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10 Happy Lunch Messages to Share With Lover

Happy Lunch Messages

Happy Lunch Messages – Thinking of wishing him/ her a good afternoon with a happy lunch message, then check out the lunch messages I have in here for you.

1. I know you have had a hectic day today and I am aware of how much effort you put in your work. Please take out to have lunch because you need that energy to thrive. I pray that you have the best afternoon.

2. I hope work is going on well and that you remember to have your lunch. I wish you the best of the rest of the day my love. I am indeed proud of what you have been doing and I pray that you have a great evening ahead. Stay safe!

3. The day is not over yet and you still have sometime to achieve all outstandings. Get on with it and give it your best. I know your capabilities and I am sure you will deal with all oustandings. God is with you darling. Stay breezy!

4. If you feel drowsy or weak, please darling try to use a nap. You really need it. Because napping will help the body to stay invigorated and nourished. You will feel much better after a short nap, this I am sure of. Have a great day ahead. God’s blessings.

5. You may have had an exhausting and difficult morning, but you have the rest of the day to make your day great. I hope that you have a great afternoon and an amazing evening ahead. God is with you already. I love you!

6. Good afternoon darling. I am sending this message to tell you to keep at it. God will definitely crown all your efforts with success and promotion. Have fun while doing what you love to do best. Enjoy!

7. When things go seriously wrong, just stay into the sky and mouth a prayer of request to God and he will surely come to your rescue and help you through the difficulties. Have faith and believe in what God can do. You will shine through it all.

8. If the day has not yet been productive, don’t fret over it because there are still many more hours to go before the end of the day. Cheer up and pull through. Your breakthrough is near!

9. God be with you today and everyday darling. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

10. When it is time for lunch, please remember not to delay and go ahead to have lunch. Your health is important to me and having lumch is part of what gives you strength to tackle the rest of the day.


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    July 18, 2018 at 7:56 am

    Please send me new lunch massages.

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    November 18, 2020 at 12:14 pm

    Please send me a promising lunch sms to my crush that shows green lights of love!

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