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Eid El Maulud 2020: Happy Eid El Maulud Messages, SMS

Happy Eid El Maulud Messages

Happy Eid El Maulud Messages – The Eid El Maulud 2020 is here, and just before the Eid El Maulud 2018 comes upon us, I am wishing my Muslim brothers and sisters a happy and great Eid El Maulud. All we can pray for at this time is the protection and guidance of the almighty.

I know you have plans on this great day. Did you think of sending Eid El Maulud SMS greetings to the people you love?

Oh! you thought of it but at a loss of what Eid El Maulud greetings to share. Don’t be worried anymore, as I have put together the best of Eid El Maulud messages that you will need on this beautiful day God has made.

Whether you intend to celebrate Eid El Maulud in Nigeria, or you are celebrating Eid El Maulad in USA, Germany or the United Kingdom. These messages fit into what you should send to your family, friends and loved ones.

Happy Eid El Maulud messages for you.

1. Always know today that those who believe in God will always have their prayers answered. Those who find direction in the part of the almighty always get to their destination. You don’t have to believe in hearsay. All the promise that God has made with you will be fulfilled in your life. You only need to do his bidding and work in his path. Happy Eid El Maulud to you. May the blessings of God never cease in your home.

2. What are you thinking of? Why not put it to God in prayers. Remember, no human can know what is in your heart but God. He sees you when you think, He notices you when you talk him, He answers you when you run to his feet in prayers. Put it all to him today and he will bless you in ways you never imagine. Happy Eid El Maulud to you.

3. Remember to be the preacher of peace anywhere you are and anywhere you find yourself. We need world peace at this time, and we need to help ourselves to get God to help us at this time. May all our prayers be answered on this holy day. Happy celebrations.

4. When you submit to the will of God in your life, then lines will begin to fall in beautiful places for you. When you do all that he has commanded you to do, then he will fill your life with wisdom, understanding and knowledge. The only way to make yourself different from others is to abide by the will of God. God loves those that do his will. God loves you. Happy celebrations.

5.God is not an ordinary being, he is supernatural and knows us before we know ourselves. This is why it is important to commit your ways and all that you do in his hands. Make him your go-to person and he will never leave nor forsake you in the time you need him. Happy celebrations.

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Eid El Maulud Messages, SMS greetings

6. Humans promise and fail, but God never fail in his promises. He will make sure he does what he promised to do. It may take a while, patience is all you need. But be rest assured that he will do what he says he will do. Are you on the lookout for something special from God this day? DO not be hopeless or be in despair, he will surprise you and make you whole. Happy Eid El Maulud to you and your family. The grace of God will always follow you everywhere.

7. Pray to God today, never to leave you. Ask him for protection and guidance and ask him to allow you walk close to him. Pray for understanding, wisdom and knowledge and remember to make him know that you are not perfect and you need help with direction, and he will bless and direct you always. Happy Eid El Maulud. The grace of God will follow you everywhere you go.

8. When God says No. You don’t need to be sad at that time. He is only trying to make you see that, there is a greater YES waiting for you when you least expect it. He is a God of surprises and he will surprise you in his own time. Whenever he says No, and you feel this is rejection, he is coming with a YES of re-direction. Happy Eid El Maulud to you and your family.

9. Do not do the mistake of believing that things happening according to how you want them to is by your power and might. You should be thankful because it is God doing wonders in your life. Stay happy because God is here for you and will always make line fall into beautiful places for you. Enjoy your celebrations today, God is with you already.

10. The way to paradise is a difficult way while the way to hell is so easy to take. It is so difficult to get to heaven but so easy to get to hell. All you need to do today is to pray to God to help you because you want to make paradise. Only God can make a difficult road easy for you. He is the only one who can create shortcuts for you and no one else. Believe  and trust him, and you will make the paradise you always wanted.

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Happy Eid El Maulud Messages of Prayer & Thanksgiving

11. Remember that prayer is the master key. In whatever situation you find yourself. Prayer is everything you need to meet with God halfway. You must therefore be prayerful for you to get your prayers answered. Go to God anytime you anything, and he is ever available to listen to you when you go on your knees.

12. This day is the day God has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it. We are celebrating this joyous occasion today. We will not have any cause to be sad. The grace of the almighty will follow us everywhere we go, and we will be sons and daughters of his kingdom when the time comes. Happy Eid El Maulud.



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