New Week Message Prayer from me to you

new week message prayer

As today is the new start, it is important that we all have a new week message prayer to share from time to time. Here is my new week message prayer to you. I hope you find it in your heart to say Amen!

New week message prayer from me to you!

Will you join me in the prayer?

Dear Lord

As we commence a new week yet again! We want to say thanks. For giving us the opportunity to see the new week, for giving us the opportunity for a brand new start. We say thanks. We know that each passing is more like a gift that you have given us and in most cases we usually have taken it for granted, we say thanks.

Thank you for bringing us to life to work on our future since our past is gone. Thanks for the grace, love and mercy in all the ways. We are grateful oh Lord, we say thanks.

We are more than happy for this new week. We are more than excited. Yes! We know that you are aware of how the week will end! We are sure you bring new things for us this week, because you are the beginning and the end. We can’t wait to take a dive into the new week. We commit our paths and ways into your hands. We do not know what is on the way but you do! Take control of everything and be with us. Help us to keep right on track on the path of righteousness and fulfillment. Save us from the ills of the world. Provide and support us in everything we request for. make us a blessing to our generation this week! Give us the strength to be the best version of ourselves, and turn our bad moments to happy moments.

As we start the new week, we know that we may fail you. We will have moments of anger, diappointments, frustration, and doubt. We make these confessions to you right now because we know that you know. We pray that you will forgive and not turn your back on us. We know you are a faithful God and your faithfulness is forever. Please forgive us if we at anytime go against your will.

Let your peace and blessings overwhelm us this new week. As we pray in your name!

Do I hear you say Amen? Drop your Amen in the comment box below. Have a great week ahead. Happy new week to all of us!

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