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Relationship Counseling Near Me

Relationship Counseling near Me

Relationship Counseling near Me – Before we go deeply in to this, let us start from the simple part to the somewhat complicated part, I think there is need to clarify what relationship counseling is all about.

According to Wikipedia, relationship counseling is a counseling session organized for parties involved in a human relationship in a bid to pinpoint and to have a better management position for reconciliation of troublesome differences and reoccurring patterns that seems to strain the relationship in any way.

This is not necessarily between lovers; this type of counseling session can also be organized for employees and employers in a work place, family members and within a professional clime.

The basic summary of what a relationship counseling is all about is contained in paragraph one, compiling this article without highlighting the how relationship counseling came about in the first instance will definitely not do justice to this work.

Marriage counseling, a form of relationship counseling near me originated in Germany in the early 90s as part of the eugenics movement.

The very first marriage counseling institute in the United States began in the 1930s, partly in response to physician-led marriage-purification counseling centers in Germany. It was promoted to the United States by well known eugenicists such as Paul Popenoe and Robert Latou Dickinson plus birth control advocates such as Abraham and Hannah Stone, who wrote ‘A Marriage Manual’ in 1935 and participated in Planned Parenthood. Other founders in the United States include Lena Levine and Margaret Sanger.

It was not until the 1950s that therapists began to treat psychological problems in the context of the family. Relational counseling as a discreet and professional service is therefore a recent phenomenon. Until the end of the twentieth century, relational counseling work was done informally by close friends, relatives, or local religious leaders.

Counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors in conjunction with social workers had in times past mainly specialize on individual psychological problems in a medical and psychoanalytic setting. In many technologically advanced cultures around the world today, the institution of the family, the village or the elders of the group perform a job of relationship counseling. Today, marriage sponsorship reflects these cultures.

With the high rate of modernization and westernization in several parts of the world and the continuous relocation of isolated nuclear families, the trend of counseling which had once been put in care of the elderly in the family is now geared towards trained and accredited counselors or couples therapists. Sometimes volunteers are trained by government or social service institutions to help those who need family or marriage counseling.

Many communities and departments have their own team of volunteer counselors and trained professionals. Similar services are administered by many educational and other institutions, sometimes with peer group volunteers. Some large companies maintain full-time professional consulting staff to facilitate interactions between company employees and minimize the negative effects that personal difficulties may have on job performance.

Increasingly, there is a trend towards professional certification and government registration of these services. This is due in part to the presence of problems related to the duty of care and the consequences of the services of the counselor or therapist in a fiduciary relationship.

Top reasons why you may need a relationship counseling near me, especially when you are in a romantic relationship:

• Poor Communication:

It is advisable for couples, no matter how long they have been together, couples who find it difficult to relate their feelings to their partner need to seek professional help.

Humans undergo a lot of phases and issues ranging from love making, financial accountability might be bubbling in the mind of one of the partners without them being unable to voice out because they think their partner might blow it out of proportion, react in a harsh manner and all sort of reasons that makes partners keep mute about matters that needs to be addressed.

When visiting a therapist to discuss this particular anomaly, it shouldn’t be shared in a way that will hurt or bruise the ego of your partner, you need to make them feel trusted, the job of a therapist is to ensure you both know what you are talking about and how to best avoid being at logger heads for that particular reason.

• Sudden transition in your sex life:

Most couples only get alarmed when their sex rate with their partner has significantly reduced, in as much as that is a bad omen, a sudden increase in the number of times you copulate should also trigger and put you on your toes as a partner who suddenly became excited about the idea of sex and wants it like all the time might be getting aroused by another party outside and in a bid to get in line with his new behavior, he suddenly becomes hyperactive.

• Bringing the past into the picture:

You definitely need to see a therapist to help out if you had been involved in a traumatic experience in the past and your soul mate is finding it difficult to let go. The incidence in the context varies, for some, it is rape, loss of a child, armed robbery attack, spiritual attack, an accident, loss of job, animal attack, and loss of dear one… the list goes on and on.

No two people deals with trauma the same way, some people are quick to shake it off, resign to fate ad pick up whatever is left of their lives and start rebuilding all over again while others find it difficult to let go as they keep on getting moody when they relapse and relive the traumatic experience.

Dealing with this on your own is highly inadvisable as it might worsen the situation of things, getting to see a certified therapist is the best way to cope with this, the therapist will walk you through the experience as a couple with the assurance that the past has already been left in the past while urging and helping you to see live beyond what has happened and lead a good life.

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