Happy new month

Happy New Month to my Love Messages

happy new month to my love

Happy new month to my love – How do wish your love happy new month? You don’t even wish him/ her at all? Okay so you do, that’s why you are here. Congratulations on creating time to wish your love a happy new month. I have carefully crafted some selected messages that sends love, emotions, care and concern to the one you love.

It is important that we all make our lovers feel great and special at the beginning of the month. Oh, that wonderful feeling that showing someone cares about you elicits.

I know you can’t keep calm already because it’s a new month. Let’s get to it shall we?

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Happy new month to my love messages

1. Time heals new month messages

Time heal wounds and I know the pain and hurt you have suffered before will gradually go into oblivion. God has promised you great thing and he will make sure you live long enough to enjoy that which he has promised you. Happy new month to you my love. God’s grace will never leave you.

2. Happy new month my love

God will keep you away from any form of sadness in this new month. He will make a way for you when there seems to be no way. He will fortify you with grace and glory and he will exalt you above others. It is your month. Happy new month to you.

3. Happy new month to you my love

The month is ready for you. Jump into the wagon and turn on the ignition. I hope you have all the energy to get it started. May God be with you as you hit the gas pedal in full throttle. Happy new month to you. The grace of the almighty God will never leave you. Amen.

4. Happy new month baby

In this new month, more money will come your way. The past month is history and the new month is set to bring you victory. Go and and take ownership of what you deserve in the new month. God is with you already. It is well with your soul because you are created to overcome. Happy new month baby.

5. Happy new month love

Ignore the hustles, the days of sadness, the ups and downs. Forget the pain for without it there won’t be no gain. When the gain comes, you will look back and appreciate God for the grace to overcome all the problems that came your way. Remain positive and thankful, for the new month of greatness is here. Happy new month to you.

6. Happy new month darling

We will remain happy this month and forever, for it is written already by God that happiness will be for us. Even though sadness may last in the night but happiness will come in the morning and when it comes, we will forget all form of happiness that has come to our lives. Happy new month to you. May you encounter the grace of God in your life. Happy new month to you.

7. Thanks for being there my love

Just because the sun shine so bright and lights up the sky, You have lighted up my life in a way I have not been able to comprehend. You have shown me what it is and how it is to love and be loved. You have been my lover, supporter and motivation. You are an amazing lover and I appreciate your efforts in my life. Thanks for being there my love. Happy new month to you.

8. Happy new month darl

I promise to love till forever, just for being a motivation and for staying true to being my lover. Thanks for all the beautiful life gift that you have given me. Thanks for always been there, for being a great lover and for never looking down on me when I was struggling. You are so amazing and special. Happy new month to you darling.

9. Happy new month handsome

You are my beloved and this is for you and to you. You are such sweet human filled with so much wisdom. You have brought sparks of brightness and happiness into my life. You have displayed your glorious ways and affected me so positively that I can’t imagine. You have been with me and supported. You are such an amazing human. Thanks for being so special and different. I love you so much. Happy new month to you.

10. Happy new month beautiful

I am sending you a happy new month my love for being such an alluring and beautiful damsel. You opened my eyes and made me see the true beauty of life. You have made me realize that life is awesome depending on the perspective that I look at it from. You are filled with so much motivation and class. You are so different and special. Happy new month baby, keep shining.

11. Happy new month my love wishes

I pray that this new month will bring you the peace to shut you out from the world, and the courage to deal with difficulties as they come. I pray that God gives you the key to your greatness and God opens the door of success for you. You will always be like a tree planted byu the river side because you will flourish and bear good fruits. Happy new month sweetie, God is with you already. Play safe.

12. Happy new month champ

The new month has arrived on us. Hurray! I pray that you will live to see the end of this new month and many more months to come. You will never have any cause to regret seeing this month. All the evidences of failure in your life will be scrapped. You will a living testimony to everyone around. Happy new month my love. God be with you in all your ways.

13. Rise and shine dear

A new month has come your way again. Welcome it with greatness and happiness. Don’t look at the bad weather or the heat all across town, because you will be in the middle of all this and attain greatness. Ignore the discomfort, they will bring you to your place of comfort. Happy new month to you darling. Rise and shine.

14. Your month is upon us

The new month is on us. Our month is here again. We should be grateful to God for making us see another new month. We should be thankful for another opportunity to right our wrongs and make the future great and better. I pray for the best of the new month for you. You will rise above others. happy new month baby. Stay breezy!


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