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How to Balance Your Love Life With Your Studies

How to Balance Your Love Life With Your Studies

How to Balance Your Love Life With Your Studies: Most people have multiple facets to their lives. As a college student, this is probably more true for you than ever. College life brings with it a whole new set of complications that don’t exist in the safety of your home environment. Living on campus, being responsible for your schedule, and being accountable for how you spend your time can be hard all on its own. You can pay for homework, of course, but there some problems that cannot be solved just with money.

Now factor in a little romance; this is where things get complicated. Love happens. It’s a thing. If you are reading this article, chances are it has happened to you, and you’re concerned about how it will affect your studies.

First and foremost, congratulations. You found a great significant other in a sea of eligible underclassmen. That’s no small feat. An even bigger one would be managing to maintain good grades while your relationship blossoms. It’s a skill that not everyone possesses but that everyone can learn. With that in mind, let’s look at a few things you can do to ensure that your grades don’t tumble in the name of love.

1. Set Boundaries

Every area of your relationship needs to have established boundaries and the ones that affect your studies are some of the most important. Commit to each other that you will always give the other person the time and space needed to study.

Don’t get jealous of the textbooks. Don’t make each other feel bad for spending time apart. It will put far more stress on the relationship if your grades start to suffer because of all the time you’re paying with your SO. If this is the real deal, you should want each-other to succeed. Make achieving that success easier by not becoming possessive or resentful of each other’s academic commitments.

2. Schedule Time Together

Plan dates around study time and is considerate of the other person’s commitments. If you have a hard time coordinating times to be together in person, at least decide on a time or two throughout your day to talk or text.

Maintain good lines of communication and be patient. All deadlines pass, all finals get written, and all classes become memories. If you manage your time well and take advantage of help like tutors, study groups, and academic writing services like Essay Pro, you will liberate more of your time than you would deal with stressful academic situations on your own.

You probably have more idle time than you think you do already. Try looking at how your time is being spent now and see if you can get your schedules on the same timetable. It probably isn’t as difficult as it seems. Be honest with yourself about how your time is being spent. There is always room for a little extra efficiency.

3. Try Out Study Dating

We’re going to call this one “tentative” advice since some couples deal better with this than others. If you and your love already have substantial individual commitments to academics, it might be easier for you to pull off auspicious study dates than average. For most, it will always be a challenge. If, after a few sessions, you haven’t figured out a way to do more studying and less snogging, it’s time to come up with a workable Plan B.

4. Include Each-Other in Extracurriculars and Social Activities

If your dating life is suffering over extracurricular commitments, see if you SO want to get involved in one of your activities. Even if you aren’t entirely into it, at least you get that extra hour to be in the same room.

You can (and probably should) also invite your second half to join in activities with the rest of your friends. Do not neglect your other relationships in favour of romance. We all need meaningful interactions with other people in both romantic and platonic relationships. If you love trying to discourage this, beware. Maintaining your space and individuality is vital for maintaining a healthy romantic relationship.

5. Live, Love, Learn

Having that special someone in your life can significantly enhance your college experience and help you be successful in your academic pursuits, but only if you both remain on the same page on a few critical issues. It is of utmost importance that you give each-other ample opportunity to learn, achieve, and have your own lives. If you care about each other as much as you think, this should be pretty easy to do.

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