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Happy Ramadan Text Messages: Happy Ramadan To All Muslims

happy ramadan text messages

You can get the best collection of happy Ramadan text messages that you need to send to family, friends and loved ones at this Ramadan period without a fuss. All you need do is scroll down and continue reading.

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What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is known as the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. It is heralded by the sighting of the moon (which is usually called the last full moon) and then goes on to last for 30 days. After the sighting of the moon and some astronomical calculations, An Imam will declare the time the Ramadan commences and enjoins all Muslims to commence fasting!

The Ramadan is then ended with the sighting of the next lunar moon, which consequently leads to Id-El-Fitri and the start of the next lunar month.

Ramadan otherwise known in Arabic as رمضان is coined from ramida or ar-ramad, which means the intense scorching heat and extreme dryness.

I have noticed in Nigeria that Ramadan brings about the spirit of zeal and utmost excitement and happiness among Muslims of all cadres and ages. Although, it has been stated that Ramadan is meant for the adults, the children are not left out in this holy month of fasting and praying.

This month, about 1 billion people in the world abstain from eating, drinking and all form of earthly pleasures and immoralities to passionately observe this month of Ramadan.

The month of Ramadan serves as the appropriate time for all Muslims around the world to commence fasting intensely. This period, Muslim faithful remain upbeat and pray to God to remember them at this time. The holy month of Ramadan avails all Muslims the opportunity to physically and spiritually purify themselves off from all earthly habits that could stop them from enjoying the blessings they pray for, from God.

This period also, Muslims try to display their benevolence by remembering the less privileged and sharing charitable gifts all around.

It is important that during this period of holy Ramadan, other religions felicitate with the Muslims and also enjoin them to pray and worship God in spirit and in truth.

How do you intend to spend your month of holy Ramadan? As for me, I would be sending several happy Ramadan text messages to friends and loved ones. I am sure this is the reason why you are here as well, to send happy Ramadan text messages. Right?

When is Ramadan 2017 in Nigeria?

Ramadan 2017 in Nigeria will begin on the evening Saturday, 28 May 2017 and it is expected that all Muslim faithful embark on the fasting and prayers with all diligence and purity that is expected of Muslims.

When is Ramadan over in Nigeria in 2017?

Ramadan is expected to end on the evening of Monday, 26 June 2017.

Happy Ramadan text messages for your family

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Remember that it is usually an amazing moment and a special feeling for you and for the recipient of your messages when you send happy ramadan text messages.

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1. May God be with you on this day of Ramadan

We know our sins are great
We know we sin in different ways
But dear merciful God, we pray for your mercy
That you look down on us and bestow us with kindness
Please forgive us of all our iniquities
And be with us every step of the way

2. Happiness has knocked on your door

Happiness has knocked on your door today
Joy has become your own in different ways
As long as you stay onto the tenets that guide you
And believe in God throughout this period
Your prayers will be answered
Because your faith is in God
The creator of all of us
Happy Ramadan to you and your family

3. Your dreams will come true

This is the holy month where all elements of darkness are chained
Where the gates of the heaven are opened to send blessings to all of us
This is the month of fervent prayers and fasting
This is the month to believe in the holiness of the almighty
This is the month where all our dreams will come true
Happy Ramadan to you and yours.

4. The blessings of God is upon you

May the almighty shower his blessings on you
May his grace never depart from you
May you have every reason to smile and believe
That all what you have asked for will be yours
The blessings of my Ramadan text messages will be yours
Now and forever.
Happy Ramadan to this amazing family
You deserve all the blessings of God

5. I wish you a very happy Ramadan

As the candle lights its light every night
So shall your life light in tremendous happiness at this time
As the mountain is high up in the sky
So may you sigh in happiness for a good life
Like the white cotton that is so lair
So shall God bless you and all your affairs
As the sunshine stands tall in its glory
So shall beautiful fills your life in all its flory
As you smile in gratefulness and hope
So shall you be lifted high up without a rope
As God pushes darkness so far away
So shall he bring light up on your way
I wish you a very happy Ramadan

6. My very best prayer for you on this Ramadan

The festival time is here
But before we dance in gratefulness
We need to fast and pray
We need to ask for things we do not have now
And beg for sins we need to cast away
We need to be grateful for the time to be alive
To witness another holy month of Ramadan
As you observe this period diligently
I pray that all your heart desires will be granted
And all your wishes will come to pass
It is the holy month
Have the best of it!

7. My Ramadan Wishes to You

May this Ramadan season bring you lots of happiness and success
As we gradually enter the holy month of fasting and prayer
I pray that your heart is filled with love and care for your family and friends
I pray this holy period brings you awesome moment of peace and contentment
And I pray that it stays with you for the rest of your days
Happy Ramadan

8. Wishing you a beautiful Ramadan

May your Ramadan be as lovely as ever
May this Ramadan bring love, contentment and joy to you
May the festival bring you all the goodies you need
And also to your family, friends and loved ones
May this Ramadan bring you the most peaceful moment of your life
May our Ramadan shine us light over the darkness
May Ramadan give us the peace that we crave for
May the light that Ramadan brings be the cover for all our iniquities
May this very Ramadan that we celebrate bring us all the contentment
And the peace that we need.

9. The Merciful God will bless you this Ramadan

The Lord our God
The lord is merciful, he is the greatest
The lord is our creator, the one who loves us
We give him all the honour and the praise
In this spiritual holy month of Ramadan
Remember to fear God in all your prayers
I wish you a special spirit-filled Ramadan

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