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Great New Month Wishes And Prayers

New Month Wishes And Prayers

New Month Wishes And Prayers: It has now become like a culture to extend our greetings, wishes, and prayers to people that are important to us every new month. This is a sign of the mutual love and respect that exist between us. It is a kind of aid to hold the family relationship stronger. We are going to present these powerful prayers and wishes for you to send to your loved ones.

New Month Wishes and Prayers for Dad

1. My wishes for dad this new month are numerous that even I can’t count them. Among them are good health, countless breakthrough, great success, unending joy, blessed moments, prosperity and good fortunes.

2. I am wishing the most amazing personality currently on earth the best of moments in this new month we are just signing in, may you find it as easy as the fall of snow; may your dreams be achievable this month.

3. Dad, thank you for your advice that changed my life. Thank you for the love you share with me that keeps me strong. This month, I am wishing lots of good things that you won’t be able to imagine happening to you.

4. You are the best father in the globe, and this is a fact that I am so lucky to have you as my father. Your days shall last with us; your success shall affect your children. We shall celebrate you for long. I am wishing you a fantastic month ahead.

5. Lord, thank you for sparing the life of my mother up till this moment. He is so cool, caring, nice and responsible. I wish him more of success in this special month we just entered. May his job continue to be beneficial for him.

6. Wishing the best father I have in my life. Thanking you for the love you show to me. Thank you for nurturing me in a good manner and I will always love you till eternity. I pray that everything you want will be given to you without hesitation.

7. An awesome package for my dad. We shall pop wine (none alcoholic) and eat lots of cakes and chocolate, this is an accolade for being a good father. I am wishing you a kind of month that will bring peace to your heart.

8. It has always been in my prayer to see dad always happy, now it is working. Wishing you more of breakthroughs this season. May you find lots of joy in this peaceful month we have just entered? Happy new month sir.

9. Best time with best of fathers, a good wish for my beloved dad the most amazing person who taught me how to be independent and hardworking. A happy new month to my blessed dad, may you live long with us.

10. I just want to make sure that I extend these good wishes to my dad, I ask for his blessing and pray that the Lord should answer his prayers upon us his children. Those are my wishes for the most amazing father eyes have seen ever.

11. Many goodies, many cakes, much love, and much passion are the agent of joy and happiness that I am wishing for my beloved father this month. May he find them exactly how I wish them to him or better; may his face be filled with a smile.

12. Thank you for this wonderful day of our life, we are so happy that you are still alive today to see the glory of a new month with us. We are wishing you more of success that will not end. Happy new month.

13. Hello daddy, this is a new month, I wish you more success, and more joy, more fortune and more greatness that will make everyone know you in this world. Have one of the most amazing months so far. I wish you all the best.

14. Wishes are of many types, if you are always happy, it is a good wish. If we become good children for you, it is a priceless wish. I am wishing you all of this so that you may live long with us. So that the world will see how happy you are with us.

15. My love for the best dad in the world is to see him always sound in health, no romanticism, no stroke, no Alzheimer or whatever kind of disease that renders a man less productive. You shall always be sound in health.

16. Thanks to the Lord, He is always the most precious deity whose majestic can’t be measured. He has always been there for daddy and mommy so I am wishing dad the wonderful things the Lord has created whether abstract or visible.

17. A happy new month to my beloved dad, may your days be filled with joy and your nights be endowed with comfort. You shall always find smile circulating your face and satisfaction will remain for long in your heart,

18. Wishing you all the best in this wonderful month. God, you are the greatest and there will be no one like you till eternity. I am wishing my dad a great success this season. Let his name be known all over the world.

19. I wish you the most beloved moment in this world, may you find it easy to get whatever you desire of good in this world; may your stay with us profit us better than we met you when we came into your world. I love you.

20. I am so blessed to have a good father who cares so much about his children and others’ may you find light in your heart this new month; may your fortune locate you as soon as possible. I wish you an awesome month my super dad.

General New Month Wishes and Prayers

21. Lord, cover us with love, guide us with joy, and feed us with your light so that our heart will be attached to you alone. I just want to say a happy new month to everyone out there I hope you enjoyed the last month?

22. As we entered into a new blessed month, it became my major concern to extend my prayers to everyone that is important in my life. May the Lord honor you before everyone, may He welcome your baby into the world safely. May this glory never stop shining in your life.

23. A happy new month to you. If you received this message, it means you are very important to me. so may your success locate you today, your long time searched freedom shall be granted to you this year, you will not beg for food before you can eat.

24. We are alive today; let us give thanks to God for returning our health to us. May His mercy always be with us this way now and forever; may His love never live us.

