality, thoughtfulness and love. You are indeed the special one. Spending time with you shows me what you are capable of each day! Going out with you makes me fall overwhelmingly in love with you in a new way. As you head home this night, I wish you the best dreams with me in it. good night my queen!

5 Most of the time we are together, it pains me to say goodbye to you. But I know you need to go home and rest and very soon, you will be mine. I am counting to the days where you will be my love, my wife and my best friend forever. Till then baby, I’d just have to say good night my queen. My one and only!

6 Good night my queen, my love, my superwoman, my special gift from God. Just before you close your eyes, I hope my good night text is the one that makes you feel alright! Know that, as you wake up tomorrow morning, it is my beautiful good morning hug that you will see on your phone. I love you my darling. Good night my love.

7 I am still very grateful to have found you. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to have spoken to you the other day. I feel lucky and grateful. I feel happy that you chose me above all others. You are indeed a queen and this night I have no other words than just to say good night my queen. Remain beautiful and delicate. I will always be here for you!

8 You are an amazing woman. You are a great being. I crave for forever with you and I know that forever will soon be ours. Just before you sleep this night, I want to wish you blessings on high. Good night my queen. You are the best!

9 I prayed to God, to give me the opportunity to love my woman in the best way possible. To make sure that my lady smiles all the time, to protect her in the best way possible, to care for her and to ensure that she never lacks anything! Good night my queen, I will do all of this and more.

10 Through you, I could appreciate life’s little gifts. Through you I could learn how to be selfless during the thorny days. Through you I could realize what it is to support without recourse. Through you I could understand that all we need is the heart to live through life’s good and bad moments. I have been able to learn a lot through you, and I will forever remain grateful and indebted to your love. Good night my queen. You are the best person ever!

11 You changed my life. You made me see life in a very different way. You showed me love in a way that is beyond physical. You gave me the paradise that I have always longed for. I just thought about all of this tonight and decided to thank you once again for everything. As you close your eyes to sleep. I hope the blessings of God reach you in the deep. Good night my queen, have the most beautiful dream ever!

12 I want to use this opportunity to wish the most beautiful queen in the world good night. I know one day you will rise high and sit by my side as my queen. Good night beautiful princess. No good night my queen! You are more than a princess to me!

13 You know why the moon gets jealous of your beauty? It is simply because you are more beautiful. Tonight, I stare deep into the heavens and feel so happy enough to say good night to you my queen. Do not ever stop smiling baby, so that the night moon and stars will continue to bow at your beauty. Good night my queen. You are my life!

14 This night I want to send you my sweet pestles of kisses, this night I want you to send the warmest hug ever. Remember that you truly deserve all of this and more darling. Good night my queen. Sleep tight baby!

15 Ever since you arrived into my life. Everything has changed for the better. I feel happiness in a way I have never felt it before. I feel joy in a way that surmounts all challenges. I remain ever grateful to opening the walls of my heart to the true feeling of love. I am so happy that you listen to all my problems when I shared with you, and you provided me the shoulder to lean on! For a lady, this is an amazing thing to come from you and I will love you for the rest of my days. Good night my queen, may God be with you in your sleep!

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