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Naming Ceremony Message In English Congratulations

naming ceremony message

Whether you just received your naming ceremony invitation card or heard of the birth of a newborn. The first thing you need to do send a naming ceremony message to the family of the newborn. I can not overemphasize the need for you to send your congratulations to the parents of the newborn. You need to feel joyous and share in their moment of happiness. Your naming ceremony message of congratulations may be brief or lengthy depending on the relationship you share with the family. What is very important is that the congratulations message is as sincere and heartfelt as possible.

When there is the consummation of holy matrimony of two lovebirds in pure romance, what everyone expects is a baby. When the baby now comes into the world, then the time to send your congratulation wishes to the couple arrives.

It is one thing to give birth to a newborn, it is another to pull resources together to officially welcome the baby to kingdom earth. It is therefore paramount that you send the family naming ceremony messages of congratulations on the birth and subsequent christening of the newborn.

I have therefore put together congratulations on naming ceremony messages that you can use anytime whenever a newborn arrives

1 Congratulations on the newborn and the naming ceremony. May the almighty God protect the child in his amazing love. May the blessings of the heaven be on the baby. Congratulations once again.

2 Just as the name of the child, blessing is now upon all your family and all of us. I am so excited to be a part of this christening ceremony. Congratulations.

3 Today, I pray that (name of the baby) will continue to grow in within the affection and protection of God Almighty. I pray that he brings joy, happiness and bliss into your household. I am excited to be a part of this naming ceremony. Congratulations.

4 This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. A very special day is upon us, and it is time we celebrate it with your family. Congratulations on the newborn, may God’s eyes be upon him.

5 There is something unique and powerful in a name given to a child, and I am so happy with the amazing names you have given ( you can bring in two names of the child). He will bring happiness upon all of us. Congratulations on the newborn.

6 I send my best wishes to you and your family on this special day. May you never grow in lack of finance to train the baby. Congratulations.

7 Dear Baby, I am sending my prayer through this naming ceremony message today, your life will be filled with all the blessings, goodness and mercy of God. Your future is blessed already because the almighty has sanctified you. You will grow to be the head in all your endeavours and the enemies will never have dominion over you.

8 I send you a lifetime of the best wishes on your naming ceremony. May you never lack anything good in life. God is with you.

9 I am excited to be a part of the naming ceremony. Thank you for inviting us, and congratulations once again.

10 You have attained a great milestone in your life, May it be the opening of more milestones to come and may life be filled with many great things from today henceforth. Congratulations.

Prayerful series of naming ceremony message for newborn baby

11 Today is an amazing and glorious day. Congratulations on the entrance of the newborn.

12 I want to use this opportunity to send the baby and the family my best wishes. May you have every reason to share beautiful memories in your home. Congratulations.

13 May the birth of the newborn signal the commencement of an amazing and richly blessed life through God. May he/ she herald continuous peace in your home.

14 May today be the beginning of new and beautiful things in your life. Congratulations.

15 I wish your family and your baby all the best of life. Congratulations

16 The moment I saw the name you gave to your baby, I knew immediately that she was destined for greatness. Congratulations on this great milestone. May God be with the baby.

17 It is written from God that we should be fruitful and multiply, now that you are fruitful and have commenced the multiplication process, I pray that the almighty God provides all the riches that you need to fulfill your obligations as parents. Congratulations.

18 The new blessings have arrived into your family. Please accept my best wishes of goodness and favour from God. Congratulations.

19 He is the future of today, the hope of tomorrow, the blessings in our dreams that have come true.He/ She is a wonder and a miracle from God, the ministration from heaven that is upon us. I celebrate with you today on the naming ceremony. Congratulations.

20 May the success of today signify the achievement that will come ever after. Congratulations on the successful delivery of such an amazing baby.

21 This is what you have prayed for, and I am so happy that God answered our prayers. We are thankful for giving us this bouncing beauty, and my prayer is that we will all be alive to witness the birthdays to come. Congratulations to you.

22 This baby will live long, he/ she will fulfill the purpose of God in his/ her life, and we will all be here to witness this. Congratulations to you and your family on the naming ceremony.

23 We will all enter his gate with thanksgiving in our hearts, we will enter the shores with praise. He has made things beautiful in his time, and we are happy this happened. Congratulations on the birth of the newborn baby.

24 Baby is here and we are all excited. We give glory to God for such a bouncing baby. He will be a glorified child in the name of God. Congratulations.

