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Commanding The Month Prayer Points

Commanding the month prayer points

Commanding the month prayer points – As we go into the new month, it is important to put the affairs of our lives for the incoming month into God’s hands.

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Prayer is really important in a person’s life regardless of the religion the person may belong to. Prayer is very necessary. Prayer supplications to God help us, lead us and guide us. For it is written in the biblical book of Matthew 7:7 that, “Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.” If you don’t ask from God, even though He knows all of our heart desires, He will probably assume you don’t need it enough that is why you are not asking yet. Same goes with having a mother or a father. If you want something from your parents and you don’t ask, you might never be given.

But once you ask, they’ll put you at the back of their mind that one of your request is pending. As you go into the new month, you need to command the things you want into it. That is, to take charge of it.

Since we are the children of God, we have every right and power to command the month to our favour. For the month to give us blessings, to bring us good tidings. All we need to do, is to pray. To tell God to assist us in commanding the month to our favour.

We all want the new month to bring us big and happy things. Like more money, nice things, peace of mind and no stress. Yes, it is possible for the month to be without stress. If God decides to help a person, the month can be one hundred percent hitch free. With God, ALL THINGS are possible, remember? So, as we go into this month, we need valid and strong prayer points to help us through the month. To help us command it and work it to our favour.

We can’t do this on our own. But we can ask God for assistance and He’ll rush to our aid. So, that is why we have compiled so many prayers specially structured to help you tell God to help you command the month. The prayers are each unique and you can use as many as you want and pray on them. You can also share with your friends to help them command the month to their favour too. They will really appreciate it, I tell you!

Commanding the month prayer points to share

1. Dear God, As I go into this new month, I need you to go into it with me. Help me to take charge of this month. Don’t let the month’s heavy storms that may occur, take charge of my life. Instead, let me be the one to command it.

2. Father Lord in Heaven, I commit this incoming month into your very able hands. I want you to take control of it for me. I want you to command this month to be entirely in my favour. I want to know more success this month. More prosperity this month, Amen.

3. My Dear God, I call on you through the name of our beloved Christ, I want to place all issues concerning this month into your care. Trials that the negative forces might want to use to try me this month, help me to overcome them. Amen.

4. Our Father in Heaven, great are you. I will like you to help me accomplish all of my goals that I have set out to achieve this month. Give me grace, strength, motivation and brain power to be able to achieve all of these set goals, by the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

5. Dear Father, command this month to bring forth good tidings to me. I believe in you Lord, and I trust you. Good tidings and not bad tidings is what I want Lord. Help me.

6. Father Lord, into your hands I place my affairs for this month. You told us in the Bible to ask and it will be given. Therefore, I harness the power of this promise to ask you to take care of all of my affairs this month. I want you to command this month to be supremely nice to me. Amen.

7. Lord as I go into this month, I want you to clear me of any troubles, obstacles, and blockages. You said in your word that you will set me high upon a rock lest I hit my foot against a stone. Help me Lord not to dash my foot against a stone in this coming month.

8. Dear God, I ask that you pave ways for me as I journey into this month. I ask that you make solid and clear ways for me when there seems to be no way. Even when I am about to give up, for I know that troubling times will come. I ask that you surprise me and come to my aid. Amen.

9. Father, I am journeying into this brand new month. I rebuke any evil that might want to come my way. I stand firm in your Word, for your Word is my shield and buckler as I go into this month. Help me not to lose faith in you. Instead, strengthen my faith in you more and more this month.

10. Dear God, I commit thus month into your hands. Whatever a person leaves in your hands never spoils. This is why I am leaving my journey into this month in your hands because I believe You will make my way smooth. Help me Lord to conquer evils and triumph over my enemies this month. Amen.

11. Dear Father, this month is a new month. As I will be working hard to make ends meet, don’t let me work or walk into what will end me. Help me to achieve success in all of my endeavour and bless the work of my hands. Amen. Teach me to know Your way better this month.

12. Almighty God, I commit this month into your care. Take care of me throughout the entirety of this month. Help me know no evil. Lead me away from troubled paths O God. You are my helper in this month and indeed for the rest of my life. Help me to succeed. May this month bring me good fortunes by the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

13. I commit the affairs of this month unto heaven this minute. I pray that I continue to remain under the unwavering protection of the Lord God Almighty. I pray that Heaven perfects everything concerning my affairs this month. I pray also that no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper Amen.

