Some hilarious Personal confessions  are trending on twitter right now and going through all the messages, I just can’t help but share. Some are crazy, some are witty, and some a drop dead shocking!

You know at certain point in our lives, we’ve all had our fetishes. Crazy things we do within our closets and even those that we fantasize about. I’ve got mine and when you read it, it’s crazy hilarious, trust me.

But before we get to my personal confessions, let’s talk about the hilarious personal confessions trending on twitter right now:

It’s fine, I’ll go first. I like it a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit, when daring ladies make passes at me while I work at events as an MC or while hosting televised events

Even the popular IK’s got crazy personal confessions.

I am a Chef but i prefer buying Abula , Egbo, Ekuru and kengbe from roadside vendors…as in it must be on the side of the road or inside one koro. The way ppl scream and almost tear each other apart entertains me.

This one is strong oh!

I talk a lot while chatting but I am an entirely different person when we meet face to face

I have conversations with myself most times and that helps me make my decisions always

What name should we give this kind of babe?

I am a super shy person. I can be in a room and invisible.

What do we call this? Shyness or introversion? Someone should help this guy!

This one does not know what’s doing her! Does she?

Am too insecure, I sleep with my bra on

What type of insecurities is this? Anyone?

Aww, not only you brov, all of us should have this personal confession. Don’t you think?

What a lovey dovey personal confession. I just went mushy! BOYFRIEND GOALS!

This babe is high on what exactly?

…. I like to sleep naked cos it makes me feel sexy!
Sometimes I just toast a babe not because I like her but to check whether my ‘toasting’ game is on point. Does that make me a bad person?
No one should blame me. No one knows tomorrow! Before someone will lose touch on realities!

This is just a little of what’s going on, on Twitter and you can agree with me, these are just so hilarious. I’m sure you have hilarious personal confessions to make. Share them in the comments. Let’s have some good laugh and also reflect together!








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