25 Please accept my best wishes on this occasion. May God be with the baby.

Happy naming ceremony messages and naming ceremony quotes

We thank God for everything He has done in our life, beginning from the day we married, up till the moment we give birth to our children. A newly delivered child is a great joy in any family, and this is better because it makes the heart of the owner calm, and warmth with joy. Anyone that God gave a new child, should give thank to Him and then name him or her a beautiful name. We are writing this beautiful text message today, as a means to make available, powerful words anyone can send to or with those that are close to their heart a gracious time with the newly delivered bouncing baby.

Naming ceremony message to a friend

26. Dear friend, congratulations for your newly born baby, may the Lord give him long life and prosperity.

27. Thank God for my best friend, his wife has just given birth to a bouncing baby girl. Long live the new queen of the house.

28. It is adorable to hear that a friend has just delivered a new baby boy, congratulations on your naming ceremony.

29. Congratulation sweetheart, your journey to this point in time was not easy, I wish your child long life and progress.

30. I am overwhelmed with joy that your son’s naming ceremony is today; congratulations to my dearest friend.

31. As you name your child today, may her life be filled with joy and success; may the Lord protect her against all evils.

32. I just want to say a big congratulation to a friend, your child is beautiful and I love him so much. Have a wonderful naming ceremony.

33. May your effort on this new blessing that comes your way benefit you; may your Lord protect the child for you.

34. I am wishing our newly born treasure a wonderful life ahead; may the Lord protect her and bless her with a good destiny.

35. Your child shall be the source of your joy in the nearest future, your love will never end for him and you shall not become enemy to each other.

36. Happy naming ceremony my dear friend, may you find peace in your heart as you celebrate this grace that came your way.

37. I just want to wish you all the best in this wonderful occasion, may the Lord make her a blessed child for you and a source of your joy.

38. The light that just comes your way shall never off in your presence. You will never bury him with your own hand. Happy naming ceremony friend.

39. Wishing my good friend an awesome naming ceremony for her newly delivered baby girl, congratulations my heart.

40. I envy this beautiful baby of yours; how I wish I am the owner I would have boasted to the whole world that I have the most beautiful flower.

Naming ceremony wishes

41. You are indeed a good friend and I want to use this opportunity to thank you for all what you have done in my life.

42. It is awesome to hear that my best friend delivered, now another joy is around the corner as you name your beautiful child.

43. Congratulations to those who really matter in life, we thank God for a fulfilled dream. Happy naming ceremony friend.

44. I am so happy to meet a friend like you in life; you are always active and motivating, congratulations to you.

45. Wishing you a lovely time with your wonderful baby girl. I am wishing you all the best now and forever.

46. You have always been a good sister and also you are my best friend. I am wishing you and your child a good health and calm heart. Happy naming ceremony.

47. Happy naming ceremony to the best sister in the world, your ways are so amazing, I appreciate you with all my heart.

48. Wishing the most beautiful sister in the world a belated naming ceremony with lots of love, success and the ability to take care of our new queen.

49. Congratulations dear sister, it is not easy to have this kind of blessing today; after several years of struggling. I love you so much.

50. My regard to our new friend, tell her I would have loved to talk to her but the language of babies I don’t understand. Happy naming ceremony.

51. I pray that the Lord bless our new gift; she is so cute and as beautiful as the mother. I love you both dear sister.

52. You have always been my best companion, and your care and love for me kept me strong. I love you so much. Happy naming ceremony.

53. Wishing you all the best in this special moment of your life; I know you are overwhelmed with joy right now, but please take time to read my message.

54. Wishing you the most beautiful moment with your lovely child, may the blessing of the Lord continue to rain on you; happy naming ceremony.

55. I love you beyond the sky, I believe in what you believe in, love what you love and as such pray that your child be blessed with abundant love.

56. I want to say a great happy naming ceremony to my beloved sister; your effort finally benefitted you; praise to the Lord for a bouncing baby boy.

57. When I heard the cry of a baby boy, I was shocked and quickly ran inside to see the wonder and then I saw a strong woman delivering. Happy naming ceremony.

58. I just want to let you understand that you are a great lady and since the day I know you, I have seen any sign of laziness in you; thank you for been strong to deliver the child.

59. On this special occasion, I derive the joy to celebrate my sweet sister for having delivered a beautiful baby girl.

60. When I saw the face of our new friend, I saw the light; may the Lord make him a leader in the future life; may he be honored before his equals.

Naming ceremony quotes and messages

61. Dear sister, I pray for the success of this newly born child, may her presence in your life be the most blessed one.

62. Today you are naming another soldier in the family; kindly take care of him, wear him sweater in cold and breastfeed him when he pushes out his mouth.

63. I love a child most especially when it pushes his mouth up, suckles his tongue, and then returns his hand to mouth and suckles it. Happy naming ceremony.

