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Hmmmm….I really don’t know how to start this discussion and I’m not sure I can do better justice to it. I will try my best though.

How would you choose your spouse?

I grew up in the conventional way of just liking a guy and that’s enough to start a relationship. When I started dating,I only understood that dating is a fun thing, not to be taken too seriously.

With time,I grew in knowledge and emotions and I wanted more. I got more demanding.

I wanted true love and not just some fling. Yet my increasing demand on relationship didn’t stop my conventional way of choosing who to date at a particular time. It always starts with the attraction,the affection and finally the love and then both of us are good to go for a relationship.

I’m a christian, and I have been for a while now but I never all through those periods prayed to God to know His mind about who I’m considering on dating. It has always been about me, what I see, what I feel and what I want, hmmmm…

I believe we mature to a certain level when we know, it is not just for us to call the shots for our lives. I grew and I realized I can’t choose my spouse by myself, I need God to choose for me.

So many have kicked against saying “God’s will”.

Their is a difference between God’s will and God’s permissive will. I have heard people say,”whatever I like is what God will like with me”. I have heard people say “will God speak audibly to you and say SHE IS YOUR WIFE?” in that sarcastic tone.

Don’t get me wrong, of course I know we have got to like someone and all sorts and maybe bring it to God, but my point is do you allow God to speak and say yes/no about he/she? Or do you just go with this conventional saying “I just have peace with her/him”.

How are you sure what you feel at the moment is peace from God or just peace from the attraction/love. Any particular word or leading?

I used the word “conventional” intentionally. We all want the easy way out. I personally feel we should seek God more when it comes to choosing who to marry. He knows us better, our temperament, our dreams,even the future we don’t know.

So, who do you think should do the choosing? You who can’t see beyond your present day or He who knows the end from the beginning?

I will sincerely love to read your opinions,I want to know more about choosing a spouse. Thank you always.

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