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Happy Eid El Maulud SMS Greetings

Happy Eid El Maulud SMS Greetings

Happy Eid El Maulud SMS Greetings – Happy Eid El Maulud to you all. In here is where you will find the best eid celebration message, eid celebration sms, simple eid sms that you need to share with family and friends. Eid El Maulud is here. Why not share lovely greetings through the Eid El Maulud SMS.

10 Great Happy Eid El Maulud SMS Greetings

1. I am sure a lot of wishes will come your way today, but know that this is a special and unique happy eid el maulud greeting from my heart. May you see many more celebrations on earth. Amen.

2. I am sending my best Eid wishes to you today. May you have the most happiest and peaceful celebrations. May God accept all the good things you have done and may you be forgiven of all your sins and iniquities. May you find grace and favour in all that you do. Happy celebrations.

3. The blessings of the almighty will fill your life with all the joy that you need this year, and the next and the next. You will be the cynosure of all eyes, and will be someone people look out for mentor-ship because God has blessed you so well. Happy Eid celebrations. The peace of God will surround you today and forever. Amen.

4. Just as the day finds happiness in the moments, may you find joy in everything that you do today. I decree that the rest of your life will be fruitful and you will multiply in all that you do. Your home and family will be blessed from now henceforth and the grace of God will make everything radiate in your home. Happy Eid to you, happy celebrations.

5. Take a step out of your door, bask in the hotness of the sunrise. The day has already opened up for you and the glory of the almighty is shining down on you. You will fulfill your potentials as long as you have faith and believe in God. This day is another opportunity to ask God for whatever you want, and he will bless you beyond what you have thought. Happy Eid El Maulud, happy celebrations.

6. When it is your time to shine, no one will stop you. When it is your time to rise, no one can bring you down. The promises of the almighty is what to live for and what to follow every day, because it is only God that gives without any conditions. His grace and glory will push you to whatever destination he wants you to get to. Happy celebrations, God is with you.

7. The peace that comes with this holiday will surround you. The joy that comes with seeing another day will never elude you. The love that comes from friends and families on this great day will envelope you always. This is a time to be grateful and thankful, and may thanks fill your mouth from today henceforth. May God’s blessings increase in your life and that of your family. Happy Eid El Maulud, I am happy you saw another day.

8. With all the affection and best wishes this Eid El Maulud SMS greeting can hold, May this day bring you all your heart desires. May you find opportunities where you think the door is closed already. May God open a way for you where you thought there was no way. Happy Eid. Enjoy!

9. This is just more than an Eid Message, it is a wish and a prayer, that God guides your footstep and be with you as you commence another journey to another amazing Eid. That you will not lose any of your family members when it is not yet their time. That you will find compassion and mercy from wherever God wants you to be. Go with grace, God is with you. Happy Eid.

10. No evil spirit will run you down. You will find all round happiness in the darkness and in the light. God himself will lay his hands of blessings on you, and he will support you with his grace. These are my prayers for you on this beautiful day. Rise and shine, happy Eid.

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Amazing Happy Eid El Maulud SMS Greetings

11. I am sending my sincere wishes, that this Eid heralds a new story in your life. I am praying that this Eid marks a new beginning in your life. You will rise where everyone falls. You will succeed where everyone else fails. God will plant your seed and make it germinate where everyone else have planted and left. Happy Eid to you. It is well with your soul.

12. What are you thankful for? God’s grace over your life and that of your family? The mercy he has given to you will overcome all challenges, or the opportunity to see another Eid on this earth. Really, what are you thankful for? Happy Eid El Maulud.

13. I pray today that this Eid brings you the very best of opportunities. I pray for amazing happy times and grateful days with God for his goodness in your life. I pray that your life is filled with lots of friendship and fun and that you live in happy and bright moments for the rest of your life. It is your time to shine. Happy celebrations.

Blessed Happy Eid El Maulud SMS Greetings

14. Remember to pray today. Remember to show some love today. Remember to care for the needy and less privileged today. Remember to be thankful today because it is the will of God for you to still be alive to witness another celebration. Happy Eid El Maulud. Keep shining.

15. May this occasion bring you the warmth and happiness you need. May God put in you the spirit of thanksgiving and love. may you be blessed with the love of God. May you find favour today and always in everything you do. Enjoy the rest of your day. Bask in God’s glory. Happy celebrations.

16. You will never be lonely because God is with you. You will always be happy because God says so. It is your time to shine. Believe it, and receive it! God’s blessings with you and always. Happy Eid El Maulud.

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