I respect and value your contribution to discussions and your advice to me. They are truly so wonderful that I see you more as a twin than a sister. I am so gald and appreciate mom for bringing you into this world, and giving me the privilege to be your brother! You deserve all the praise that comes from my mouth today, because you are an amazing sister. Really!

We have not only become siblings, but also friends. The level of our friendship is so sacred and deep, that people look at us and are marveled at our level of closeness. You sisterly love has changed into mutual friendship and respect that has spread over the years. You are an amazing woman and I know that come one day! The man of your dreams will learn to appreciate that you are the best thing in this life after salvation!

God bless the woman you have become and God bless the mother you are going to be. I love you forever and a day more because you are the gift of God for friendship to me.

You are an awesome sister, and you are irreplaceable. You are gradually becoming a selfless woman just the way mom taught and showed us selflessness. On this special day of your sweet sis. I wish you a happy mother’s day!

2 Dear Sister

On this special day of yours. I pray that you will have fulfilling year. I pray that God will show you the ways that you should go. I pray that God will show you the plans and give you directions to achieve what you have set out to achieve.

I pray for peace for you in all your ways and endeavours. I pray for good health and prosperity, and I pray for God’s guidance and protection. I thank God for giving me the best gift of life ever, and that is you , my lovely sister! You are the gift that remains a treasure for ever. I wish you a happy mothers day sis. You are simply the best sister ever!

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