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Marriage Text Messages of Congratulations

marriage text messages

When marriage is around the corner, it is important to share these marriage text messages to those you love and truly care about. It not only shows your love, but it also makes the recipients recognize your concern and your support to their holy matrimony.

Check out these marriage text messages out and let us know what you think.

Marriage SMS to brother

1. Congratulations on this special occasion, may you live long together to enjoy the bliss that comes with it.

2. We are highly grateful for identifying us as one of the most important people in your life. I wish you the best on this special occasion. Happy married life.

3. May your mission to end well with each other be fulfilled; may your desire for the number of children be accepted as prayer.

4. Happy married life to those who really matter us, may your marriage never cease to exist and you shall be blessed forever.

5. How many homes have been destroyed before now but thank God you are both together enjoying the grace of love.

6. I am happy to have you as a brother, I am proud of you because you have shown how manly you are. Happy married life.

7. I just want to congratulate you for this anniversary, may the Lord in His infinite mercy bless you abundantly.

8. Thank you for being there when I need you most, you are the most precious love in this life and I pray that the Lord continue to bless you forever.

9. I ask the Lord to protect your home and give you the endless taste of love between you and your wife. Happy married life.

10. Thank you Lord for making the home of my elder brother strong and healthy in your devotion, I beseech that you bless them with children and wealth.

11. Nice to hear that the nicest brother in the world is celebrating the second year anniversary of his wedding, may you live longer in peace and harmony.

12. May your home always be filled with love, passion, and happiness; I ask the Lord to protect you against marriage failure.

13. Thank God for your life and I want to wish you a happy married life, may your effort upon your children yield a good result.

14. I love you so much and pray that every single day of your life is filled with bliss and success that will nourish your home with happiness.

15. May you always smile; may the Lord never forsake you in anything you want all your life. happy married life.

16. I beseech the Lord to be pleased with you so that you will reap the fruit of your labor upon your children.

17. Congratulation on your 10th year anniversary may you live long to make set a more good legacy for your children and the world at large.

18. I just want to say, happy married life to each and every one of you; may you find endless peace all your life. I wish you all the best now and forever.

19. Thank you for everything, may you be pleased with what you have and the Lord shall shower His glory upon you forever.

20. Joy shall not lack in your home and love will continue to exist all the time between you and your spouse.

Wedding text messages for sister’s anniversary

21. Today made it 730 days of your marriage, may the Lord continue to bless it with cutest fruits, health and wealth.

22. Congratulations to the most wonderful couple ever heard about. I wish you the best on this special day of your life.

23. You have always been a good sister, so your husband must be the luckiest man on earth. Happy married life.

24. I just want to say happy married anniversary, the Lord shall always be with you all the time. I wish you a wonderful anniversary.

25. Your attitude and love for humanity have kept your love up till this time, happy married life for the best sister.

26. As you celebrate this wonderful day, may you find everything you lack? I pray that the Lord always protect you.

27. Thank you for the special love you show to your husband. He explained everything to me and then I was proud of you.

28. Thank you Lord for the life of my sister, may your blessing never leave their home and may your bliss shine forever.

29. Happy married life to my sister, you finally made it as you said. When there is love, respect, and understanding, a marriage will last long.

30. I just want to say thank you Lord for everything you have done for my sister; today, she is alive to celebrate her 10th year anniversary in a successful marriage.

31. Lord, protect your servants’ marriage and give them the free grace to enjoy the marriage always. Happy married life.

32. My good wishes go to my beloved sister as she celebrates her marriage anniversary today being the best day of the week.

33. I am pleased to say a happy married life to the most precious people in the world. I wish you tremendous happiness all your life.

34. Thank you Lord for the blessing you have been showering upon my sister, I pray that her children should last long with her.

35. To reach this point in life is not easy, thank you for the entire fight you engaged against the devil to sustain this marriage.

36. It is my pleasure to send this wonderful message to you because you are special, nice and great a sister. Happy married life.

37. I salute your courage, character, patience, and attitude; only these virtues can bring happiness to the family.

38. Wishing my dear sister complete salvation in her marriage, may the Lord never get tired of protecting your importance.

39. For the fact that you let us know that you are plus one in your married life today, this is a great sign that you value us. Happy married life.

40. Wishing you the best of success in this world, you shall be protected and given all the love of life. I wish you a blessed day ahead.

Great Marriage text messages

41. O Lord, protect this family and grant it all it needs to make things better among the parents and children.

42. Our life shall not remain the same again, just as you celebrate good thing today, may you find peace in your life forever.

