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How to Impress Him With Your Knowledge

How to Impress Him With Your Knowledge

If you are going on a date or are crushing on someone, then like everyone else in your situation, you want to impress them.

There are numerous ways in which you can impress them, that ranges from what you wear, what you do for a living, your experiences and your knowledge.

Not everyone knows everything about every topic, but if you happen to know some key facts and cool information then that will definitely impress him.

Read on below to discover different ways to gain knowledge and display your knowledge.


The first thing you have to do to impress anyone with knowledge is to gain knowledge. In order to do that, you need to read a lot.

Read about history, politics, psychology, sports, movies, and anything you can get your hands on. Being with a love interest should not be a difficult task, this should not act as though it is homework.

Try not to overwork yourself and read everything available to impress him with information if you do not want to.

Read up on things that you personally enjoy as one of the most attractive things a person can be is passionate about something.

Go the extra mile and read up on things that he enjoys or on what he does for a living. For instance, if he happens to be a fan of a certain football team, read up on the team and know about their upcoming games.

Play Games

Playing games that use intellect and facts with your boyfriend or crush is a surefire way to impress him with your knowledge.

If there is trivia night at a nearby bar or you are playing scrabble at home, then you can always impress him by knowing the answers to random questions about different topics.

The word wizards from explain that you can use different tools that help you learn new words.

Before you play scrabble, for instance, use these tools to help you unscramble words in your head faster and learn new words you can create with the letters you get.

Don’t Bombard with Facts

There is a difference between knowing information and sharing it, and bombarding people with facts.

The term “know-it-all” comes with a negative connotation, so to impress him, slide in the information smoothly rather than flooding the conversation with all the information that you happen to know.

If the conversation happens to be about a past war and you have some interesting information, then definitely share it, but going on and on about the same topic may become boring to a certain extent.

If this is something you are truly passionate about it, as mentioned, is very attractive. Yet if you do this with every topic, you will not be giving him the space to talk and share his information too.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Wrong

Many times, we will have the information in our head, but we are too afraid of saying it on the off chance that it is wrong.

Even if you get your facts wrong and make a mistake, showing that you are willing to learn will impress him and show that you are dedicated to gain more knowledge.

At the same time, don’t be afraid of saying that you don’t know. You can also impress him with your knowledge if the first thing you do after not knowing the answer to something is by looking it up and having it as something you both learned together.

Being wrong or not knowing something is nothing to be ashamed of, but you can always strive to know more. Understand when the person in front of you has more facts about a certain topic than you, learn from them, and use it for future purposes.

How to Impress Him With Your Knowledge

At the end of the day, you should be enjoying your time. Impress people with knowledge that you want to learn instead of trying to memorize things for the sake of impressing them.

Try not to treat it as though it was a class, take some time to learn the information so that it sinks in. You can also install applications that send you a couple of fun facts each day, which would be cool to share with people.

Those can be slid in any conversation as those fun facts can truly be surprising and amusing to the group or your love interest.

Create activities out of it and play trivia games on your own as well as that is a great way to learn and have the information embedded in your mind.


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