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Happy Eid Mubarak Messages: Eid Al Fitr Mubarak Greetings

happy eid mubarak messages

Happy Eid Al Fitr, and happy el mubarak to all the Muslim faithfuls around the world. Looking for the right messages to send to your loved ones, you can pick from the best collection in here. Whether it is the prayerful happy eid mubarak messages, cute eid mubarak messages, spiritual happy eid mubarak messages, or sweet happy eid mubarak messages, all you have is here for you to use.

The holy month of Ramadan (or Ramzan) as stated in some quarters have come and gone and this is that time to wish your family, friends, colleagues and loved ones Eid Mubarak. You can send your Eid Al Fitr and happy Eid Mubarak messages to the people around you on this auspicious occasion.

My top 10 Happy Eid Al Fitr Greetings and Happy Eid Mubarak Messages

1 May the rest of your year be fruitful. May you find happiness in all that happens during the day, and may God in his infinite mercies bless you in everything you lay your hands on. May your home, family and friends be blessed based on your prayers on this beautiful season. May you be a blessing to your home and your community. Happy Eid Mubarak to you.

2 May the awesomeness of the Eid afford you the happiness, peace and joy that you crave for and deserve in this season, and may you be alive to celebrate with family and friends. The time of your blessing is nigh, claim and receive it. You are blessed through the grace of God.

3 Happy Eid Al Fitr, I pray that God grants you the spiritual light to light all the dark areas of your life this season. May God send his light over all your paths so that you can see well to fulfill all his plans in your life. Happy Eid to you and your family.

4 The chain of sadness, confusion and sickness is broken in your life. All the happiness will be welcomed in your life this beautiful holy season. God’s promises shall begin to make manifest in your life. You will have every reason to be grateful and thankful and your life will be filled with wholesome testimonies this Eid. Happy Eid Mubarak to you and your household.

5 As God sends on the surface of the earth, so shall he water your plants and send his blessings like the waters over you. You and your loved one are blessed this beautiful season. Happy Eid Al Fitr.

6 May the plates of you life never run dry of tikkas and amazingly juicy kebabs. Your meal will be arranged with the sweetness that comes with happiness. I send my very best Eid wishes to you today. Happy Eid to you and your colleagues at work.

7 God has already said it, and he will do it. He will bless you in this amazing day of Eid. Believe me when I say this year will mark the beginning of success, joy and prosperity in your life. Did you say ‘AMIN’ to that? Happy Eid.

8 God will send his affection, just like the sun in his exceedingly bright ways to light up all the corners in your life. Your life will be so shiny and bright that it will affect other people’s lives around you. This Eid day will signal the beginning of joy unspeakable in your life, and everyone will look up to you and revel in God’s glory in your life. Happy Eid.

9 May your life be filled with all the blessings from God, may you have good health to weather all the storms in the rest of the year. May you be successful in all your ways and may dangers be cast away from your life this season and beyond. Your name will be etched in life’s book of prosperity. Happy Eid to you and yours,

10 All your goods will be acceptable unto the almighty. Al your sins will be forgiven by God, and he will bless you because he truly loves you. You are a champion and a champion will you remain today and beyond. You are blessed in all ramifications. God is with you. Happy Eid Al Fitr.

11 Oh ye believers. Enter gently into the peace that surrounds you. Do not walk in the footsteps of the devil. He is the enemy to your salvation. Enter the joy of the lord on this special day. May peace reign supreme in your life and in all your endeavors. Eid Mubarak.

12 When you take someone’s life. It is just like you have taken the life of everyone existing on earth, but when you save someone’s life. It is just like you have saved the whole world. I wish you a blissful and enjoyable celebrations. May God be with you and your family.

13 My trust is in the almighty God, the creator of the heavens and earth. The one who initiates, and designs everything according to his glory. He creates judgement on those that errs and he creates the path of righteousness for those that walk in him. Have a blissful Eid today. May peace and satisfaction be your portion.

14 If anyone wants to meet the lord in his kingdom, such person must walk in the path of truthfulness ad righteousness. Anyone that wants to be associated with the almighty, must be filled with deeds that are good and just. As you walk in his path today, may he bless you beyond your expectations. Happy Eid.

15 I am sending you the warmest wishes today and I pray that it brings you the joy, sereneness and contentment in all ramifications. Please remember me as you pray to God and may his blessings fall upon everyone of us. Happy Eid to you and your family.

16 Sadness will never be your portion. You will never have any cause to cry. You will never have any cause to feel pain because our God is a God of happiness and joy. As you celebrate the Eid today, God in his infinite mercies will overshadow you with all the happiness that is here and beyond. Happy Eid.

17 Your life will be flooded with peace and happiness this season, and just as you have prayed and begged for forgiveness, God has blessed you. He will increase your ways and all you request for shall be granted onto you. You will have all the cause to smile and be happy today and every day of your life. Happy Eid Al Fitr.

18 Hurray, the Eid is here, now is the time to be merry and excited that you are alive to witness another end of Ramadan. God is with you and your family already. Receive the grace and blessings that come with Ramadan. Eid Mubarak.

19 We have seen the moon, now is the time to share the snack and the baked foods. The Eid is here so let us treat ourselves good. I just want a lot of dua from you as I wish that you have the best year ever. The time is here for you share the meal and be the deal. Eid Mubarak is all the wish to you from me.

20 When the sun is set and the day has ended. God will break not just one chain but all the chains in my body. He will accept my Ibadah and grant me the peace I so much desire. He will fill my life with happiness and he will fill yours as well. Eid Mubarak from me to you.

21 The Eid is here. The time to forgive, to laugh, to love, a time to ask for all the blessings for God. A time to solicit for support physically and spiritually. A time to count the blessings and remind God of one still expected. A time to rejoice for the grace to be alive, hale and hearty. Eid Mubarak from me to you.

22 See what you need to do this Mubarak, promise to give yourself enough self-control, do not be quick to anger, and God will be with you in all your ways. Promise to support the needy. Sponsor a child, help the elderly and God will increase your wealth. Eid Mubarak

23 Be tolerant, accommodate people. Try to be more understand, and show love and support to everyone around you. Love your neighbor as yourself and God will increase his love for you too. Do not smoke, stop it. It does not speak well of you as the son/ daughter of God. May God be with you today and forever. Eid Mubarak.

Eid Mubarak in 10 different languages 

1 Happy Eid in the Kurdish
Cejna we pîroz be

2 Happy Festival Day in the Malaysia dialect
Selamat Hari Raya

3 Albanian way of saying happy Eid
Gëzuar Bajramin

4 When the Chinese say Eid Mubarak

5 When the Egyptians say Happy Eid
كل سنة وانتوا طيبين

6 When the Indonesians say Eid ul Fitr
Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri

7 when the Turkish say Happy Eid
Ramazan Bayramı
Bayramınız Kutlu Olsun

8 When the Bosnian say Happy Eid
Bajram Šerif mubarek olsun

9 When the Hausas ( Nigeria) say Happy Eid
farin ciki Eid

10 Happy Eid in Arabic
عيد سعيد

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