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Happy World Food DAY!

happy world food day

Are you a foodie like me? Then let’s celebrate the world food day together. Happy world food day to me and you.

October 16 is celebrated everywhere in the world as the world food day. A day that is dedicated to actions against hunger and having people all over the world come together to push away hunger from the world. The world food day is to sensitize people on the need to know that food is very important to humans.

I have below happy world food day messages you can share with family, friends and associates to make them know that food is very important to our existence as humans. Happy world food day once again to you.

Happy world food day messages

1. We can always fight famine and hunger, we can make sure our tomorrow is better. Let us help the children by giving them adequate food. Let us come alive to provide a future for this generation. Let us move away from hunger and create more food. Happy world food day to you.


2. Promise that you will not waste food, promise that you will always support neighbours and people that need food with what you have aplenty in your cupboard. It is time that you create the difference the world needs right now as we are riled with lots of evil and negativity. You need to follow the path of responsibility and support the needy. Happy world food day to you.

3. Happy world food day, this is the time to help, support and provide for those that are living in hunger. We owe everyone around us a duty of care, and the world food day provides the perfect opportunity to show that you really and truly care. Happy world food day to you. Let us try to eradicate hunger among us.

Happy world food day.

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