How to Learn How to Sing Quickly

Singing is one of those things that we all aspire to be able to do well, yet we never seem to have the time to learn to do it. The sounds of voices singing are all around us and evoke emotions from joy and happiness to sadness and anger, yet whatever the emotion, a beautiful voice has a special place in all our hearts.

Some people have an innate ability to sing well and are perhaps blessed with perfect pitch, however, the majority of us need help to reach those levels. In a busy world, it is difficult to devote mountains of time to our hobbies, so here we are going to take a look at how to learn to sign quickly.

Practice Every Day

The old adage practise makes perfect holds true in many walks of life, and this could not be more true when it comes to learning to sign. Your voice and particularly your vocal cords take time to be trained, so unless you are born lucky you are going to have to train your voicebox how to sing.

Every morning you should spend 5-10 minutes warming up your vocal cords, whether in front of the mirror in the bathroom or sitting at a piano. This is especially important if you know you have a lesson later in the day, or you are even singing as part of a choir or a band.

Your voice box can suffer an injury like any part of your body so it is crucial that you warm up well if you want to learn to sing quickly.

Use the Internet to Your Advantage

The internet is incredibly helpful in many walks of life, and none more so than when it comes to learning to sing. It is especially useful in our new world of social distancing, due to the coronavirus, because you can take lessons online via a video conferencing app such as Zoom.

Furthermore, experts from Musicaroo recommend that you use online karaoke classes or join an online masterclass in order to improve your voice. There are so many different options that it makes sense to do your research, but the best thing about the internet is that it can be anonymous if you like, so there is no need to be embarrassed whilst you are experimenting.

Record Yourself

Recording yourself is an excellent way of understanding what you are doing wrong in privacy. Many people are too shy to sing in public at first so the best way to overcome this is to practice, record your voice, and then analyze where you make mistakes.

Some of us cannot reach the very high notes, and the reverse is equally true of the lower notes, so whilst you may sound like a cat is being strangled at first, over time you will become confident that you can reach the right notes, and then you can transfer your newly learned singing ability to the public sphere safe in the knowledge that you won’t be ridiculed.

Over time you can compare recordings and see how much you have improved which will give you another boost in confidence.

Focus on Breathing

Breathing is key to singing well, just as it is key to being able to run well. If you think about it your voice is no different from a wind instrument and to be able to play a wind instrument well you need excellent breathing skills.

It is important to breathe using your diaphragm rather than your chest, and if you are unsure how to do this, then there are many videos online that you can watch in order to study the correct technique.

The sooner you master this art, the sooner you will see rapid improvements in the way that you sing.

Learn Your Voice Type

Understanding what type of voice you have is important because you can then focus on the range of that particular voice. The highest female voice is the soprano and the male lowest voice is the bass so we all fit somewhere in that range.

A few of us may be able to cover several of the mid-range voices, but whilst trying to learn it is important to focus on one voice so that you can hone your skills much more quickly.

As we have learned there are several techniques that can help you to learn to sing quickly. Making sure you warm your voice up on a daily basis is important if you do not want to give yourself an injury, and focus on breathing as this will allow you to hit the right notes with ease.

Record yourself so that you can see the improvements you have made and use the internet to your advantage as there is a mountain of resources just waiting to be tapped into.

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