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telephone counseling

First off, What is Telephone counseling?

Telephone counseling is a therapeutic counseling relationship between you and a counselor you contact, carried out by telephone. Telephone counseling is made to help you address and make sense of the issues you are experiencing in your life.

Telephone counseling aims to assist you in identifying your own choices, provide you with support during the process of counseling and reach a new resolution. Whether you want counseling in your relationship, or your finance, counselors are there to help you out. Telephone counseling is very easy and convenient.

Telephone counseling is confidential, private, non-judgmental and based on trust just like any other form of counseling. These attributes of counseling are expected to help you speak openly and freely about the things that troubles you.

Your telephone counselor will be able to listen attentively to you and make interventions based on their training and experience. DeeDee’s counseling service is tailored to give you the best of counseling sessions any day, anytime.

People will talk more freely and openly when they feel like they are not being judged and that they feel safe and this happens quite early in the telephone counseling session, thus it may take fewer sessions to achieve the goals of the therapy than it would in face-to-face counseling. And that is a major plus!

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How does telephone counseling differ from visiting a counselor offline?

Telephone counseling is very different from face to face counseling. In telephone counseling, there is none of the eye contact and body language problems associated with face to face counseling. Face to face counseling has been around for a long time though, but so has telephone counseling as well. Also, you get the advantage of privacy with telephone counseling, since the counselor will not be able to see you. And you run a lesser risk of running into someone you know at the counselor’s office.

Why is it important in the virtual world and the world of social media?

The idea of telephone and online counseling has been around for some time, and the increase in use of smart phones and social media has resulted in a growing drift towards online and telephone counseling services. With so many people online on a daily basis nowadays, either for leisure or work, online and telephone counseling are the ideal solutions for many obstacles that some individuals face when attempting to seek face to face counseling.

Ultimately, online and telephone counseling is a method which can be used to reach people who are unable to access or get the support they need and who do not desire face to face counseling sessions.

Advantages of Telephone counseling

While face to face counseling is the most recognised form of counseling, there are a number of factors that make telephone counseling way better.

Online counseling like that of telephone avails individuals the same level of support and privacy as that of meeting a counselor or a psychologist offline. Suitable solutions can also be provided to some of the difficulties associated with receiving treatment in a traditional therapeutic setting, that is, face to face. The advantages of telephone counseling are as follows;

Telephone Counseling is all about Accessibility;

All you need to get a telephone counseling session is the telephone number of the counselor. There is no distance barrier of any sort. Once you pick up your phone after scheduling a session with your counselor, you are straight away on your path to getting help.

Sometimes, the reason why some people refuse to go for counseling when they need it is because a qualified counselor isn’t available close by. Perhaps the nearest counselor is too far away thereby posing a threat to accessibility. But telephone counseling helps to bridge that gap.

Telephone counseling isn’t done in person but over the phone. This is regardless of the location of the callers. So, telephone counseling is really accessible. All you need is a mobile device you can put a call through and pre-scheduling with a counselor. Voila, you are on the path of finding soothing solutions to your emotional issues.

Telephone Counseling is reasonably affordable;

Telephone counseling is so very affordable. All you need is enough airtime on your phone. Simple as ABC! No travel costs, and maybe just a little charge on the part of the counselor.

Counselors tend to charge more for face to face counseling sessions as compared to telephone or online counseling. So, you know you are getting quality counseling service at a highly discounted rate! This is something big that telephone counseling offers that face to face does not. Be sure to tap into it.

Telephone Counseling helps with anonymity;

You can choose to remain anonymous if you so desire. Unlike face to face counseling, where you have to present yourself to the counselor. You can choose to stay unknown in telephone counseling. It is done and very possible. It all depends on you.

Sometimes, people are afraid of running into someone they know while at the counselor’s place for fear of seeing someone they are acquainted with.

When you meet with a relationship counselor online, the only thing you both can hear is each other’s voice. This is very comforting for those that prefer privacy. And most times, people prefer privacy when talking about issues that concern them. And anonymity allows for full privacy. isn’t it so?

Telephone Counseling is very convenient;

Telephone counseling also allows for convenience. A whole lot. All you need is to sit in the comfort of your room, pick up your telephone and speak with a counselor. How convenient!

It is so much better to tap into this than to go through all the stress that come along with face to face counseling. No stress, no transport cost, no fuel wasted, no sweat wasted and so on. Telephone counseling embodies comfort in all its forms!

Telephone counseling is Flexible;

Telephone counseling services can be offered at more flexible times than face to face counseling. You decide the time you wish to have the telephone conversation. The ball is entirely in your court. How flexible! You can even decide to shift appointment to another time in case something comes up. This will be at no extra cost to you or the counselor.

What type of counseling does DeeDee’s counseling service primarily offer?

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