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Best Happy New Year Wishes Messages, SMS for 2021

happy new year wishes messages

Best Happy New Year Wishes Messages – It is another new year again! Happy new year to family and friends. Looking for the best happy new year wishes messages, sincere happy new year wishes messages, great happy new year wishes messages, amazing happy new year wishes messages to share with family? Jump on these amazing collections that in here written specifically for you!

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Inspirational Happy New Year Wishes Messages for Your Family, Friends and Lover

Check out these inspirational happy new year wishes messages and start sharing with the people you love now:

1. As the New Year arrives, I pray it brings abundant blessings with it into your home. May the year be one of fulfillment and joy. Have a great New Year!

2. May the New Year be a year of good tidings, peace, fulfillment and most importantly, happiness for you and everyone around you. A very happy New Year to you all.

3. Seasons come and Seasons go. A new season is almost here again. May the new season be a season of achievements and accomplishments for you in your career and everything that you engage in. Happy New Year!

4. Darling Mum, I probably wouldn’t have made it through this year without your love, care and motherly guidance. I thank the Lord over and over for blessing me with a mum like YOU. I pray this New Year brings us both lots of blessings and happiness. Happy New Year, Mum.

5. A New Year is when we make new resolutions, plan new directions, and set new plans in motion. I pray that every resolution, direction and plans you make for this New Year come to reality. Go forth into the New Year with positivity!

6. May every New Year wish that you make come to pass. May the New Year bring laughter and joy into your life. May you celebrate and rejoice all through the New Year. I wish you a blessed and fulfilled New Year.

7. A New Year is just like a blank book waiting to be written and published. It is now left to you to write whatever you want into the blank book. I pray that everything you write into the book this season gets published. Happy New Year!

8. Blessings, Grace, Mercy, Happiness, Joy and more shall take abode with you as this New Year begins. May you tell tales of joy in this year and coming years. New Year wishes!

9. My New Year wish to you is that the year brings happiness and cheer into your home. May prosperity and joy take a seat in your home all through this New Year. I hope you have a much fulfilled New Year.

10. May this New Year bring all your dreams to life, may it carry many opportunities your way and may the Lord bless all your endeavors and magnify his blessings upon you in this New Year. A very happy New Year to you!

11. It is another year to thank God for the gift of life, health, and wellness. So many people weren’t as blessed as you to make it through this year. As you sojourn into the New Year, I pray that God grants you more health, wealth and soundness to make it through. I wish you a healthy New Year!

12. A New Year has arrived once again and it has arrived with prosperity, blessings, wealth, achievements, mercy, joy and grace from the Lord to you and everyone around you. Wishing you a very prosperous and happy new year with love!

13. It’s a brand New Year again, a time to rewrite the stories in your book (life) and make whatever changes you deem fit. In this New Year, I hope that you make changes that affect you positively in everything you do. Every element of negativity from the past year shall not make it into the New Year with you. Have a wonderful and positivity-filled New Year!

14. As 2018 approaches, remember that you only live once and every New Year is an opportunity to create new memories with your family, your friends and your loved ones. I hope the New Year turns out to be a year of great and unforgettable memories for you. Have a fun-filled New Year!

15. You were there all through the past year and the memories are quite unforgettable. As the New Year begins, I pray that our love gets stronger, our bond deepens and our heart dazzles more. I hope we are able to create more unforgettable memories and we never let go of each other. Happy New Year to my dearest person.

16. In this New Year, I pray that you get the double fold of every good thing that happened to you the past year. May you end the year on a happy and contented note. I wish you a fabulous and fantastic year ahead.

17. My heartfelt wish to you in this New Year is that every second, minute, hour, day, week and month of the New Year brings you immense joy and happiness in ten folds. May every cause of sadness be banished from you and your loved ones’ life. Happy New Year!

18. In 2018, may everything you wish for and more be granted to you. May you live your dreams and may you soar without limit like the eagle. I wish you a year filled with merriment and happiness.

19. I prophesy that 2018 shall be a year of unlimited blessings and opportunities for you. May your life bloom like the rose at spring and may it shine like the moon at night. May you experience every good thing that you desire and may everything you wish for come to pass.

20. Every day of this New Year shall be one of joy and happiness for you and your loved one. Every day of this New Year shall see be one of wealth and health for you and your loved ones. Every day of this New Year shall see you praising God and giving thanks to his name in appreciation. This is my New Year wish for you.

21. We might be far apart from each other but know that my heart is always with you and I always have you in my mind. I wish you all the very best thing the New Year has to offer to anyone. A very happy New Year to you.