64. I am wishing you all the best in this day of love, joy, happiness and celebration. Happy naming ceremony.

65. You are a blessing to our family and we will always love you forever. Happy naming ceremony to you.

68. May the blessing of the Lord continue to shower on this child; I pray that everything you ever needed be fulfilled for you.

69. Thank God for having you as a sister-in-law, you are so nice and my brother is lucky to have. Happy naming ceremony.

70. I just want to make sure that I extend my gratitude to you; after learning that you are naming your beautiful girl today, I was overwhelmed with joy.

71. How is America, I heard today is the naming ceremony of our beloved friend? May the Lord be pleased with him; may He create for him a precious place on this earth.

72. I pray that this child brings joy, peace and love into your life; through him you shall be known all over the world. Happy naming ceremony.

73. I love you better than you can think—that’s my first message to my beloved friend you just delivered, please interpret my message to him in form of breastfeeding.

75. Your newly born child shall be the pearl of your eyes, shall be the reason why you smile once again. Thank God for a beautiful day like this.

75. We just want to appreciate God for a wonderful ceremony achieved. May the Lord continue to support our family with such gift of life; happy naming sister-in-law.

77. Thank you for ever been therefore for my brother when he needed you most; I appreciate you and then wish you a long life and prosperity. Happy naming ceremony.

78. I just want to use this special opportunity to congratulate my best friend and sister-in-law a fantastic naming ceremony.

79. I love you and your child and that’s why I am sending both of you this beautiful message on this special occasion.

80. Wishing you the most interesting things in life; may you find peace and harmony in your entire life; happy naming ceremony.

Happy naming ceremony message(s) for a sister-in-law

81. We praise you for everything you have done in our life; thank you Lord for granting my sister a beautiful baby boy.

82. I am appreciating the hands of the Lord in your life as He blessed you once again, another beauty queen. Happy naming ceremony.

83. I just want to send you this piece of wonderful message on your child’s naming ceremony, may the Lord bless him for you.

84. Wishing you one of the most precious ceremonies today, as you celebrate your son; may his face shine with light; happy naming ceremony.

85. We appreciate the Lord in your life today; He that grivet you child the other day, grants you another chance to name her today.

86. Congratulations to those who really matter to me; I am using this uncommon opportunity to thank you and wish your child gracious life ahead.

87. May the Lord be pleased with your new baby girl; may her height in life go beyond what anyone can imagine. Happy naming ceremony.

88. I am wishing you all the best this morning as you wake up to celebrate the gift of life; happy naming ceremony to my beloved sister-in-law.

89. Thank God that you are able to name of the child today; you have always been a good wife and I love that about you.

90. As the light glows on the face of your child, I pray that any darkness in her future life is transformed into sunshine.

91. She is your sunshine, she is a blessing in your life, so love her, want her, take good care of her and praise God for making today possible for you.

92. I just want to thank God in our life for blessing us with a woman that cares about the well being of my family; happy naming ceremony.

93. You are special; I love you and wish you all the best in this world. I praise the Lord in your life happy naming ceremony.

94. You are special, you are lovely and the Lord shall protect you against all odds of life; as you celebrate your child today, may He be praised forever.

95. I thank the almighty for giving us this opportunity in a lifetime; many wanted this gift but they were not given, happy naming ceremony.

96. We love you all, you are wonderful and the Lord shall protect you and your child; thank you for always been there for my brother. Happy naming ceremony.

97. You are the most wonderful wife to my brother; I wish you a gracious moment as you set to celebrate your child.

98. Thank God for everything, may the hands of the Lord bless you and your baby girl. I really appreciate the Lord in you.

99. You are special, I pray that everything you ever needed be fulfilled in your life; thank you my dear in-law.

100. My brother always tells well about you and this is the sign of a good wife. At this moment, I want to congratulate for this naming ceremony.

Naming ceremony messages ideas

101. I am pleased to send you this precious messages as you name your child today; happy naming ceremony.

102. My brother is lucky for having you as a wife; your eyes shine with love and passion for him. Keep it up and have the most beautiful ceremonies ever.

103. Wishing you an unending love, be happy with yourself for this uncommon blessed child the Lord has blessed you with.

104. I wish you all the best now and forever; the future of child shall be well and every single of her heart desire shall be fulfilled for her.

105. You are special, nice and wonderful; may you find peace in your heart; may the Lord bless you with all that you want. Happy naming ceremony.

106. I am extending my happiness towards you; may the blessing of the Lord always find a way to reach you just as it reached you today.

107. I just want to congratulate you for the celebration of a new life granted to us; how is my friend I hope he is suckling well?

108. I will always thank God for giving my brother a blessed wife; I love you because he loves me as his sister. Happy naming ceremony.

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