How To Enjoy Your Relationship

how to enjoy your relationship

How to enjoy your relationship. Relationships can be beautiful when enjoyed and a disaster when endured, the reality is that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, although an amazing or near-perfect one can be achieved with the right knowledge, determination and commitment.

Like every other thing in life. You have to work hard to get what you want, if you want to enjoy your relationship you must make the necessary sacrifice.

One partner must be willing to wear the pants or assume the role of the better or matured person, you are reading this so I guess you are up for the task, don’t worry it will be worth it.

The end they say justifies the means, so how then do you enjoy your relationship? Here are a few tips:

1. Leave your ego outside the door of your relationship

Ego and pride is the number one reason for so many breaks up in a relationship when you cannot say I am sorry to your partner or when you can’t compromise or be patient enough to consider your partners view on an issue, your relationship will suffer.

2. Learn to communicate with your partner

Communication is the bedrock of a relationship when you know how to communicate with your partner, your relationship can be enjoyed.

Talk or making remarks with love and patience is key, you should also learn to keep in touch with your partner by sending them love messages, doing this puts you on your partner’s mind all the time and this will strengthen the bond in your relationship.

3. Learn to forgive easily

Forgiveness is essential for the survival of your relationship, your partner will hurt you over and over again unintentionally and sometimes intentionally, so if you want to enjoy your relationship you must forgive easily.

4. Learn to be playful with your partner

Until you get to the point where you and your partner play together like children you won’t enjoy your relationship when you act like this towards your partner love and forgiveness comes easily.

5. Always make out time for your partner no matter what

If you don’t make out time to spend with your partner doing fun things, someone else will and this might lead to you losing your partner in the long run, when you notice your partner has suddenly become cold and nonchalant towards you then you must be on the verge of losing him or her.

6.  Work out issues with your partner

This must be a practice, if you do not work out issues before they get out of hand, it might be very difficult for redemption most times as this breeds malice, hatred and eventually breakups

These are just a few tips you can start using today to enjoy your relationship, am sure from this you have gained a thing or two, we learn every day, these tips are not set in stone but can serve as guidelines to help you discover hidden gems needed to take your relationship to another level.

7. Conduct a Relationship Test

Your happiness in a relationship will depend on how you and your partner understand and meet each other’s needs.

To do this, you’ll need to conduct a relationship test.

With a relationship test, you’ll be able to assess the level of satisfaction in the relationship for both you and your partner. Conducting a relationship test will also allow you and your partner to know how best to satisfy each other’s needs.

To take such a test, you’ll need first to understand which of the six core human needs are most important to you and your partner. After this, you should work towards satisfying a minimum of these two needs to help build and establish an intimate connection with your partner.

And the same goes for your partner. After you identify your crucial human needs, your partner should work towards satisfying these needs.

External influences also play a role in your happiness in a relationship. By conducting a relationship test, you’ll have a better understanding of how they affect your relationship.

You’ll also be better equipped in dealing with family, friends, and co-workers who may affect your satisfaction in your relationship.

And don’t just do it once. Set time aside where you can conduct a mini relationship test to help maintain the joy and happiness you now have in your relationship.


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