Good morning SMS for lover. For you to be staring at this, then I am sure you are looking for the best collection of sweet and romantic good morning SMS for lover. if you are here already then I say congratulations. You will find the top 100 best collections of sweet good morning SMS for lover, romantic good morning SMS for lover, the best good morning SMS for lover, the cutest good morning SMS for lover, cool good morning SMS for lover.

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I am sure that you are no stranger to the fact that cute and romantic good morning sms are efficient elements that builds a relationship. As much as we now have the advent of social media that creates an avenue for you to be closer to your lover. You can never throw away the importance of good morning SMS for your lover. Sending your lover cute good morning SMS will make them feel excited and indeed grateful that they are in your thoughts early in the morning.

How would YOU feel if your lover sends you a good morning SMS?

Elated right?

Yes, that is the essence of this growing list of good morning SMS for lover.

I personally would appreciate a cute and sweet good morning sms messages from my lover, and if it so happens that my lover is far away from me, I will ensure that I let her know exactly how I feel about her in the morning. When I send my good morning love SMS to my lover, then I am trying to ensure that she commences her day with a feeling of love, warmth, romantic connection and blissful thoughts.

Have I convinced you enough to check my beautiful good morning SMS out? You will surely thank me later!

20 lovely good morning SMS for lover

1 Today is a lovely morning because I slept and dreamt about you last night. I am sending this good morning SMS to you to let you know I had warm events in my dreams last night. Good morning darling, I hope you have a great day ahead.

2 Good morning my beautiful prince/ princess. May you day shine so bright such that it looks exactly like you when you are smiling. have a field and enjoyable day darling.

3 Can you just imagine I woke this morning with a hard on? I appreciate how you make me hard each day my love. It shows forever between us is going to an exciting journey. Good morning to my super duper dreamy temptation. I love you forever darling.

4 The way God’s blessings come surprises everyone. the way God sent you to me beats my expectations and imaginations. I believe it was because my heart was opened to love already, that was why you came and changed my life totally with your loving. May this morning bring you as much blessings as you have brought into my life. Thanks you for love blessings. Good morning darling.

5 To the one who makes my heart beat, I say good morning. To the special human who is my other half, I say good morning. As today commences with you alive I wish that you start the day with grace and the protection of the almighty. have an exciting week today. I love you.

6 I wonder how terrible my life would have been without you in it. I wonder how lucky I am to have you as my lover. I thank God for the blessing he sent to me in you, and I see everyday why you fill up all the qualities I have searched for in a lover. I am the luckiest person on earth today and I will forever remain grateful for the gift that God has given me in you. Thank you darling, may God be with you forever. Good morning.

7 Welcome to a brand new day with beautiful thoughts in your heart and the most amazing smile on your face. let go of all your past troubles, breathe it away and always remember everyday that you can forget about the past and focus more on your future because that is where the future is. Good morning dear, have an amazing day.

8 I am sending my special wishes to a special person on a special day. Good morning my special lover.

9 Remember to ask God this morning for all you wish for. Ask him to give you all you deserve and all you desire. He will sure bless you in multiple ways, beyond your expectations infact. God is with you today and forever, go and excel darling. Good morning to you.

10 It is not possible to look back at yesterday neither can you take a leap into tomorrow. The only opportunity you have to create an amazing tomorrow is today, so make good use of it my dear. Good morning darling.

11 I am thinking of you right now and I wish you the most amazing day ahead. I want you to be the best in everything you do and always know that I am here praying for you always. Good morning darling.

12 My prayer is that God gives you the strength to carry life’s burden. So if you find yourself in a hook and thinking there is no way to get yourself out, look up to God and pray for the strength you need to get over life’s situations. Good morning my dear, have a blissful day ahead.

13 You mean the world to me, you are that light that brightens my world. You are the moelody of the music that speaks great words into my heart. You are the first person I think of everyday, and you will always be the first person to receive my good morning SMS today and forever.

14 The morning is not just a tell tale sign that the day has commenced, but it is another opportunity that God has given us to prepare a great future for ourselves. I am working hard each passing day to ensure that my future has you in it and I can’t wait for the beautiful morning where you will be mine forever. Good morning darling. have a splendid day.

