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You Were Not Created For Marriage, Marriage Was Created For you

You were not created for marriage

You were not created for marriage, instead Marriage was created for you. Do not allow the world and its warped up mentality make you feel unworthy just because you do not have a ring in one hand and a manhood in another.

Chase God, find your purpose and chase them hard before you concern yourself with finding a man. See my darling, being in pursuit of your purpose and dreams will determine how you live, what you do, who you date and eventually marry. When the purpose of a thing is not known, indeed abuse is inevitable.

Marriage is beautiful when done according to God’s will. It is a union of Power and not a struggle for Power. It is a place you walk in as one and come out as 10, 000. No, this has nothing to do with finding a rich man, but a man ‘Rich in Mind’. Together you will achieve amazing feats and build empires.

The right man will find you buried deep within God and your purpose. A man who will not be ashamed to show you to the world, a man that will honour and adore you even as Christ does the Church. A man who isn’t afraid to let you soar in God’s purpose for your life. A man passionate about your growth and glows when you make amazing feats. A man whose kindness to you isn’t determined by what you do or don’t do. An unconditional kind of love. A man you love and honour so much that submitting to his love, kindness and leadership isn’t a struggle but an honour.

Stop settling just so the world can commend you for being in a relationship or married. God’s purpose is too big for you to settle for every tomfoolery just because he has a ring and manhood to offer. There is much more to marriage than that.

Find purpose and let the man in pursuit of his purpose find you, and together make magic happen. You deserve that, your future children deserve that. Stop settling!

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