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Happy Friendship Day SMS to Share with Friends

friendship day sms

Since the International Friendship Day is here, I have decided to put together an exhaustive collection of Friendship day SMS. My collection of Friendship day SMS includes prayers, inspirational, witty friendship messages that you can share with your friend.

Did I hear you say friends are not important to you? You must have been a loner to say that. Friends are as important as family. it is even possible to conclude that friends are family as well. People that you love are friends, your friends are people that you love. Therefore to commemorate with your friends on this special day, you need my exhaustive collection of Friendship day SMS for them.

Friendship day SMS to your best friend

You’ve got a best friend, YES? These Friendship day SMS are particularly made for him/ her. Get on with it and thank me later!

The day is ready for you because it is extremely pleasant. The trees are waving their leaves and dancing, the sun is out bright and shining. The birds are flapping their wings and singing. All of this I am sure is for you because it is the day to celebrate our friendship. Happy friendship day dear good friend. I value you.

A bulb can light up a room, but can it light up the room forever? No! Friendship lights up forever. I appreciate your friendship. Happy friendship day to you.

Please open my heart, dear best friend. You will see the purest and the truest love and care in its form and all of this is just how I feel for you. You are caring and special.

Who is a friend. A friend is someone who checks up on you, looks out for you, makes you laugh, inspires you and makes you want to be the best version of you. A friend loves you and sacrifices a lot for you. That’s who you are. Happy friendship day to you my friend.

How long should we remain friends? DO you want me to tell you? As long as the birds fly in the sky and the moon rises at night. As long as the stars continue to sparkle. We will always be friends. I appreciate and value your friendship. You are great, happy friendship day.

I might run out of beautiful words to say to you. But I will never run out of true love and support for you. You re a friend who deserves the best of me. Happy friendship day to you darling friend.

Remember dear friend, that when you are down, I will always be around to motivate you. When you feel weak, I will always be there to support. I know this is a tall order but I will try my best possible to remain sincere and true, because you deserve more than I can ever give. Happy friendship day to us.

40 years from now, you may think I’d be old enough to have forgotten you. What you fail to remember is that our friendship is meant to age like wine. I will never forget to care for you, to stand by and with you. I will never forget to support you whenever you need me. I will never forget you! Happy friendship day.

I will not promise you that I will remain your friend forever because I may not live forever. What I know and promise is that I will be your friend as long as I live. Thanks for being my friend. I love you so much!

I will like to say that I know our friendship is not perfect, no one is, But always be assured that I’ll be by your side when you need my support. You have demonstrated selflessness to me, and I have learned how to be selfless. Thank you for being a great and true friend. Happy friendship day to you.

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