43. Happy married life my sweet sister, I have been looking forward to a special day like this to cheer you up. Happy married life.

44. I beseech the Lord to always protect your presence and absence and give you all the best you desire in this world.

45. I love your day because it reminds me of the superhero that never gives up on his siblings. Happy married life sweetest brother.

46. Thank God for your life, it is amazing that you could be together up till this time. I know how both of you never agree.

47. Congratulations, your marriage is a good example for anyone that may like to practice leadership at a high level.

48. May you live long to enjoy your marriage to the fullest level. May your mission to please God be easy for you to do.

49. Both of you are like love birds; you are both wonderful and nice to be with all the time. Happy married life.

50. To the Lord that shows mercy to His people, thank you for showing mercy in this marriage, let the peaceful moment shine all your life.

51. When there is true love between two people, it gives them the chance to stay together despite their differences.

52. Marriage is an institution where we learn how to tolerate each other and then nurture patience and love.

53. What is marriage all about? It is all about pain together, joy together and tolerance for the benefit of a better future.

54. When you are successful in your marriage, you can lead a nation. Happy married life my dear love.

55. Thank you for being there when there was no one but God. You were working with me along with the most high God.

56. Blessed is a marriage that has two people who truly love each other. I beseech you O Lord to grant my brother the fruit of marriage.

57. Blessed is the name of the Lord for everything He has done in the life of all humanity. Happy married life to my sister.

58. May your love last for each other; we are happy about your married life, may your success be manifested all day long.

59. The Lord shall not get tired of you and peace will be your portion every day of your life; may this marriage be your source of joy.

60. The most precious people in this world. I will always be yours forever. I wish us a happy married life.

61. There are lots of things that bring a man and woman together but the force existing between us is nowhere to be found on earth. Happy married life.

62. Wishing my love all the best. It is my pleasure to say thank you for always been patient with me. Happy married life to us.

63. When there is love that no one can stop, it means God is interested in it. You are perfectly perfect for each other.

64. Let your marriage be an epitome of peace and success. This will be the highest reason why you are in a marriage.

65. No matter how hard this life is, if you are happy with each other, everything will always be fine. Happy married life.

66. There are many things in this world that will always put a smile on your face and marriage is one of them if you believe.

67. Those that cannot keep a marriage have done so because they don’t care about love and passion.

68. There is no way you can succeed in marriage until you understand that it needs lots of maturity, responsibilities, and love.

69. Try and love your spouse, it is the beginning of a successful marriage. When life involves true love, there will be peace by all means.

70. There is no need to be sad when all you need is to sit each other down and resolve your difference for a better home.

71. If there is peace in a family, check well they have been able to conquer their ego. Have a good reason to do things in life.

72. I felt life is the way we want it to look like. If you decide to make your marriage work, with lots of prayers and hard work, it will.

73. Marriage is not easy that is why it is designed for men and women. You must now know that you are no longer a child.

74. Life has always been the perfect thing when there is love. This will bring even peace and coexistence for humanity.

75. Your stand about marriage is enough to teach master’s students in a renowned university. Happy married life.

76. I will not stop praying for you since you have become the best among those who experienced married life.

77. Talking of a good role model, I will pick you as number one. Your conduct with your wife is the best ever.

78. Women love being romantic, show them sweet romance and they will give you all you need in life. Happy married life.

79. I can’t stop thinking about you. You are the best among those I have ever witnessed managing a successful family.

80. The Lord shall not forsake your effort in making things right in your family. May you be blessed forever.

81. Let the Lord protect you and give you all you need. I beseech His mercy upon your life and marriage. May you be blessed with what you need to maintain the family.

82. Patience is part of love because you will be able to stay in love for long. I wish you the best on this wonderful day.

83. To my precious sister, may you be blessed all your life; now and forever; and your purpose for this marriage will be fulfilled for you.

84. There many reasons why I pray for a lasting marriage for both of you. Part of which is the fact that I admire couples who love one and another.

85. Let your smile be deep for your spouse, your perfume is nice for your wife and your caring be the best ever.

86. Life has brought both of you to this wonderful moment. May your intention be blessed forever.

87. May you never get tired of this marriage forever. Lord shall be with you any single moment of your life.

88. I have wanted to tell you many things before you got married but you have replied to me with your actions in your marriage. Happy married life.

89. If you cannot be patient with your wife, you will not be patient with any other person in this world. Happy married life.

90. Wishing my twin sister happy married life; we shall soon come and celebrate you as you celebrated us for our newly born child.

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