22. For God is so kind that he has made both me and you see the dawn of another New Year. May his kindness extend and make sure the New Year a very prosperous one for us both. Happy New Year, Bestie!

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Inspirational Happy New Year Wishes Messages for Loved Ones

Because the New Year is almost here, we must surely come up with New Year wishes messages to send to our loved ones. For those of us who find it hard to come up with heartfelt happy new year wishes messages ourselves, we have decided to come up with a number of New Year messages you can send to your family, best friend, friends, lover to usher them into 2018. You can also send them to everyone you wanna send New Year messages to. Below are a number of text messages you can send to them all:

22. A New Year is a time to plan a new beginning, meet new people, make new friends, make new decisions and most importantly, set a fresh start to life. May the New Year bring good people and good opportunities your way. I wish you a fresh and smooth New Year celebration.

23. You have been a very good friend to me, guiding me when I am going wrong and setting my path right. In you, I found a sister without blood ties. As this New Year starts, I pray that our friendship waxes stronger and our love deepens. Happy New Year to my one and only best friend from birth!

24. As the New Year dawns, May fortune and goodness smile on you from above. May the rain of blessings, prosperity, benediction, happiness and lot more flood your household. May you be struck by the thunderbolt of luck and more importantly, may this year be your year of glorious opportunities. Happy New Year!

25. Through thick and thin, we have stuck together. In all situations, our love has wax stronger and deeper. On arrival of a glorious New Year, My New Year wish is that we stick together and make it through this year and subsequent ones. A lovely New Year to the one who rocks my world.

26. The New Year is a time to celebrate with loved ones and revel in the joy of being counted alive for the celebration. As you rejoice, I also share in your happiness and my New Year wish for you is that you have a cause to celebrate and be happy all through 2018. Happy New Year to you.

27. The New Year gives an opportunity to retrace your way and redirect your steps. It is a chance to start afresh without looking at the past. I hope you are able to find your path in this new season. Happy New Year.

28. My wish to you this New Year is that you are able to leave a life that pleases you and everything that you desire never passes you by. May every good thing you wish for and more be yours and may you never lack the good things of life. New Year wishes from me to you!

29. As the thought of our friendship crossed my mind, my heart danced in happiness for being able to be friends with a rare gem like you. I want to wish you happiness and more as the New Year begins, Happy New Year!

30. Seasons come and Seasons go, but our love has been able to stand the test of time to stay strong. As the New Year starts, my prayer is that it gets stronger and we get all the happiness we deserve.

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31. A New Year gives us the chance and opportunity to create new beginnings and let go of past regrets. For this New Year, I pray that it brings hope, success, accomplishments, joy, and more to your path. I also pray that it proves to be your best year ever. A wonderful New Year to you.

32. May all the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months of your life in this new season shine as bright as the sun and radiate calmness and peace as the moon. May you be surrounded by happiness and joy as your companions throughout the year. May you have an exciting New year.

33. May the sojourn of the New Year be filled with opportunities, may the path be illuminated with brightness, may new hopes be rekindled and may the New Year bring happiness, delight, prosperity and more to your way as it begins.

34. Let the regrets of the past stay in the past and let the past be overshadowed by the light of the present and the future. Let the New Year be a year for you to count your blessings and add more. Let there be no subtraction but an addition to your blessings. This is my heartfelt New Year wish to you and I hope it comes to pass.

35. A New Year gives us the chance to revel in the memories from the past year and to create more memories. My New Year wish is that you get the chance to create the memories you want and live them. Wishing you a memorable New Year!

36. Years by year, we have managed to stay strong despite all odds. This is because we are blood and blood; they say it is thicker than water. As another New Year approaches, my prayer is that we stay stronger with our love, bond and loyalty. Happy New Year to my wonderful family, I love you all!

37. Dear friend, I want to be the first to wish you a happy New Year with all my heart. I pray that the year-end on a fulfilled and prosperous note for you and this positivity follows you into the New Year.

38. Let me be the first person to wish you a Happy New Year as we wait for the arrival of the New Year. I hope that you have an adventurous and fun-filled New Year as you wish. Merry New Year!

39. You have been my spine and backbone. You have been my comforter and my helper. You have always been there for me in all times. Even though I might not be able to repay your kindness and love, I can still wish you a happy and prosperous New Year from the deepest part of my heart. I wish you an awesomely wonderful New Year ahead.

40. In this new season, a smile will always fill your faces. The work that God did not complete in this last year will be completed in this new year. You will have every reason to shout hallelujah in this new year and new month. Praises will never leave your mouth in Jesus name. Happy new year to you!

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