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200+ Happy New Month Wishes to Those you Love

happy new month

Happy new month to you family and friends. Send your best happy new month wishes to those you love through the wishes I have here on for you. Tried other messages, and you don’t seem to get enough? My happy new month wishes will do justice to all you crave for.

I am sure you will find the perfect happy new month wish that plays specifically into what you want to share with family, friends, and loved ones. There is a new month message for every member of your family; mother, father, brother, sister, niece, nephew as you want.

You can also use these messages as happy new year or happy new week messages as well.

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Happy new month wishes to family

1. As the new month starts, I wish for you the following:

Sound health to take charge of your day, great IQ to achieve your targets, Happiness that will life you up and grace that will support you as you go about your daily activities. Happy new month to you, May you be richly blessed in this new month.

2. You will be filled with surprises, you will be elevated beyond what you think, you will be blessed with favour by everyone you come in contact with, you will be successful in everything you do, and you will get promoted as and when due. All of these and more will be yours in the new month. Happy new month to you.

3. It is important to take out time to make resolutions as each month comes. So, as you wake into the new month, pray and make new month resolutions to God and be sure to follow it up with faith and work. You will encounter the grace of God in this new month. Happy new month to you. Go with grace.

4. A new month always come with all the freshness, that it refreshes your body and soul. You get to do new month, have amazing experiences, try to be adventurous  and remain happy. As you have started this month I pray that you encounter greater things. Happy new month to you. Stay happy!

5. Do all you have to do today, remember that we have a short life to live. Don’t stay in your shell thinking that everything will come out well and fine. The decision to take charge is yours and no one else. The future is yours for the taking. Have a great and blissful new month ahead.

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6. The glory of God will shine in your life like the sun. You will have every cause to remain happy and sadness will never overshadow life such that it will affect you tomorrow. Happy new month to you. May God bless you in everyway.

7. A new and amazing new month is here again. May God bless you with happiness, and joy. May you find all that was lost in the last month and may you achieve new things that will serve as testimony to you. May you never stray away from that which God has chosen for you in this new month. Your grace will abound every day. Happy new month to you.

8. Your tomorrow will be fresher and brighter than today. Your success in this new month will be bigger than the past months. You will find inspiration every where and love will never depart from your life and that of your family. Happy new month in God’s grace. You are truly special.

9. Open to your mind to everything that happens around you. In there will you find the possibilities that you so much crave for. Look around you for things that will make you powerful and believe in God for new things. Have faith that you will achieve more than you can ever imagine and let God’s hand direct you in every way. Happy new month to you, stay powerful.

10. My new month wish is that this month becomes one of the most powerful, happy and joyful months for you. The light that comes with the new month will brighten every corner of darkness in your life. May all your sins be forgiven in this new month and may all hindrances to your success be removed from your path. You will be richly blessed in this new month. Go with the grace of God, you are blessed already. Happy new month.

11. This is a new month, a month to cast away all the sadness, disappointment and letdowns of the previous months. It is time to forge ahead and pray for the best of the new month. God’s grace is upon you already. Stay blessed, enriched and fulfilled. Happy new month.

12. I wish you vigour, I wish you vitality, I wish for strength for you. The wisdom to carry on, the knowledge to be at the top and the understanding to make things happen. God will make a way for you where there is no way. Happy new month. Stay happy!

13. You will fly like the most beautiful eagle in the sky, You will have value like the sun that shines on plants, animals and humans, You will flow like the river that never runs dry, and you will increase like the bread of life. The new month is yours already. All you need is ask. Happy new month and stay blessed.

14. All the problems of the last month will be solved in this new month. Cast everything to God and believe that he will do it and he will surely do them for you. This new month will be a blessed one for you, if you can pray and work towards your faith. Happy new month.

15. All your past failures will go away with the last month and from this month, you will encounter success in everything you do. The past belong to the past and the future is here for all of us. Have a great and amazing new month and the blessings of God will stay with you and support you in your way. Happy new month.

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