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Happy New Month SMS Text Messages for Lovers

happy new month sms text messages

Send the following happy new month sms text messages for lovers. You can use it for your happy new month January, Happy new sms February, happy new month sms March, happy new month sms April, happy new month sms may, happy new month sms June, happy new month sms july, happy new month sms August, happy new month sms September, happy new month sms November, happy new month sms December. Your lover will definitely appreciate the gesture when he/ she recognizes the fact that you are sending the Happy New Month SMS, Happy New Month Wishes, happy new month SMS text messages from your heart.

Love is sweet when we all know the right thing to do and we do it genuinely and sincerely! When you send your happy new month sms text messages to your man or woman, then there is a 60% chance of your loving decision to be reciprocated. I can therefore gladly say that when you send a happy new month sms text message to the one you love, expect to get a new month SMS as well.

Just now we are about to say goodbye to the month of July and usher in August, send happy new month SMS and greetings to the one you love.

Happy new month SMS text messages for August

1 My new month SMS for you

Hey darling, the month is gone and the new month is here. Take a deep breath and appreciate God for making you see a new month again. Be as thankful as I am and you will be blessed on all fronts and in all measures. Happy new month to you. Have a blissful one.

2 New month SMS Text

The last month has packed its lost, the new month is coming with its baggage as well. Allow the past to be in the past and acknowledge whatever the present has to offer you. Be renewed, be kind, be positive, be supportive and the new month will be yours for the taking. Believe in yourself and in all positiveness, and you will be renewed on all fronts. Happy new month to you.

3 Happy New month SMS

A new and happy month is here again. The month where all your wishes will come true. The month where all you ask for will be yours. The month where all things will be made possible if you believe. I believe in the strength of a new month and I am sure all that you ask for will be yours. Happy new month from me to you. Be a blessings to others and blessings will come your way.

4 New month love SMS for you

I know we have had our fair share of challenges. I know you have been distressed and sad. I am aware that you are currently harbouring negative thoughts in your mind But this month will remove all negativity that you have in there and replace with positive attributes. This month will be your month of full surprises because all that will happen to you will be beyond all you can think or measure. Your month of greatness is here! Be great. Happy new month darling.

Happy new month SMS text messages of prayers

5 The new month SMS text message

The new month will bring in new days. The new days will bring in new months. The mornings transforms into the night to usher in new days and new months. Know today dear that just as there is daily transformation, so shall your life be transformed this new month. Believe that all you have asked for will come to fruition and soon enough you will declare with all happiness and gracefulness that God has done it for you yet again. Happy new month dear. Go forth and prosper.

6 Happy new month prayer

Open your heart to possibilities. Ignore all form of negativeness. You will just be shocked and amazed at your potentials. We are all great and have a lot of power to change things our way, and this new month is a pointer to that fact. That God has given you the grace and power to break forth and conquer all obstacles. You are born to be great darling. Happy new month to you!

7 Happy new month SMS of love

In this new month, your unbalanced equation will be balanced. You will achieve what you have set out to achieve. God will drain all the pain in your life and rain upon you showers of blessings. This new month, your stars will never go dim and God will turn your darkness to light. Happy new month dear, stretch your hads and receive the blessings of God.

8 Welcome to the month of August

In this new month, you will encounter the peace that is everlasting. All what you asked and requested from God will come to fulfillment. You will never lack any good thing in your life. People will see you ad use you as a point of contact to greatness. The month and everything that comes in it is yours. Happy new month dear. God is with you.

9 Happy new month SMS text messages for friends

Now that the new month is here, you need to look beyond all the situations that you have found yourself in last year and be stronger for the new month. This month will be better than the last. Happy new month dear.

Happy new month SMS text messages of inspiration

10 Happy new month text

There will always be challenges and difficulties. We cannot run away from them, but we have been equipped with the strength, ability and grace to overcome all challenges that come your way. You will overcome all the challenges that may threaten your blessings this new month. Happy new month dear.

11 Month of love messages

Your safety is guaranteed in this new month. There is no need to fear. God is with you. He will protect, guide and support you. He will always be with you in the morning and in the night. Happy new month dear.

12 Start of a new month quotes

Fill your life with people that will motivate you this new month. Fill your life with people with genuine love for you. These people will help and support you as you grow. They will make you appreciate God more. Happy new month dear. Fill your life with love and pray more.

13 New day new month quotes

May this new month become one of the most exciting, exciting and happy months for you. This new month will bright lights to shine in all corners of darkness in your life. This new month will bring with it strength to deal with all sense of disappointments. This month will bring all the good things that the year is offering. Happy new month darling. Enjoy the new month.

Happy new month SMS text messages for motivation

14 Full month message

God is bringing all the treasure of blessings to you in the new month. Get a very big sack and begin to pack all the blessings that belongs to you. It is your time to arise and shine. Your light will not only be for you but also affect everyone around you positively. Happy new month dear.

15 Good start of the month quotes

Life is too short to begin to think about what bad has been done to you. This new month, forget about the past, forgive people, laugh more, smile more, be free spirited and give more. Create time for us both so we can spend sometime together. Happy new month dear

16 New month greetings message

Favour will be yours in this new month. The month will keep you sane and healthy. May all your daily targets be achieved. May you discover new things everyday and may your light never go dim in this new month. Happy new month dear. I pray for grace for you!

17 Happy new month nice sms

All the failure of the last month will turn into success for you in this new month. All your tears of sadness will turn into tears of joy in this new month. God is with you dear. Happy new month!

18 Happy new month sms for husband

As the sun shines and everyone can see, so shall make your light be this new month. Your light will shine so bright that everyone will see the good God has done in your life. Happy new month!

19 Happy new month SMS for wife

I pray for a very successful month for you. I know you have commenced huge projects that you are not sure whether they will turn out well or not. But when you believe in God and take everything to him, he will make sure everything turns out for good for you. Believe in yourself and trust God, your success is near! Happy new month.

20 New month text SMS for you

I know you were disappointed this past month, but I am sure God sees your disappointment already and is ready to bless you this new month. Do more and work hard! Every drop of your sweat will be replaced with multiple drop of success. Happy new month dear.

21 August new month SMS

May God continue to give you the heart to love me, the grace to forgive me for my wrong doings, and the spirit to support more. Happy new month dear. I love you!

22 Quotes on new month

Happy new month dear, may all your wishes be answered. God will be with you in everything you do. Have a blissful month!

23 Good month wishes

Remember to give more and ask less. Remember to let your praises be more than supplications. God will do more even after asking for less. Happy new month dear.

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