Guest Post: Cool Travel Gadgets you must have in 2017

As a saying goes, To do good work one must first sharpen his tools. Similarly, good travel gadgets are essential for a perfect travel experience. Let’s have a look at the cool gadgets you must have in 2017.

travel gadgets

Wearable translator

Saint Augustine says ‘The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.’ Sadly, the rest of pages can’t be understood even if I ‘read’ it. That’s why a wearable translator is an essential travel gadget to touch the world.

travel gadgets

Maybe people would say translation app could do that, but users have to focus on the phone screen to ensure that the app is translating, or keep close to the phone to speak or to listen the translation, or need to switch the phone back and forth to the other companion. This is really rude since eye-contact is missing. This travel gadget makes cross-culture communication easier and more natural than ever before.

travel gadgets

The time for traveling is so precious. So how can we miss the beautiful sunrise?

Inflatable clear bubble tent

This inflatable clear bubble tent, replacing the depressing ceiling, extends the field of your vision to the vast sky. Just take your most comfortable sleeping posture and enjoy the sight of night sky no need to fear the ‘visit’ of mosquitoes and worms.

travel gadgets

Face cradle neck pillow

Always feeling tired after landing no matter how long you have slept? That’s because we can’t find the comfortable sleeping posture. This travel gadget of face cradle neck pillow cradles you into a sound sleep.

travel gadgets

Small jacket gripper

As we move along, we get hot and may put off clothes which could be burden to our journeys.


Hands get occupied and we feel it difficult to take a photo? This small jacket gripper sets our hands free and enables us travel light. That’s the magic of such an inconspicuous small travel gadget!

travel gadgets

Collapsible water bottle

Another space-saving travel gadget is collapsible water bottle. Using your own bottle could be an environmental-friendly behavior, but its bulkiness is annoying. You could even put this travel accessory in your pocket.

Anti-theft backpack

Anti-theft backpack is essential for a free-heart traveling. Getting certificates and id cards lost is quite desperate. With its hidden zippers and waterproof function, this travel gadget keep your things safe without your guarding the backpack 24 hours.

Travel smart mini iron

This especially is a useful travel gadget for girls and businessmen. Wrinkled shirts would make you look wrinkled, too. This travel smart mini iron smooths the wrinkles away.

What to pack? A luggage of bulky things that are hardly to be used? Why not consider some travel gadgets that can double your happiness? A creative concept, a better travel.



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