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Mothers Day Messages: Happy Mothers Day Messages To My Sister

happy mothers day messages to my sister

Happy mothers day messages to my sister, my blood, my friend, my support, my fight and gist partner. The one who always renders help and support anytime of the day! If I come back to this world again I would pray to God to give me an amazing sister like you. You are the best definition of a mother and I wish you happy mothers day. My mother and my sister are irreplaceable. If I can give up anything in this life, I would give up all others but you! You are the definition of God who lives around us on earth and on this special day of the mothers. I want to sincerely wish you happy mothers day from the bottom of my heart.

You are a true living legend and must not be swept under the carpet. You are the soul lifters that have given life and love a balance in this world. You are the true definition of life and your staunch support have remained invaluable. You are God’s gift to everyone on earth. I wish you a happy mothers day!

If you have a mom or a sister, ow is the perfect time to wish them a happy mothers day. If it has been a long time you had a chat with any of these people, now is the perfect time to celebrate with them and wish them a happy mothers day!

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Happy mothers day messages to my sister!

Pretty Sis

Words fail me today. I ordinarily have my ways with words, but for you. I just cry in pure happiness for God’s blessings in my life. We have had our fair share of struggles and hustles. We have fought many times due to our differences. Sometimes I act so naiive and flex muscles saying I am the man of the house, but you have shown me what it is be a strong woman and be a woman of your words.

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