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Happy International Forgiveness Day Message

Happy international forgiveness day message

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What is the International forgiveness day?

The  first Sunday in August every year has been set aside for International forgiveness day. Forgivess is known as the cessation or renunciation of anger, resentment, as a result of an offence, mistake, disagreement.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines forgiveness as:

‘To grant free pardon and to give up all claim on account of an offence or debt’. 

The concept of forgiveness have been explored everywhere and in every way; from a realist to religious perspective. Forgiveness is looked at in such a way that it is believed that people who forgive others also forgive themselves. Truth is, forgiveness is never really easy. When you are able to look at an offender and forgive such person from the depths of your heart, then you are the real MVP.

A lot of religions across the world try as much as possible to include and inculcate forgiveness. Religious doctrine place a whole lot of emphasis on forgiveness. While some religion dictate forgiveness to oneself. Another school of religion states forgiveness to one another, as this will foster together and peaceful co-existence.

Forgiveness is an inherent value of humans, it is a major thing we need to live healthily and peaceful in within the society of humans. The act of forgiveness is not only to liberate another but to also liberate oneself from blame and accusations. The moment we forgive people, the pain we feel over time slowly ebbs way. Truth is, when we habour pain, hurt and the act to convict in our hearts, we do not really feel at peace with ourselves, but when we forgive and move on, the poison of revenge is slowly killed in the soul. Forgiveness is critical to the continued existence of the human race and I hope everyone reading this post will use the opportunity of my happy International forgiveness day message to forgive one another.

We need to forgive, forget and move on. Happy International forgiveness day!



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