25. God, you are the kindest and there is no one like you heavens and earth. You are the only Deity that is true and any other one is false, grant us long life and prosperity.

26. As we enter new month with you, may the Lord provide our food and protect our shelter from the evil people who might deny us of them.

27. Lord, this is a new month; please begin a new thing in our life. Bless us with abundant love, make us one of the most successful people in this world.

28. I am wishing everyone a better month ahead. May you find endless peace in your heart; everything you ever wanted on this earth will be a beneficial achievement for you and your family.

29. Thank God for this wonderful month, He is marvelous, the highest being. We beseech you to come and bless us. Happy new month everybody.

30. I am so overwhelmed with joy this morning as I wake up to see the new day of a new month. May the Lord continue to spare our life until we finally leave this world.

31. Many things may have occurred which were not in our favor last month. This new month is another opportunity for us to thank ask for a better life ahead.

32. Lord, we call upon your Holy Name, bless us with our heart desires, select us among your noble servants, please include our names among those who will prosper this year.

33. Our Lord, you are the one that created us. You are the one that created our characters, please purify our hearts and cause us to excel in life.

34. My Lord, I seek refuge with you from the punishment of the grave, I am pleading that you bless me, my family and friends a fortune that will take them out of poverty.

35. Our God, Bless us with your light, make us smile endlessly in this new month we just entered. Bring upon us, a kind of relief that cannot be experienced anywhere else in this world.

36. We are here before you, seeking your permission to make us happy in this world. We beseech you to take care of our family. Patch our holes where we don’t know they exist.

37. Lord, we are running to you to bless us with your protection from all evils, let this month be a great delight in our life. Happy New month friend.

38. This month is one of the best months ever; it contains peace, love, and forgiveness. May the Lord be happy with us, cleans our hearts and forgive our sins.

39. I want to show a cumbersome appreciation to everyone around me. I want to let you know that you have always been the best. May the Lord continue to bless you with whatever you desire.

40. There is no one better than the Lord, so we are directing all our affairs to Him this month. Lord, open ways for us and make us be one of the most loved ones among humans.

41. Whatever it is that you need in your life, may the Lord make it a reality for you this new month; may He come to your rescue and make your life better.

42. It is another month, thank God for helping us scale through the hard times. Our prayer in this month is for Him to grant us success in anything we undertake. Wake our spirit up to do better things in life.

43. Happy new month, may the Lord always be with each of us till the end; our effort shall not come in vain.

44. I am sending you lots of packages in which each of them contains lots of success, breakthrough, joy, good fortune, excellence, and peace of mind.

45. We are happy to wish you a precious month ahead. We ask the Lord to protect you against all odds and to make you one of the most blessed people of your generation.

46. All adorations belong to God, may He open lots of ways for us in this new month we are about to enter. May His majesty shine light in our daily life.

47. the Lord has been securing lots of jobs for us, we appreciate Him for that beautiful kindness; this month, we are seeking your protection and piety. Bless us with maximum protection and draw us closer to you.

48. Illuminate our home with your faith, bless our children with your piety and prevent our entire society from conflicts. A happy new month to everyone.

49. O Lord charm us with the beauty of success, influence us with the idea of faith and let us end this month with the lyrics of prosperity. Happy new month.

50. God, you are our master protector, protect our living, our coming and going are left upon you to take care. Let us benefit the fruit of our labor.

51. Your wishes shall be granted upon you this month. Smile and believe in the promises of the Lord for He never fails.

52. A happy new month to a good friend. May your dreams come to pass, may your fortune never end by His special Grace.

53. The Lord shall protect your interest, guard and guide you against your enemies. You shall always smile in the end. Happy new month.

54. It is my pleasure to say, happy new month to those who are special in my life; I pray that the Lord should manage your life affairs in the most perfect way.

55. As we open another chapter of a month of a blessed year, may we find many new doors of joy, love, business, success, and happiness open for us.

56. May we find our breakthrough coming from where did not expect. May we live to thank God always for not making us miserable in life.

57. We beseech the Lord for His caring and protection over the years; no one can get satisfied with the work of God, He is indispensable and we are insatiable. Lord, we are not tired your blessing, pour more on us.

58. We honor the glory of the Lord in our life and praise Him for His great work He has done in the life of mankind. We glorify His kindness and call upon Him to bless our handwork.

59. We praise our Lord for creating us, we are not better than those that remain an object. We appreciate your presence and pray that our mission be fulfilled anytime soon.

60. Great be the name of the Lord, you are special and there is no one like you. You are the one that blesses everyone, bless me with abundant grace.

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