He Has his Earpiece On Whenever We Make Love

he has his earpiece on during love making

I am confused right now. My boyfriend has his earpiece on whenever we make love.

Whenever I question this attitude of his, he tells me it’s an habit that will make him enjoy our togetherness more.

As confusing as that sounds I told him to stop, as I don’t like it. He stopped after a while and then continued again.

I have always wondered what he listens to until one day he was on top of me and I decided to yank the earpiece of his ears.

All I can hear was the message of a popular Nigerian Pastor. I was shocked and I am still shocked right now. I noticed that he was unusually strong and hard down there whenever he puts his earpiece in his ears and last longer in bed. Does listening to the Pastor’s teaching help him more with love making or what exactly!

Please what do I do? I am confused and scared.

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