15 Each of us has a representation of the stars in the sky. One of us shines at certain times while all of us shines at the same time. I believe you have come into my life to make my shine brighter as I would do to yours as well. God bless our stars darling. Good morning to you.

16 In whatever way, in whatever situations, I will always be with you and love as long as I am breathing on this earth. Good morning darling. God be with you.

17 Even if loving you will make a dead man, I am less perturbed about this because whenever I stare at you, I see the reason why you are all worth all the sacrifice. Good morning darling. I love you.

18 As you have always been, please continue to shine and be radiant. You you have lighted my life with your brightness and I am grateful to God for this. Good morning dear, have a great day.

19 Here is this little good morning SMS from me to wish you a very bright and exciting day ahead. I am sending you warm hugs and wet kisses from here to there and I hope your day is filled with lots of lo0ve. Good morning darling.

20 There is nothing as beautiful as waking up early in the morning and wrapping my strong warm hands around, pelting you with soft wet kisses and telling you that I love and live for you. Good morning baby. Thank you for bringing sunshine into my life.

Good morning love SMS for lover

21 I could never imagine life without you My Sweetheart,because life without you is like the stars without the sky. It would not be worth living if I never met you and now you are one of the most important part of my life and one who I will cherish forever.

22 You are the one who understand my emotions,the griefs have been through… You understand me at my rough and pick me up when I’m down with the worse. I just want you to know that there is none like you.

23 I can’t resist a perfect image like you,the way you talk intelligibly makes me want to be around you always…I just want you to know that you are outstanding out of

24 My princess,a good being in the sight of all…you possess the look of a Queen and of all daughters of Eve you’re just too attractive. Good morning my fairy princess.

25 I don’t often say how much I love you but you’re simply my best,and you worth you price in Gold. I love you.

26 Waking up with the thought of you,your calm voice is that which comfort my soul and I simply want to tell you that you’re one reason why I’m living.

27 My Inspirational comforter,I don’t want to be a tatty carpet but a chewing sweet tattie … Thanks for coming into my world.

28 A cutie Prince in the palace of my heart is who you’re…finding a resort in your heart is what I see. Thanks for loving me this much.

29 I’m a river so clean who finds joy in your ocean because you’re my Prince and am the Jewel in your crown. Good morning.

30 I love you so much because you are one with a vision and mission…You are simply the best confidant have got Dearie.

31 I always think of where you came from but I just cant think of it and all I do know is that there is no me without you….You’re part of me,my life and who I always want to be with.

32 An Angelic look you got,a refinement in manner. I will love you today and tomorrow yet to come.

33 The first day you splashed through my eyes made me know you’re one who will always glitter like a diamond…and who is to be treasured forever. You’re nothing but a blessing in disguise.

34 You are such an appetizer that makes me not to be desensitized with your love. Grateful I’m and will never stop loving you.

35 I have known you to be a fabric that does not break and with this I will hold you so tight and never let you fade away.

36 A lintel suits a veranda and perfect love drives out fear…I promise you that my love will always suits you and never extinguish it.

37 You are my companion in who I see as a fitter because you added survival to my life…Thanks for coming into my life at the perfect time.

38 A rainbow to my life is who you’re because that’s the perfect colour of life.

39 Right now I can’t really find words to express how much you mean to me because you know me better,know what I like, what I love, what I hate…and with this I call you my Better Half.

40 Nothing last forever and I do hope you will be my Something that last forever.

20 cute romantic good morning SMS

41 Love is a force of nature,but I will never make you a force which is involuntary….but the force of my life which is mandatory.

