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Democracy Day 2020 – Happy Democracy Day SMS, Wishes, Quotes

happy democracy day sms

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Check the Happy Democracy day SMS out:

1. May the “Democracy day’ celebration overflow in pride of your accomplishments and hard work!

2. Today we celebrate the day for democracy in this country. I pray that every abnormalities in our lives, towns and the country as a whole will be destroyed and forgotten completely, by God’s grace.

3. Democracy which is government of the people and for the people is being celebrated today, I pray this nation will rise greatly again. Let’s celebrate, we keep hope alive.

4. Even though we have not been blessed with faithful leaders in this nation, we still hold unto the hope that things will work out for good for this country. Happy democracy day my friend.

5. We all will be rejoicing. Who says Nigeria can’t feed children in school? Who says we can’t have 24hrs power supply? Who says unemployed youths can’t be paid? Who says we can’t become an exporting country? – in bad faith and previous records held, its a No; but this is a new era. We have the hope and belief that this nation will rise from its ashes and be great again. Happy Democracy day.

6. Even if the country be in turmoil, we will still say a ‘Happy Democracy day’ to each other. We believe this country will be great!

7. Rest on all sides, internal peace and security, stability and more productivity; this and many more are my prayers for you, family and this nation on the occasion of today’s celebration. Nigeria will be great.

8. As the dawn of today’s celebration comes in, I pray that all negativity be transformed into positivity for us all in this nation. Happy Democracy day.

9. We all want a better nation; only few people know that this is a task for us all and not just one person. We should pull our resources together to have a nation that we all dream of. Happy democracy day.

10. The nation has been through ups and downs, thick and thin, rough and very rough, ugly and unpleasant but we still hold unto the hope that the tomorrows will surely beauty. Happy democracy day.

11. Some might wonder what we are celebrating. Some even see this nation as hopeless, but we have the great hope that things will not be the same. Nigeria will surely be great. Happy Democracy day to us.

12. Democracy which is a government type makes the participation of every individual feasible in any country setting. We are happy we have this opportunity to be a part of the government in Nigeria. It’s a happy democracy day to us.

13. What we think are critical situations in this nation today will surely be transformed into a ladder for our greatness in this country. We celebrate democracy today. We hold to the faith that we will rise and soar like an Eagle. We believe Nigeria will surely be great again. A happy democracy day to us.

14. The government, the president, his cabinets cannot deliver this nation from its crises. Only God can and will. Today being democracy day, I join my voice with that of thousands of citizens of this nation to call down the help from above to set things straight in this nation. Happy democracy day.

15. We don’t have to compare our nation with other giants in the world of democracy. This is our trying period as a country. Our attitude to it will determine the level of our love for our fatherland. Let peace reign and all shadows disappear. Happy democracy day my friend.

16. We look forward to a Nigeria that accommodates every tribe and religion conveniently. A Nigeria with no discrimination or segregation. We command peace into the atmosphere of this nation today. You are great Nigeria. Happy democracy day.

17. Words without action is just like a passing of air without much impact, let’s us all work for the peace and stability of this nation. It will all turn out good, with time. Happy democracy day to you.

18. If we do not practice democracy in this country, there surely is no other form of governance that suits us. Democracy has come to stay in Nigeria. Let’s just keep hope alive with fervent prayers. Nigeria is great. Happy democracy day.

19. Nigeria has always been the giant of Africa. Despite the ups and downs, we will still be proud to say anywhere in the world that we belong to this great state! Long may you live Nigeria. Happy democracy day.

20. Great peace, abundance, strife free and prosperous is what we say and decree into this nation this day. Democracy will surely work for this nation. Our leaders will lead a right. Happy democracy day.

21. No nation is not without its problems. Ours in this country is not irreparable. Good leaders is just we need and this country will be one we can boast of again. Happy democracy day to the giant of Africa.

22. Nigeria will stay long and strong no matter the heavy wind of internal crises and external torments. This nation will stand tall in spite all odds. That is our hope, prayer and belief, now and always. Let the good things start from you as I say happy democracy day celebrations.

23. Infrastructures, economy, governance does not make a nation great. What does is the goodness and peace of mind of its citizens. Nigeria is blessed with this, and it will continue to be. Happy democracy day celebrations to you and family.

24. Let me congratulate you and family for witnessing another democracy day celebrations. The conflicts will not overshadow you. Continue to enjoy the bliss and prosperity of your fatherland. Happy celebrations!

25. We are proud to be Nigerians! We stand happy in our fatherland. No matter the difference in culture and religion, we will not be moved or bothered. This nation is our pride. We have our hope placed in it. Happy democracy day.

