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Happy New Month Prayers To Share

happy new month prayers

Happy New Month Prayers – It is a new month right? And you are excited! You wish to wish your loved ones a happy new month coupled with prayers. But then you are short on ideas of prayers to send.

Maybe you are not too gifted in the message crafting department. Don’t worry, we are here to your rescue! We have compiled a huge collection of really beautiful happy new month prayers to send. That all you will need to do, is to copy the message here, then paste it in your message box and send to the recipient. No more racking your brain for prayers to compose or maybe how to structure the sentence. We got you covered! How cool could this get?

New months are widely celebrated. YES!

They are unique because they signify the start of a new phase within the year. Starting a new month is like entering a festive period. Everyone is excited for what the new month would bring. Everyone starts to pray that the month brings them great and profound joy and blessings.

We send our loved ones well meaning messages once we have entered the new month. Just to make them know that they are loved. That we are thinking of them even through this new month. And prayer is also important. Prayer is a straight, clear and direct means of communicating with God.

Through prayer, we get to tell God how we feel, the things we want, and the things we want Him to do for us. It is so easy to utter a prayer for someone or even yourself. All you need to do is just make that wish to God. Prayers, if you look at it, are more of wishes sent to God. And fortunately, God is more than willing to listen to us. To answer our prayers. To hear those requests, those wishes.

That is why, He is an all sufficient God. He listens to us every single time. That is why we need to say prayers concerning the new month to Him. Why? Because He can help us. He will do everything we ask from Him concerning the month. He will make our way smooth. Yes, He is that merciful! Below are the prayers! Pick and send!

Happy New Month Prayers to Family

1. Hello! Happy new month! This is my prayer for you this new month, that as you venture into the new month, it will be the starting of great and incredible things in your life. Amen.

2. Hello and happy new month. New months signal the beginning of a new phase and better phase. I pray for you, you will have no cause to cry this new month in Jesus’ name.

3. As you step into the new month, may you start to experience unlimited favor, joy, excellence, in everything you lay your hands on. This month is your month of prosperity.

4. It’s a new month! It’s time to be joyful! My prayer for you this month is that all doors of opportunities that were previously closed on you before hand, they will all start to open for you this new and blessed month. You will have every cause to give testimony this new month in Jesus’ name.

5. As you and I are ushered into this new month, may the good Lord continue to protect us from all evils this month and for the rest of our lives. Amen. May the evil ones never overpower you.

6. It’s a brand new month and I pray for you my friend, that prosperity will forever be yours, good health will forever be yours, happiness will forever be yours, sound mind will forever be yours. Happy new month, my prayers for you have been granted.

7. I pray for you as we enter this new month that the Lord will not cease to rain His infinite blessings upon you in all areas of your life. He will keep blessing and blessing you beyond even your own comprehension. Happy new month!

8. In this new month, may the good Lord take you to high places even beyond your own imagination. Not only will you be in high places this month, but for all of the rest of the days of your life. You will never fall. Happy new month!

Happy New month Prayers To Your Lover

9. Hello Dear! Happy new month! I am wishing you and praying for you on this day that as you go into this month, may Goodness, mercy and unlimited favor follow you into it. May you always experience goodness this month and forever! Amen!

10. My love.. It’s a new month. It’s a new dawn. This is my prayer for you, that whatever you lay your hands on in this month will always prosper, blossom and flourish. May Almighty God bless the works of your hands.

11. Hello sweetheart! May this new month usher you into more and more money into your bank account. May you never lack money to do the things you want to do. May money always work for you not you work for money.

12. Hi Darl! Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, new month to you! I pray that you will forever know excellence and uncountable blessings and joy. Amen.

13. Hello my lover. I know it’s a new month. And as we both are ushered into it, may our love continue to wax stronger and stronger. May we get closer than ever this month and may we experience more joy together.

14. As this new month rolls in, may our love never fade nor die. May our kisses never end. May I continue to have cause to call you, ‘my love’. Happy new month, may you always be happy.

15. It’s a new month! Baby, I pray to God Almighty this minute that joy will begin to locate you as from today onward. Favor, blessing, and grace will continue to find you this month and for the rest of your life, Amen.

