Top 7 Super-Affordable Tech Gifts for Last Minute Christmas Shopping (Under $50)

Christmas Shopping

Top 7 Super-Affordable Tech Gifts for Last Minute Christmas Shopping (Under $50): Let’s face it, December poses an incredible challenge for all of us who prefer a frugal lifestyle. While there are endless options of best tech gifts, not many are available at the price point we would like them to be. If you have a big family and a limited Christmas travel and gifts budget, then you have stumbled upon the right post. We will reveal the top 7 electronic gifts for techies that won’t have you sweating over the price tag. These gifts under $50 will not only help you stay within budget, but they are also super-useful for most people.

Before we reveal our list of best tech gifts under 50 dollars, a small disclaimer is due. We are not going to recommend specific products. Instead, we are going to highlight types of tech that are usually priced under $50. While we might drop a few names of specific products, our intention in this post is to give you a better understanding of the categories of tech gifts under $50.


The Key to Finding the Best Tech Gifts Without Breaking the Bank

One of the biggest mistakes when buying a gift is trying to buy an electronic item that seems cheap. This is best illustrated with an example. For example, trying to buy a smartphone with a limited budget will force you to settle for poorly constructed pieces with limited hardware specs. That’s because no matter how you look at it smartphones are generally more expensive than say wireless headphones. Therefore, if you are looking for best tech deals under $50, then it’s always a smart idea to buy a headphone or a fitness band instead of trying to buy a watered-down version of a budget phone. Doing so will help you find plenty of options and ensure you buy a quality product that serves a purpose.

Top Tech Gifts Under $50 Easily Available Online

Christmas Shopping

Wireless Speakers

Bluetooth speakers make for great gifts and it’s a tech category that’s here to stay. For under $50 you get a lot to choose from. You can find decent 15W units with FM radio and memory card support. Waterproof wireless speakers also make great gifts for people who love to hang around near the pool. If you want something that looks different, then go for a speaker that has retro looking circular drivers.  

Wireless Headphones

Right from people who enjoy their morning runs with a dose of high-bass music to people who want to binge-watch a series without waking up their partners, wireless headphones are a modern-day necessity. Thankfully, there are plenty of picks even if you have a limited budget of $50 or less. You should easily be able to find Bluetooth 4.0 units with respectable battery capacity and range. However, you might find it difficult finding a noise canceling headphone at this price point. Don’t try and settle for a poorly-built ANC headphone. Instead, pick up a piece that offers passive noise cancellation, that has ear cups that physically block outside noise.


Don’t expect to buy an Apple or a Samsung smartwatch at this price range. If you are willing to ignore the brand, you can easily buy an Android smartwatch for less than $50. While you might not get a few features that are available in more expensive products, you should get all the usual features. This should include calorie tracking, notification display, phone call management, sleep monitoring, and a basic camera. However, at this price, it’s unfair to have high hopes from the front-facing camera fitted to most budget smartwatches. Overall, budget smartwatches definitely deserve a spot on our list of top tech gifts under $50.

Fitness Band

People who prefer a minimalist design instead of sporting a 2-inch LCD screen on their wrists would prefer fitness bands over smartwatches. While they do have a lot of features in common, fitness bands usually have more health sensors, hence earning their name. For less than $25, you should be able to get a band with a pedometer, blood pressure monitoring, a heart rate monitor, calorie tracker, distance tracker, sleep monitoring, notification prompt, and step counting. Models that are slightly expensive also have IP67 waterproofing and a better battery capacity. Fitness bands make for great Christmas gifts because not many people have them and it’s one of those items you cannot live without once you start using them.

Wireless Earbuds

Ever since Apple came up with their uber-expensive AirPods, wireless earbuds became kind of a thing. We don’t know how long the trend is going to last, but wireless earbuds are certainly a popular tech trend now. For less than $20 you can get a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that look almost identically to Apple AirPods. However, we do suggest staying clear of cheaply-made knockoffs of AirPods. Instead pick one that looks unique and offers Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, nearly 4 hours of talk time, and a satisfying sound output (86dB or more).

Smart Speakers

Thanks to the intense competition between Amazon and Google, their respective smart speakers are pretty affordably priced. Amazon Echo and Google Mini both make great gifts for people who do not own smart speakers. These units can also be great gifts under $50 for families with one smart speaker as these mini speakers allow them to spread the reach of their smart speaker system to other rooms. The Amazon Echo vs Google Mini debate is a long one and it’s unfair to scratch the surface of that topic in this post. We suggest looking at comparison videos and independent reviews if you don’t know which one to pick.

Power Banks

Right from waterproof power banks with solar recharging features to slim high-capacity units perfect for charging smartphones multiple times, portable power banks are super useful. When buying power bank dependability should be a priority over any other gimmicky features. For example, you don’t need a flashlight (your phone already has one). One feature you do want is quick charging. To ensure power bank delivers optimum recharging performance, pick products manufactured by well-known brands such as Anker and Mi.

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