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2018 | Happy Propose Day Messages, Quotes, SMS

Happy Propose Day messages

Happy Propose Day messages 2018 Nigerians – Observed every February 8 2018. I wish you all a happy propose day 2018.

Since Rose Day is finished, the time has come to get on with the Valentine Week – and furthermore move confidently towards February 14, the day of affection. The second day of the Valentine Week is set apart by the Propose Day – the ideal day to tell somebody you are crazy about them.

Telling somebody you like them or that you might want them to be an essential piece of your life can be an overwhelming thing to do. In any case, this day is carefully fit for individuals to offer their happy propose day messages and proposal musings to the one they love.

You can state it with a chocolate, a kiss, or even a ring to cap up a very romantic evening. You can be very vocal with your proposal or subtle, as you think best. In any case, simply recall that while the day is a festival of affection and about communicating, it is vital to be conscious of the other individual’s sentiments as well.

Propose Day falls on February 8. It is trailed by Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day lastly, Valentine’s Day when love and affection is all that surrounds us.

It’s Valentine week and we’ve gathered together some amazing happy propose day messages, wishes, SMSes, statements messages to convey  your Propose Day feelings:

1. What is more noteworthy feeling than that of two human souls that vibe together? What’s more? I love you so much darling and I am sending my best propose day wishes to you. I love you so much

2. All I needed was somebody to look after me,
All I needed was somebody who’d b there for me,
All I at needed was somebody who’d b genuine and true,
All I needed was somebody just like You!
Happy Propose Day darling! I love you so much.

3. There are numerous beautiful love stories in this world, however our own is the sweetest. It is sweet since you are part of the love story. Will you be with me for ever and a day more?

4. Love is just like a cloud. Love is just like fantasy. Love is single word and everything in the middle. Love is like children’s story that has materialized to become a motion picture. I discovered love when I discovered you. I love you so very much darling.

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5. Happy Propose Day!

Did you know they changed the letters of the alphabet?
They put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together
I wish us the best of today and forever
I love you

6. I can’t even think of my existence without you in it. I need to grow old with you. Will you do me the honour of spending what is left of your forever with me?

7. Despite everything I remember that second when our eyes met out of the blue. I felt butterflies in my stomach and from that point onwards my heart yearned to be with you generally. Be mine for life! Happy Propose Day my baby.

8. Life is just about the streets we take, some smooth, some harsh. Will you go with me regardless of what street we travel? In the event that you are with me, I will make sure that none of the streets we pass through is rough. Happy Propose Day my love!

9. I cherish you not for what you are but rather what I have grown to be these days with you. You have shown me that you truly love and desire me and I promise you my dedication and commitment. I love you from more every passing day. Thanks for being in my life. Happy propose day.

10. Will you be with me until the end of time?
You are not somebody I need to be with, you are somebody I can’t be without. Please remain in my life until the end of this life.
I celebrate today with you. Happy Propose Day!



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