42 Loving you so much deeply gives me courage and comfort.

43 Be glad to fall in love because it shaped ones life and outta it one won’t go.

44 You will be happy the moment you choose to love and making someone happy.

45 Loving one truly frees one outta the pains of life.

46 The kisses on your lips so sweet like fresh wine which one can never resist.

47 Falling in love creates a book to write everyday.

48 Loving you makes my life a puzzle and growing in it fixes it up itself.

49 A story to tell and a novel to read is what loving you is called.

50 You threw up your love to me in bits and I’m glad am able to gather it up making it a complete True Love.

51 True love is surmounting of all obstacles of loving.

Good morning SMS and text messages

52 Morning reminds me of a brand-new day I must spend with the love of my life. Good morning

53 I keep falling in love with you repeatedly, this morning isn’t an exception. good morning

54 You are indeed an angel, you kept complementing my dreams with your radiant smile. Good morning gorgeous

55 With you by my side I see our future together. And I bet it’s a pleasant sight. Good morning sweetie

56 I love you gorgeous, every now and then your beautiful smile keeps reoccurring in my memory. Good morning boo

57 I live for you. I am always happy when I wake up to your text messages. It brightens up my day. Good morning

58 My affection for you is beyond measure I hope you know that. Good morning

59 Today is another day to love and keep loving you sweetie. Have the top of the morning baby.

60 I believe there’s reincarnation because you are the replica of my mom and hope our daughter takes after you. Good morning princess

61 My dreams were splendid and beautiful because you were always there to make it look that way. Good morning love.

62 When I say I love I love you, I really do. I hope you know. Best of the morning my prince

63 A top secret from me. I never slept last night I just closed my eyes and imagined us together. Good morning my love

64 You are my everything, my world would be incomplete without you. Good morning dearie

65 I see you whenever I close my eyes and I can’t help but to wish you were here with me. Good morning gorgeous

66 You are worth more than Gold. You are my sunshine. I bet you had a wonderful night rest. Good morning

67 I need your arms, I feel complete by just your existence. You are my love don’t forget that. Good morning

68 I Am so filled with joy sleeping next to you and waking up by your side. Good morning love

69 I think I am the luckiest girl because I’ve got a super man as a lover and a friend. Good morning sweetie

70 You are a rare gem and I promise to love you for life. Good morning my sunflower.

71 My darling, you are really a dream come true. I dreamt of you, woke up and still found you by my side. Good morning

72 May your day blossom like the sun flower, you are cherished and adored by me. Good morning

73 I woke up a king because I’ve got a queen by my side. Good morning sleepy head. I heart you

74 My day won’t be complete without hearing from my sunshine. Good morning honey

75 knock knock, I just want to check on my Prince Charming. Top of the morning sweetie

76 My love for you deepens day by day. You are the source of my joy. Good morning dearie

77 You know without sending a text my day would be boring. My sweet honey good morning darling, enjoy your day.

78 Truth be told I live for you. Whatever I do, I do for you, you are such a sweet heart. Good morning baby

79 You gave me joy and happiness just by accepting to be mine. Good morning beautiful

80 I just can’t imagine a world without my angel by my side. You make my day. Good morning baby

81 I’ve got a thousand things to say to you but gazing into your eyes I become speechless. Good morning love

82 You are to me the greatest love of all, I love you baby. Good morning Sleeping Beauty ‘kisses’

83 It’s hypocritical to judge but I just must judge you for the much love you have given to me. I love you baby. Good morning baby

84 I love you today, yesterday, forever and any other day you can think of. Good morning

85 I may not be your perfect lady But I’m certain you’re the perfect man for me. Good morning cutie

86 I Am delighted to write to you because I know you would write back with so much love in your heart. I love you good morning

87 I don’t mind waking up next to you in a park. You are worth more than you can imagine. Good morning

88 Good morning my beautiful princess, do have a wonderful day ahead.

89 I asked God for a wife and he gave me a companion, a friend, a sister, a mom all in one. Good morning sunshine

90 I love you, I adore, I heart you. You are my everything. Good morning love

91 I gave my all to you and you did the same. We are just meant for each other. Good morning my better half.

92 Honey never runs out of its sweetness, so will my love for you never cease. Good morning sweetie

93 A brand-new day to start from where we stopped. Loving you till infinity darling. Good morning

94 Start your day with a radiant smile, because you deserve to be happy. Good morning my love

95 I don’t know how and why I met you, but I surely know why it is meant to be. Good morning love

96 I am wishing you my love a pleasant and successful morning. Top of the morning sweetie

97 24 hours in a day but just a moment with you seems like infinity. Good morning dearie

98 God bless the day I met you Amigo. You are indeed my luck charm. Good morning boo

99 Wake up to a blessed morning my love, make top of it because you are special, not just to anyone, but to me. Good morning

