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Happy Sunday Messages To My Love

happy sunday messages

Happy Sunday messages. The time of the week is here. That moment when you know that the week has started and you need to begin to get ready for the start of the new week. Isn’t it the perfect time to send your happy Sunday messages to your love, inspirational happy Sunday messages to your family, cool happy Sunday messages, great happy Sunday messages, amazing happy Sunday messages, awesome happy Sunday messages,  happy Sunday wishes to the people you care for and blessed happy Sunday messages to your colleagues at work.

For the Christians though. The Sunday is the day where they all term as Sabbath, hence a larger part of the day is spent in the church. There is no harm in also sending them happy Sunday messages and happy Sunday wishes to wish them the best if e Sunday and the rest of the week.

A way of making family, friends and loved ones happy is by sending my collection of happy Sunday messages.

Happy Sunday messages that will make you happy

1. The last week has gone. Another new week is here. Now is the time to be thankful and grateful for the blessings of the new week. Before you start thinking of tomorrow. Relax and enjoy today. Have fun and live through all the processes of the day. My your day be filled with all the love and enjoyment that comes with a happy Sunday. Happy Sunday to you

2. I wish you the very best of today. I know that you are happy already. Therefore may all the goodies of this week be yours. May your days be prosperous and everything you lay your hands on will prosper. Have a blessed Sunday. It is well with you. Happy Sunday to you and yours.

3. The best way to start a Sunday is with a sound mind, knowing well that enough rest will be needed to commence a great and fruitful week. Tarry a little on your worries, relax on your fears and commit your ways to God. He will guide you and give you all the miracles you need to start the new week. Happy Sunday to you my dear.

4. You need not to worry. You need not to fear. You need not to despair, the grace of God is upon you. The blessings of God in your life will never stop. His blessings are encompassing and his miracles are never-ending. It is your time to shine and you can begin shining today the Sun’day! Have a blessed Sunday dear. The week is yours.

5. I am not filled with any fears of tomorrow. I know that I have worked really hard and the blessings of God is upon me. Now is the time to shine rate full for the life of life. I know the miracles he has promised me and I look forward to enjoying a beautiful life with e king of kings. Happy Sunday to you. I hope you have rested well.

6. This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. The joy of the lord is our strength and we should revel in his glory day and night. As you commence a new week today. May this signal the journey of great fulfillment in your life. May you have every reason to smile and be thankful. Happy Sunday to you dear. Go and shine.

7. Some people prefer different days of the week. Some look forward to Monday, some admire Tuesday, some respect Wednesday. Some love Thursdays and some scream thank God it’s Friday. I know your best day of the week is Sunday and this is why I am sending my happy Sunday messages to you and your loved ones. May your Sunday be great and eventful. God be with you. Happy Sunday.

8. I am just so in love with Sunday. The beautiful sunrise, the vibrant colours in church. The faces of beautiful and happy people. I look at all of this and I remember you as beautiful and vibrant as well. Have a happy Sunday dear. May God be with you in all your ways.

9. I look forward to Sundays with you, but first I need to send this message to you. Have a happy Sunday dear. May all your dreams come true.

10. Today is just that day I know all that I wished for will be mine. See how bright and beautiful it is. Have a happy Sunday dear. Your days will be long by the grace of God. Rise and shine.

Happy Sunday Wishes

11. No matter where you find yourself, no matter what is happening to you. No matter the situation you are trying to deal with. Be rest assured that God knows it all and he has got you. Have a happy Sunday today and always thank him for everything. The sky is just your starting point. Cheers

12. Mooney Monday, testimonial Tuesday, windy Wednesday, tasteful Thursday, funny Friday, sensitive Saturday and I am here to celebrate a successful Sunday with you. Be fruitful and multiply. God is with you.

13. Sunday is such an amazing day where you get to do a lot and still have the fun you crave for. Sunday is such a day that you look at all tag you’ve had to do and still do with vigour. Sunday is such a day that you look at all the events of the week and still want to do more. Remember God today and as you start to dock all you want n your Sunday. God will be with you send bless all your ways. Happy Sunday to you.

14. Take today as the perfect opportunity to secure your tomorrow. Take today as the perfect time to thank God for everything. Take today and remain grateful for the gift of life to see another day. Happy Sunday to you. Your massive blessing is on the day. Exhale!

15. Ease yourself from the troubles and worries of life. Thank God by going to church and appreciate him for preparing you for this life journey. Be grateful and remember that God has got you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. It is your Day. It is your week. Happy Sunday to you and yours.

16. Let your Sunday be merry, let everything you stand for remain friendly. When you are happy for the day truly, then it is easy to find the end of the day interesting. It is a day for rest as it is called Sabbath. Remember to keep it holy. Happy Sunday

17. In the moment of peace, I pray that you find joy in everything you do. In this moment of hope, I pray that all your prayers are answered and find true and everlasting contentment as we commence a beautiful new week. Happy Sunday and have an amazing new week.

18. When the grace of God is upon you. All that you ask for will just be yours. When the glory of God is in your life. You will never lack anything good. When the spirit of the Lord is upon you. You will begin to speak, act and exhibit of all He requests of us on earth. Happy Sunday to you!

19. Sunday should be your shine day. A day where you get to rest and enjoy the presence of God. Sunday is your serene day. A day where the peace that heralds a beautiful week comes upon you. Sunday is a great day where we relax in the glory of the almighty and give all the thanks and praises that he truly deserves. Have a happy Sunday.

20. Be positive in your ways and thoughts, and be realistic in set objectives and strategy. The fact that it did not work in the previous week does not mean it won’t work in the next. Sunday is another day for your rest and then take on your objectives in the new week yet again. Keep working, the future is yours for the taking. Happy Sunday to you!

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    Maryanne Theodore
    May 21, 2017 at 5:27 pm

    Haply Sunday DeeDee, hope you’d a blissful day. Have a beautiful week

    • Reply
      May 21, 2017 at 10:07 pm

      Yes I had a beautiful day Maryanne. Have an amazing week!

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