14. I pray that as I go into this month, it is forward ever and backward never for me. I pray also that in the name of Jesus, all I have been asking for in the previous month that is yet to be done, will be done by the grace of God. Amen.

15. As I enter into this month, Father Lord, I ask for incredible breakthroughs in areas I had never thought of. I ask for excellence in all that I lay my hands on. I ask for prosperity in all of my endeavors in life. Amen.

16. Father in Heaven, I ask that this month, you surprise me with unexpected happy gifts. I ask that you bless the work of my hands abundantly. I ask that you continue to bless me with happiness in all areas of my life.

17. Father Lord, you said in the book of Revelations 3:8 that, You have set before me an open door and that no one can shut it. I pray that the open doors you have set before me never get closed. From now on, and in this month, I step through the open door into victory, blessing, joy and ecstasy, Amen.

18. This month O Lord, I sanctify it. I command in the name of Jesus that every principality and power that might want to raise their hands against my prosperity this month, that their mission be impossible to accomplish. I pray that no negative power should have power over my life this month. Amen.

19. My Father Lord in Heaven, I pray concerning my life. I am stepping into a new month. I pray that You lead me to meet amazing people this month. People that will lend me a helping hand to draw me up to great heights. I pray that You help me to also influence other people I meet positively both in this month and for the rest of my life, Amen.

20. I am calling on you God to guide my footsteps this month, Lord. I now pray for guidance so I don’t place my foot and heart in the wrong places. Teach me O God to choose my paths well, Amen in the name of Jesus.

Commanding the Month Prayer Points to send

21. O God in Heaven, I pray that You make this month, one full of miracles for me. Miracles in my job, in my studies, miracles in my business, miracles in my family, miracles in every sphere of my life. I pray for incredible miracles this month. And I know that you will grant me these. Amen.

22. Father Lord, I pray that this month be one where I will draw closer to you. Never and nearer to you, my God. I don’t want to be far away from you any more. So, I pray that you give me the grace to always do your will so that I can be nearer and nearer to You always. I want to always please You Lord. I want this month to be a month of incredible progress in doing Your will. Help me O God.

23. Father Lord in Heaven, I want You to take control of all of my activities and plans this month. Kindly help me in removing any hindrance that might want to stop my good plans from coming into fruition. Amen.

24. Lord as I go into this month I ask for provision. In terms of food, clothing, happiness, peace of mind, goodness of health and wellness of mind. You are the giver of all of these things Lord. I ask that You bless and provide these things to me abundantly this month and forever. Amen.

25. Lord I pray that as I go into thus month, that you protect me. Protect me from all evil. From the evils of the physical and spiritual. Protect me from them all, Lord. I ask for your divine protection this month Lord. I ask for your divine protection this month Lord. Let your umbrella of protection never stop covering me, Amen.

26. God my Father, I ask that You make this month one of abundant blessings for me and my entire family in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen. Bless us all beyond our understanding, Amen.

27. My Darling God, I pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that You turn a new page of greater fulfillment of glory in my life and that of my family this month. We pray for ultimate fulfillment of purpose and glory. Let Your glory shine in our lives this month, Amen.

28. Dear God, I ask that You shower on me and my family unlimited joy, blessings, favour, accomplishments and fun this month. I am asking because I am sure that I’ll be given. Amen.

29. I declare that this month will send me helpers from far and wide, that will locate me and offer a helping hand to draw me up into much greater success and heights. May God help me, Amen.

30. My Father in Heaven. I call on you to bless this month for me. I ask for blessings to help me through the month and be sufficient for me. Bless me in abundance O God. And crown all of my efforts with beaming success. Amen.

31. Lord God, let this month bring me great tidings. Let me reap bountiful of all my hard works. Let my hard work pay off very well this month.

32. Lord my Father, I want you to teach me this month, how to do your Will and your Will only. Guide my footsteps and the words of my mouth, so that I only do things that you accept and not things that offend you. Teach me this month O God, to do Your will and be obedient to you.

33. Lord, let this month be the starting point of my unlimited success, unlimited songs of praise, and let songs and songs and words of worship always flow out of my mouth in praise of you, my God. This is what I ask of this month, Lord. Grant my prayers.

These commanding the month prayer points above will help you to effectively command the month to your desire! Pick and pray! God bless you!

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