100 I keep falling in love with you every passing day beautiful. A blessed morning to you

101 Even though you are mine already I still secretly admire you in my dreams. My fantasy. Good morning

102 Baby are you awake, I just want to remind you I’m crazily and madly in love with you. Good morning

103 My day can’t end without me hearing from you and likewise, it can’t start without me reminding you of how much I love you. Good morning

104 My sunshine may your morning be filled with love just as you have filled my heart with your love. Good morning

105 I woke up this morning and still can’t believe you are mine Good Morning love

106 You are such an angel, you light up my world. I adore you baby. Good morning

107 I keep loving you every passing second of the day. Just a reminder that you are special. Good morning

108 Sweetheart have the best day as you are the best. Love you loads, Good morning

109 You are beautifully and specially made. No two ways about it. I’m lost in ecstasy. Good morning

110 Darling I couldn’t stop myself from dreaming about you, I just want to remind you that you are special being. Good morning

111 Boo I am happy to have a Hercules as a partner. You are my Gold. Good morning sweet

112 Wake up, dress up, step out and be great because you are destined to be so. Good morning cup cake.

113 You are always good at what you do, you were so good that you choose me. I am honoured. Good morning dearie

114 Can’t wait to take you to the alter and for you to be pronounced as my wife already. I miss waking up next to you. Good morning sweet

115 You are special to me, never forget that I love you dearest. Good morning

116 My love just wanted checking on you, hope you are good. I had a wonderful night, hope it’s the same with yours. Good morning love

117 I love you baby, wake up to a fruitful day. I kept thinking about you all night. Good morning love

118 Darling a blissful morning to you, hope you slept like the baby that you are. Good morning sleepy head. Love you

119 A warm kiss I give to you sweetheart, you made my night worthwhile. Good morning

120 My priceless jewel, just a reminder that I love you and you are going to be mine. Good morning

121 I love you.  I adore you, I cherish you and yes again ‘I love you ‘. Good morning

122 Top of the morning my heart beat, hope you had a pleasant night? Good morning

123 A nice wish from me to you. Enjoy your day but always know I love you. Good morning

124 I never needed you as much as I do right now. I need you in my arms. Good morning sweet

125 I miss waking up in your arms, you give me comfort darling. Miss us “kisses”. Good morning

126 Like a chandelier you light up my heart. I love you sweetie Good morning

127 You are my luck charm, I love you baby. Good morning

128 To the future father of my kids I say may your day be filled with bliss. Sending ‘kisses’ can’t wait to wake up and gaze upon that lovely smile. Good morning

129 My sweet you must be tired when you finally wake up because I’m sure we were up all night making love in my dreams. Good morning my honey bunny. Love you loads

130 My peace of mind comes by simply gazing into your beautiful and adorable eyes. Top of the morning baby

131 Just like white are for lilies, and red for roses so is my heart for you. Good morning love

132 My gratitude is surely directed to your gentle attitude, I know I can’t show it to you but trust me I really

133 I appreciate the magnitude of your sensitivity to my inability for me to show you how much I appreciate you. Don’t forget I love you. Good morning

134 One thing is always for sure. Our love stands sure, I adore you. Good morning honey

135 Sending you a warm kiss from the bottom of my heart. Good morning my darling

136 I miss cuddling you to bed. Kissing you Good morning.

137 I feel my day isn’t completed if I didn’t wish my love a good morning. Best of the morning sweetie

138 Good morning honey. Hope your night was calm? Love you

139 I cherish every moment with you. Even if  you are far away from me, your memories I will keep with me. Good morning

140 Hives are for bees, pen are for horses. My heart is your home. Good morning dearie

141 Just to remind you that last night was epic. Good morning darling

142 My lover and my friend, I can’t wait to finally be your wife so that I can wake up next to you. Good morning

143 I would have loved to kiss your wet lips but u hope my text does. Good morning

144 I’ve got mad love for you pretty, I’m in love with your beautiful smile. Best of the morning my sugar

145 Although I know you are mine but I can’t help but to wonder how it happened. Top of the morning my lover

146 If I could scream out how I love you, I would have and I will. You are worth more than gold itself and I cherish you. Good morning my baby.

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