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I read a story about a guy. He went out on the wrong day to the wrong place.

He went to the market to help his boss pick out a cloth and he got to the market later than his boss. In the process of searching and trying to connect with his boss, he lost his way.

The network was really bad and connecting on phone was  mission impossible.

In the middle of the market searching for his boss, a guy ran past in a manner that looked like the fast and furious race, dropped a parcel beside him.

Before he could make sense of the whole scenario, a crowd had gathered around, shouting on top of their voices; angry voices.

Confused as to why he was suddenly a source of focus for this strangers, he tried to leave the scene only to be roughly held back and a woman shouted,

He is the one, these are my gold.

” Ole” “thief” this will be your last attempt.

Every attempt to raise his voice above theirs and explain he didn’t know what they were talking about proved abortive.

In a split second, two tyres and a keg of petrol mysteriously appeared.

He begged profusely for his life, tried explaining he was not the one or know anything about what’s happening.

Meanwhile, Richard’s boss was worried and angry at the same time.

I thought we were supposed to meet here at 10am. Why is Richard not here yet? He called few minutes ago to say he was in the market and yet I can’t find him, his number going through as well.

He mused.

He was jeered out of his thoughts when he saw a commotion few metres away and out of curiosity, he moved towards it only to experience the shock of his life.

There was Richard in his torn outfit and tyre on his neck with people with angry faces and voices jeering at him.

He fought furiously to break the circle and tell them Richard was not a thief.

He was his employee.

Nobody listened. He cried and even offered to pay back every dime but all attempts fell on deaf ears.

Their eyes were bloodshot, streaming with revenge and so much anger.

He screamed, begged and Richard kept calling his name to save him.

In a flash, Richard was lighted up and the last look on his face a look of pain and regret fixed on his boss face.

It has been three months after the ugly incident that led to the death of Richard and Mr Brown can’t seem to get that scarred image off his mind.

His dreams have been filled with the nightmare. Today is the last day at his place of work,at least for now.

He wants to relocate to another state and maybe start afresh.

Maybe, just maybe he will be able to forgive himself and move on.

Justice jungle is an instant judgement melted to people on certains situations without proper considerations as deem fit.

It is a kind of act/judgement done in haste without proper investigation or objectivity.

Now, let’s relate this to our relationships.

So many people have been guilty of jungle justice in their relationships.

You make biased conclusions about your partner even before hearing him/her out. You mete out justice without concrete evidence he/she is guilty.

Jumping to conclusion in a relationship can be very dangerous.

It could lead to the result of the death of something amazing between you and your partner.

You can be left with guilt for a long time and if you aren’t lucky, it will be with youfor the rest of your life.

Don’t act on tips about your partner, learn to search for real evidence to back hearsays or claims as the case is.

Communication is essential. Be sure you are acting right and also violence is never the solution.

There is nothing like damage control in a relationship.

Damage done is irreversible.

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