16. I pray for you today my lover, that as we enter into this new month, the power of the devil will never overpower you. May no weapon fashioned against you this new month ever prosper. May the devil see you and run for their life. You are protected in Jesus’ name. Amen.

17. Hi my Love. I pray for you today that as you step into this month, may lots and lots of surprises come your way thus month by the grace of God. Surprises that will make you marvel at the height of God’s works, may God send them your way. Amen.

18. Hello my pumpkin. Happy new month. May God give you every cause to rejoice this month. May joy never cease in your life this month and forever Amen. May your life be full of fun always.

19. In this new month, may you never experience disappointment. May disappointments, failure and blockages run away from you my love, this new month. You are blessed in the name of Jesus Christ.

Happy New Month Prayers to Friend

20. Happy new month to you my friend. I pray that God grants you a whole lot of successes this year not only in this month. May you know and experience success more than you’ve ever experienced before.

21. Hello my friend. It’s a new month. May God bless you with loads and loads of happiness this month and forever. Happiness will always be your portion, Amen. Happy new month.

22. Hi my friend! May all of your grand wishes be granted this month! May God give you lots of wealth and riches this month and forever! Happy new month my friend, this is my prayer for you. You are blessed.

23. As you go into this new month my friend, you shall never know problems will run away from you this month. Instead you will have lots of fun and excitement this month. All these will God give you this month, Amen. Happy new month!

24. Hello there! Hope your day is going good? I just want to say a quick prayer for you concerning this new month. As you and I roll into this new month, you will marvel at the extent that God will take you. God will take you to greater and greater heights. Amen. In Jesus’ name.

25. Happy new month my friend! As the whole world rolls into a new month, I pray for you right now that you will as from today do everything with smooth ease. What things had hitherto, given you problems, will start to go smoothly and with ease for you. You will make a lot of money with ease, you will glide through life with ease. These are my prayers for you this new month my friend. You are cherished.

26. Hello my friend. Happy new month! May the power of the negative forces of this world never have power over you. May you be protected BY the umbrella of the Almighty God, both in this month and forever.

27. Happy new month my friend! Here is a prayer for you; May God send divine aid to help you through every trouble that could come your way this new month. May you never be alone in trouble. May God be with you.

28. Hello and happy new month to you my darling friend. I pray for you this new month that good fortune will come your way. Good fortune and good tidings are perfect gifts from God. May God bless you with many of them this month.

29. Happy new month to you my friend! May this month be your month of favour. May heaven look upon you with favour, may the people you transact with daily as well always look upon you with favour, Amen.

General Happy New Month Prayers

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30. Hello! It’s a new month! Happy new month! May this month bring you loads of achievements! Achievements in your career, in your job, in your education and in your overall life. May you continue to achieve great things Amen.

31. Happy New Month to you! May this month be your month of loads of gifts. People from far and near will keep loading you with fantastic gifts. Even heaven will load you with gifts this month. That is my prayer for you, keep enjoying.

32. Happy new month to you! May you be sent helpers from God to help you throughout this month. May you never walk your journey alone. May God send you helpers to walk your journey with you Amen.

33. Happy new month! May God grant you strength to fight all of the battles that life may present. God’s strength never fails so the same as you fight these battles, you will never fail but triumph.

34. Happy new month to you! May you be granted wisdom, knowledge and understanding to use to fulfill your purpose in life. May you never lose track of your purpose. May you find what your purpose is and achieve it. Amen.

35. It’s a new month! Yay! Happy new month! I pray for you that heaven pours mercy upon you. Even when you wrong God, I pray that God in His infinite mercy forgives you and with the same mercy grant you all of your heart desires. Amen. This is my heartfelt prayer for you.

36. Happy new month to you! Hope you’re doing fine? I just want to say a quick happy new month prayer to you, “may God’s love for you never run out!” God’s love is what’s sustaining us all. And it will be dangerous for His Love to run out on a person. May His love for you never run out in Jesus’ name. Amen.

37. Hey! It’s a new month! Happy new month! May you receive huge credit alerts to your bank account this month. May you always smile to the bank, may heaven bless you with loads of earth’s currency, “money”. Amen, love ya!

So, above are beautifully structured Happy New Month Prayers to send to anyone you wish to send them to. Just pick a prayer and send. They will be sure to appreciate it!

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