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Happy Today Quotes you should Share

happy today quotes

What are the type of happy today quotes that you like? I am sure you will find them here. Check out the happy today quotes that are lined up just for you.

Happy Today quotes for me

1. I choose to be happy regardless of what comes my way. I am indeed grateful for the opportunity to see today yet again. I will keep staying happy as long as I wake up everyday. Waking up to life again is a gift that I will be happy and grateful for. What about you?

2. I love love and life, and this is why you see me happy all the time. Call me whatever name you intend to call me and I have no apologies to render. I look forward to making people happy as well. That should be your motto from now henceforth. As long as you are happy, then it is your duty to make others happy as well. Bring them into your happy net.

3. I love to associate with happy people; everyday and every time. Just in case you feel sad, can we talk and I promise to make you happy before I leave you. Happiness is what I live for and everyday I will be happy for life’s awesome gift.

4. I always find myself in situations where to be happy and to be sad becomes a thing of choice, but I will always choose to be happy because happiness makes me strong and give me a certain kind of bright light that illuminates my way and path. No matter what position or situation I find myself, I seek for an opportunity or moment to just be happy and till now I remain grateful for that. You should do same as well.


5. As long as I am still here, I believe that life has been kind to me. That is why I stay happy in appreciation for the gift of life. I am indeed blessed and I pray to stay happy for the rest of my life.

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