Happy democracy day SMS messages

26. Let all evil be gone, let peace come in, let all hands and hearts be raised up in prayers and supplications for this nation as we celebrate another democracy day. Nigeria will stay strong forever!

27. Every man should be proud of his fatherland, no matter what. This is a great nation and we are happy to be called of it. Happy democracy day Nigeria.

28. It’s the democracy day! We celebrate the government of the people, by the people and for the people today. Congratulations to Nigerians.

29. Can we leave out the issue of democracy in this nation and assume that things will be fine afterwards? It surely won’t. Let’s celebrate this day. Nigeria is blessed today and always.

30. Peace, stability, tranquility and prosperity are my wishes for this nation, you and your family today on this occasion of democracy day celebrations.

31. Can we just take a moment to say a word of prayer for our beloved country on this occasion of celebrating the democracy day? Thank you. God bless Nigeria. Peace is unto this nation.

32. Unite we will stand forever. In the face of all odds and circumstances, we will bask in the glory of our fatherland. Happy democracy day.

33. Today is bright and fair. The weather and atmosphere denotes peace. All man are equal in the face of the law and government today. It is the democracy day. Long may you live Nigeria, giant of Africa.

34. The fatherland is a place of succor from the tossing of the wind and elements in the outside world. We celebrate the democracy, our right to rule and be ruled. Happy celebrations.

35. In diversity lies our unity, in the difference lies our similarities and strength. No matter what tribe you are, the fatherland is our commonplace. It is our refuge. Long live Nigeria. Happy democracy day.

36. Every nation with is issues. There is definitely no point comparing our nation to any other in the world, because as two similar individuals will surely have their differences, so also all nations can not be developed at par with each. Our time will come. Let us join everyone to wish the nation a happy democracy day celebration.

37. The democracy is a form of government that is less likely to make errors in a hurry. It gives space for adjustments and readjustments. Let us pray that it will continue to favour this country. Happy democracy day.

38. May, the month of children’s day, of workers’ day and of democracy day. Let’s enjoy today by not dwelling on the failures of the country but of what we hope and look forward to as the future. Happy democracy day celebrations to you and family.

39. 19 years ago, the sacrifice was made for the fulfillment of the democracy dream. Lives were lost, sacrifices made, so that we can have a government of total freedom with no infringement on one’s right as a citizen. Happy democracy day celebrations.

40. Even if we are not happy with the situation of the country.
Even if we look around and all we see is gloom.
Even when it seems dark with no prospect of light soonest.
We will still keep hope alive and celebrate the democracy day.
Every 29th of May, we will hoist the flag high up and celebrate the sacrifices of our heroes past.

41. We should not be tired yet, we will get to the promised land. That’s the spirit of a true Nigerian. Arise all compatriots and celebrate the sacrifices of our gone heroes.

42. We are thankful to see another May 29th. We celebrate, we dance and we say words of prayers for a better Nigerian. Happy democracy day.

43. Not only the leaders but the led also have to share in the responsibility of building the nation. This is the motive of the democracy day. We should all push and strive to make our nation a better place for us all. Happy celebrations everyone.

44. As the nation celebrates 19 years of democracy, it is to be in our mind that the labour of our heroes past should not be in vain. What should be the goal and duty of every citizen is to make sure that we make our society a better place for us all to be in. Happy democracy day.

45. The future is bright. We should not despair. Things will get better. The nation will be great. Prosperity will be in the land. To serve with heart and might. These and all other positives should be our mindset today and always. Happy democracy day.

46. We are Nigerians. The nation that is blessed all round. The land of fertile grounds and productive rivers. Of mineral resources and forest reservations. This is our Nigeria. It will prosper. That should be our prayer today and always. A happy democracy day celebrations to us all.

47. Regardless of the anomalies in the economic situation of this country, regardless of the internal crises and all, not minding the devaluation in human resources, we will celebrate today, the democracy day. We are Nigerians. We are one!

48. He fight against corruption might not be eradicated completely if we do not join in as individuals. It is time to rise and save our fatherland. This is the essence of the democracy day. So that the labour of our heroes past will not be in vain. Happy celebration Nigeria.

49. As we celebrate the 19th year of democracy in this nation, we will surely celebrate 50 years of the same. This will be in the midst of total peace and prosperity. This is our vision as Nigerians. Happy celebrations.

50. If we are to choose, it is democracy over and over again in this country. That is the only way the bond among the ethnics can be strengthened no matter what we go through as a nation. There is unity in our diversity. Love in our differences. Peace in our dealings. It’s the democracy day. Happy celebrations to a great nation.

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